• Olivia De Havilland

    1916 - 2020

    Olivia De Havilland (1916 - 2020)

    Olivia De Havilland Olivia de Havilland signed with Warner Brothers in 1935 and in 1939 appeared as Melanie in Gone with the Wind. The role gained her recognition and she went on to win Academy Awards for the films To Each His Own and The Heiress. Born on July 1, 1916, in Tokyo, Japan, de Havilland spent much of her youth in […]

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  • Kevin Dobson

    1943 - 2020

    Kevin Dobson (1943 - 2020)

    Kevin Dobson Kevin Dobson, the actor best known for playing Telly Savalas’s protégé on “Kojak” and Michelle Lee’s love interest on the prime-time soap opera “Knots Landing,” died on Sept. 6 at a hospital in French Camp, Calif. He was 77. His brother Brian said the cause was complications of an autoimmune deficiency that led […]

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  • Abby Dalton

    1932 - 2020

    Abby Dalton (1932 - 2020)

    Abby Dalton Sleek and striking Abby Dalton became a very familiar perky and sexy presence in 1960s TV households. Known not only for her award-worthy acting on TV comedy, she became an avid game-show panelist and appeared on a slew of TV’s more popular programs. It might come as a surprise to some that she […]

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  • Phyllis McGuire

    1931 - 2020

    Phyllis McGuire (1931 - 2020)

    Phyllis McGuire Phyllis McGuire, the last of the popular McGuire Sisters singing trio and onetime girlfriend of Chicago Outfit boss Sam Giancana, died December 29 at her Las Vegas home. She was 89. The McGuire Sisters, whose sweet harmonies made them big stars in the 1950s, had chart-topping hits such as “Sincerely” and “Goodnight, Sweetheart, […]

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  • BJ Thomas

    1942 - 2021

    BJ Thomas (1942 - 2021)

    BJ Thomas B.J. Thomas (born Billy Joe Thomas) straddled the line between pop/rock and country, achieving success in both genres in the late ’60s and ’70s. At the beginning of his career, he leaned more heavily on rock & roll, but by the mid-’70s, he had turned to country music, becoming one of the most […]

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  • St Joe’s catholic church

    1970 - 1970

    St Joe’s catholic church (1970 - 1970)

    Owner w&w disposal the latter owned Red Carpet in Turtle Lake Wisconsin.

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  • Jerry Jeff Walker

    1942 - 2020

    Jerry Jeff Walker (1942 - 2020)

    Jerry Jeff Walker Jerry Jeff Walker was born Ronald Clyde Crosby in Oneonta, New York on March 16, 1942. His parents were avid square dancers, and his maternal grandparents were both active amateur musicians. Crosby was 12 years old when he got his first guitar, and in high school he played in a band called […]

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  • Billy Joe Shaver

    1939 - 2020

    Billy Joe Shaver (1939 - 2020)

    Billy Joe Shaver, the Texas singer-songwriter whose trenchant, vivid compositions helped launch country music’s outlaw movement in the 1970s, died on Wednesday in Waco, Texas. He was 81. His death, in a hospital, was confirmed by his friend Connie Nelson, who said he had recently had a stroke. Mr. Shaver wrote songs for many of […]

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  • Sean Connery

    1930 - 2020

    Sean Connery (1930 - 2020)

    Sean Connery The tall, handsome and muscular Scottish actor Sean Connery is best known as the original actor to portray James Bond in the hugely successful movie franchise, starring in seven films between 1962 and 1983. Some believed that such a career-defining role might leave him unable to escape it, but he proved the doubters […]

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  • Alex Trebek

    1940 - 2020

    Alex Trebek (1940 - 2020)

    Alex Trebek Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Alex Trebek graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Philosophy. After his first decision to become a newscaster, he joined the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company), Canada’s premier network in 1961. As he was working, he helped organize national news and covered a variety of […]

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  • Mo3

    1992 - 2020

    Mo3 (1992 - 2020)

    Mo3 The Dallas Police Department is investigating the homicide of 28-year-old Melvin A. Noble, also known as the rapper Mo3. Officers responded to a shooting on Wednesday afternoon on Interstate 35 in Dallas, police said. The suspect, described by police as an “adult Black male,” got out of his car and approached Noble while he […]

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  • Hal Ketchum

    1953 - 2020

    Hal Ketchum (1953 - 2020)

    A country singer known for his succinct, often poignant songwriting style, Hal Ketchum emerged at the dawn of the 1990s with an engaging folk-driven sound that helped his Curb Records debut, Past the Point of Rescue, earn gold status. Memorable hits like “Small Town Saturday Night” and “Hearts Are Gonna Roll” secured his place in […]

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  • Valerie Harper

    1939 - 2019

    Valerie Harper (1939 - 2019)

    Valerie Harper, who played one of TV’s most popular and enduring characters — the constantly dating, constantly dieting Rhoda Morgenstern — for nearly a decade starting in 1970, has died, PEOPLE confirms. She was 80. Harper’s daughter Cristina Harper Cacciotti spoke out about her mother’s death on behalf of her father Tony Cacciotti on Twitter […]

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  • David Lander

    1947 - 2020

    David Lander (1947 - 2020)

    Actor David L. Lander — the unforgettable Squiggy on ABC’s “Laverne & Shirley” — has died, his family confirmed to The Times. Lander passed away Friday evening at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after having battled multiple sclerosis for 37 years. His wife, Kathy Fields Lander, daughter Natalie Lander and son-in-law Jared Hillman were by […]

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  • Tony Lister

    1958 - 2020

    Tony Lister (1958 - 2020)

