• O.L. Duke

    1953 - 2004

    O.L. Duke (1953 - 2004)

    O.L. DUKE O.L. Duke, who appeared with Denzel Washington in the movies “Malcolm X,” “Antwone Fisher” and “Out of Time,” was killed in a car accident Friday, police and relatives said. He was 51.Duke was returning home after performing in the off-Broadway play, “Waitin’ 2 End Hell,” when a car cut him off, said his […]

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  • Oana Ioachim

    1967 - 2015

    Oana Ioachim (1967 - 2015)

    Romanian Actress. Ioachim, who was a daughter of Romanian playwright Paul Ioachim, had a very recognized career in both the theater and film. She appeared in the theater for 20 years where she performed in such plays as “Barefoot in the Park” and “Popcorn”.  While still in the theater, Ioachim also appeared in films such […]

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  • Oba Chandler

    1946 - 2011

    Oba Chandler (1946 - 2011)

    Oba Chandler (October 11, 1946 – November 15, 2011) was an American man convicted and executed for the June 1989 triple murders of Joan Rogers and her two daughters, whose bodies were found floating in Tampa Bay, Florida, with their hands and feet bound. Concrete blocks had been tied to their necks and duct tape […]

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  • Oberdan Sallustro

    1915 - 1972

    Oberdan Sallustro (1915 - 1972)

    Businessman. President of FIAT car makers in Argentina, was abducted by leftist guerrilla on March 21, 1972. He was killed during a rescue operation. He was kidnapped and killed in 1972 by the Ejection Revolutionaries del Pueblo (ERP) guerrilla group, according to newspaper reports. Oberdan Sallustro had been kidnapped on March 21, 1972, by a […]

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  • Octavia Handworth

    1887 - 1978

    Octavia Handworth (1887 - 1978)

    Actress. Born Octavia Boas in New York City, she was a stage performer when she entered films with the French Pathé Company in 1912. During the silent film era, she appeared in nearly 50 movies to include “A Nation’s Peril” (1912), “The Eye of God” (1913), “The Son” (1915), “The Great Ruby” (1915), “Puppets of […]

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  • Octavio Paz

    1914 - 1998

    Octavio Paz (1914 - 1998)

    Octavio Paz was introduced to literature early in his life through the influence of his grandfather’s library, filled with classic Mexican and European literature. During the 1920s, he discovered Gerardo Diego, Juan Ramón Jiménez, and Antonio Machado, Spanish writers who had a great influence on his early writings. As a teenager in 1931, Paz published […]

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  • Odette Laure

    1917 - 2004

    Odette Laure (1917 - 2004)

    French Actress and Singer. She had successful careers as a cabaret singer and actress on stage and screen. She was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Cesar in 1991 for her performance in Bernard Tavernier’s “Daddy Nostalgie.” She also appeared in “La Marie du Port” (1950), “La Fête à Henriette” (1952), “Le Grand Jeu” (1953), […]

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  • Odon Lechner

    1845 - 1914

    Odon Lechner (1845 - 1914)

    Highly art nouveau architect whose use of polychrome tiling and mosaic gives Budapest much of its character.

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  • Odon Von Horvath

    1901 - 1938

    Odon Von Horvath (1901 - 1938)

    Author. He was born in Susak, a suburb of Fiume, Austria. In 1931 he was awarded, along with Erik Reger, the Kleist Prize. When Hilter come to power, he moved to Vienna, and after the annexation, to Paris. There, Horvath who lived in fear of being struck by lightning all his life, was hit by […]

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  • Ofelia Guilmain

    1921 - 2005

    Ofelia Guilmain (1921 - 2005)

    Mexican Stage and Screen Actress. She took part in the Guerrillas of Theater groups in the Spanish Republican government, but she was forced to exile, when Franco’s Fascist regime came to power. She fled to Mexico, where she spent the rest of her career. She appeared in more than 100 stage plays and films. In […]

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  • Ohio Columbus Barber

    1841 - 1920

    Ohio Columbus Barber (1841 - 1920)

    Businessman. First worked in his father’s Akron, Ohio Match Company. He was such a successful salesman that he later founded Barberton, Ohio and moved the family business there, where he built a lavish mansion. The house is gone today but the gothic-style horse stables still stand. O.C. would become known as “the Match King of […]

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  • Olan Soule

    1909 - 1994

    Olan Soule (1909 - 1994)

    Born in La Harpe, Illinois to Elbert and Ann Williams Soule (descendants of three Mayflower passengers), Olan left Illinois at the age of seven and arrived in Des Moines, Iowa, where he lived until he was seventeen. He then launched his theatrical career by joining Jack Brooks’ tent show in Sabula, Jackson County, in eastern […]

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  • Ole Hobek

    1970 - 1912

    Ole Hobek (1970 - 1912)

    Western Outlaw. He was killed during the “Last Train Robbery.” He and Wild Bunch member Ben “Partner” Kilpatrick were killed while attempting to rob Southern Pacific train east of Sanderson, Texas at Baxter’s Curve. This traditional robbery from horseback was the last of its kind recorded in United States history. He and Kilpatrick are buried […]

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  • Oleg Cassini

    1913 - 2006

    Oleg Cassini (1913 - 2006)

    Fashion Designer.  Famous for the outfits he designed for First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.  A Hollywood costume designer, who was married to actress Gene Tierney for ten years, and dated Grace Kelly.  Oleg Cassini was born Oleg Loiewski in Paris, France, of Russian parents in 1913.  He used his mother’s name for his professional career. He […]