    Tony Lister Hardly diminutive, Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr. has made his imposing presence felt in a multitude of films since the mid-’80s. Originally a professional wrestler nicknamed Zeus and Z-Gangsta, the 6′ 5″ 275 lb. Lister retired in 1985 to pursue an acting career. After making his movie debut in director Hal Ashby’s final film […]

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  • Charley Pride

    1934 - 2020

    Charley Pride (1934 - 2020)

    Charley Pride Born on March 18, 1934, in Sledge, Mississippi, the singer was a sharecropper’s son who rose to become country music’s first black superstar. His baritone voice was featured on more than 50 Top 10 country hits and he was the first Black member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. He fell in […]

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  • K.T. Oslin

    1942 - 2020

    K.T. Oslin (1942 - 2020)

    K.T. Oslin’s breakthrough hit was “80’s Ladies,” a 1987 smash that defined a generation at a precise moment in time: survivors of the 1960s finding their way in the overblown 1980s, embracing their middle age with a soulful bent and wry sense of humor. Oslin suited that description exactly, spending years singing professionally on Broadway […]

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  • Dawn Wells

    1938 - 2020

    Dawn Wells (1938 - 2020)

    Dawn Wells She will best be remembered for her character as stranded castaway Mary Ann Summers in the popular 1960s CBS sitcom ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ which aired from 1964 to 1967. The former beauty queen represented the state of Nevada in the 1959 Miss America pageant and appeared on several television shows before being cast on […]

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  • Tanveer khan

    2021 - 2021

    Tanveer khan (2021 - 2021)

    Test test for new user created or not

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  • DMX

    1970 - 2021

    DMX (1970 - 2021)

    Dark Man X, considered the next coming of the slain Tupac Shakur, though asking him to comment on this will bring this angry response “I say they don’t know what the f**k they are talking about. And when people say I’m the second Pac, I’m not, I’m the first X.” That being said, Earl Simmons […]

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  • Walter Disney

    1901 - 1966

    Walter Disney (1901 - 1966)

    Entertainment Magnate, Motion Pictures Pioneer. Most remembered for creating ‘Mickey Mouse’, ‘Donald Duck’, and a host of other cartoon characters, he was awarded a total of 32 Oscars, more than any other person, for his achievements in films. Born Walter Elias Disney in Chicago, Illinois, his father’s ancestors had come to America from Kilkenny, Ireland, […]

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  • demo post

    1970 - 1970

    demo post (1970 - 1970)

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  • Eddie Van Halen

    1955 - 2020

    Eddie Van Halen (1955 - 2020)

    Eddie Van Halen  Eddie van Halen is an American guitarist. He is known as one of the greatest guitarists ever. He is famous for being the founder and lead guitarist for rock band Van Halen. Rolling Stones ranked him 8th in their list of greatest guitarists. He was ranked no.1 in Guitar World‘s readers poll. Eddie Van […]

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  • Carl Reiner

    1922 - 2020

    Carl Reiner (1922 - 2020)

    Carl Reiner Carl Reiner was born on March 20, 1922 in Bronx, New York. His mother’s line of descent is from Australia and belongs to Jewish immigrated to USA and father belongs to Romanian Jewish immigrant. His father worked as a watchmaker. From his younger days, he used to be more creative and active than […]

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  • Hugh Downs

    1921 - 2020

    Hugh Downs (1921 - 2020)

    Hugh Downs Hugh Downs, longtime anchor of ABC Television’s primetime news magazine 20/20, is one of the most familiar figures in the history of the medium.  He left the program and regular broadcasting in September of 1999 to write and lecture and to pursue other activities:  travel, flying, science studies, riding, sailing, and composing.  Downs […]

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  • Kelly Preston

    1962 - 2020

    Kelly Preston (1962 - 2020)

    Kelly Preston Born Kelly Kamalelehua Smith in Honolulu, Preston studied acting at the University of Southern California before landing some bit parts on television including “CHiPs” and “Roseanne.” That led to the role of playing Mary Lee on the short-lived television series “For Love and Honor.” But Hollywood took notice in 1988 when she starred […]

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  • Mac Davis

    1942 - 2020

    Mac Davis (1942 - 2020)

    Mac Davis At Mac Davis commercial peak in the mid-’70s, Mac Davis was one of America’s most popular entertainers, a countrypolitan-styled singer and actor who found considerable success in both fields. First making his name in the music business as a label manager and a songwriter, he went on to become a star on the […]

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  • Helen Reddy

    1941 - 2020

    Helen Reddy (1941 - 2020)

    Helen Reddy The #1 Grammy-winning “I Am Woman” became not only THE anthem of the feminist movement during the radical 1970s, but also the signature song for its lovely, crop-haired, reddish-haired composer and singer Helen Reddy. Three decades later this is the hit people still remember her for, despite the fact she had a host […]

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  • John R. Lewis

    1940 - 2020

    John R. Lewis (1940 - 2020)

    John R. Lewis John Lewis grew up in an era of racial segregation. Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr., he joined the burgeoning civil rights movement. Lewis was a Freedom Rider, spoke at 1963’s March on Washington and led the demonstration that became known as “Bloody Sunday.” He was elected to Congress in 1986 and received the Presidential Medal of […]

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  • Regis Philbin

    1931 - 2020

    Regis Philbin (1931 - 2020)

    Regis Philbin Regis Philbin was a well-known TV personality who co-hosted the ‘Live!’ morning program before becoming host of the game show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.’ Regis Francis Xavier Philbin was born on August 25, 1931, in New York City. Part of an Irish Catholic family, Regis Philbin was the eldest son of […]

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