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  • Olegario Víctor Andrade

    1839 - 1882

    Olegario Víctor Andrade (1839 - 1882)

    Poet. Among his works are “Las Dos Políticas,” “Poema a Paysandú,” “La Atlántida,” “El Nido de los Cóndores,” and others. (bio by: 380W)

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  • Olga “Hesperia” Mambelli

    1885 - 1959

    Olga “Hesperia” Mambelli (1885 - 1959)

    Actress. A native of Bertinoro, Italy, she spent her childhood and early youth in Meldola, a small town near Forlì. Olga started her artistic career in 1907. Until 1912, she worked as a vaudeville actress. She was a well-known actress who played in all the major theaters of Europe as a performer of the so-called […]

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  • Olga Baclanova

    1896 - 1974

    Olga Baclanova (1896 - 1974)

    Actress. Born Olga Vladimirovna Baklanova in Moscow, Russia. She worked extensively on stage in London’s West End and in New York, before her film debut with a bit in “The Dove.” Over the following years she played roles in “The Man Who Laughs,” “Street of Sin,” and “The Docks of New York.” She is perhaps […]

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  • Olga Knipper

    1868 - 1959

    Olga Knipper (1868 - 1959)

    Actress. She was the wife of playwright and author Anton Chekhov, who wrote the roles of Masha in “Three Sisters” (1901) and Madame Ranevskaya in “The Cherry Orchard” (1904) for her. She also created the role of Vasilisa in Maxim Gorky’s play “The Lower Depths” (1902). Olga Leonardovna Knipper was born in Glazov, Murtiza Province, […]

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  • Olga Lengyel

    1908 - 2001

    Olga Lengyel (1908 - 2001)

    Olga Lengyel (19 October 1908 – 15 April 2001) was a Hungarian prisoner at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, who later wrote about her experiences in her book Five Chimneys. She was the only member of her family to survive. Olga Lengyel was a trained surgical assistant in Kolozsvár, Hungary (now Cluj-Napoca, Romania), working in the hospital […]

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  • Olga Lowe

    1919 - 2013

    Olga Lowe (1919 - 2013)

    Olga Lowe (14 September 1919 – 2 September 2013) was a South African-born British film, stage and television actress. She made her film debut in an uncredited role in the 1949 film Trottie True. Her many credits included EastEnders, Where Eagles Dare, Carry On Abroad, Steptoe and Son Ride Again and The Riddle of the […]

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  • Olga Nani

    1976 - 2013

    Olga Nani (1976 - 2013)

    Actress. She participated in several television series such as “Casi Angeles”, “Historias de sexo de gente común”, “Mil millones”, “Enamorarte” and “Resistiré” among others. She also worked as a screenwriter and producer of videos and short films, as well as a professor at the National College of Arts (IUNA). She died waiting  a donor for […]

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  • Olga San Juan

    1927 - 2009

    Olga San Juan (1927 - 2009)

    Actress. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she began her career in radio at an early age. During the 1940s, she appeared in several motion pictures, most notably musicals often as a dancer and singer. Among her film credits are “Rainbow Island” (1944), “Duffy’s Tavern” (1945), “Blue Skies” (1946), “Variety Girl” (1947), “Are You with It?” […]

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  • Olinda Bozán

    1894 - 1977

    Olinda Bozán (1894 - 1977)

    Famed actress. She was one of the milestones of the Argentine theater. She began his career at age 5 in a circus. During her long career, she participated in 51 films. (bio by: 380W)

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  • Olive Ann Burns

    1924 - 1990

    Olive Ann Burns (1924 - 1990)

    Olive Ann Burns (July 17, 1924 – July 4, 1990) was an American writer from Georgia best known for her single completed novel, Cold Sassy Tree, published in 1984. Olive Ann Burns was born in Banks County, Georgia. Her father was a farmer but was forced to sell his farm in 1931 during the Great Depression. […]

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  • Olive Ann Oatman Fairchild

    1970 - 1903

    Olive Ann Oatman Fairchild (1970 - 1903)

    Indian Captive. Olive and her family headed alone for California in 1850.  They were attacked by Indians on the Gila River in Arizona in February of 1852, and Olive and her sister Mary were captured.  The girls served as slaves for a year and were later sold to a Mojave chief who lived near Needles, […]

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  • Olive Blakeney

    1894 - 1959

    Olive Blakeney (1894 - 1959)

    Olive Blakeney Brown-haired, articulate American character actress who became a prolific performer on both sides of the Atlantic. Schooled in her native Kentucky she subsequently attended drama classes. Having relocated to London, she soon found steady employment in repertory theatre and eventually made her motion picture debut in the comedy Her Imaginary Lover (1933). Along with her […]

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  • Olive Borden

    1906 - 1947

    Olive Borden (1906 - 1947)

    Actress of the silent and early sound era. Contrary to urban legend, her original name was not Sybil Tinkle. She began her career as one of Mack Sennett’s bathing beauties in 1922 and in 1925 was named one of the thirteen WAMPAS Baby Stars of the year. Her fame and popularity continued to increase after […]

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  • Olive Brasno

    1917 - 1998

    Olive Brasno (1917 - 1998)

    Olive Brasno Wayne A midget actress who worked with a number of top entertainment luminaries during the 1930s, died Jan. 25 of heart failure at a hospital in Lakeland, Fla. She was 80. Born in Old Bridge, N.J., she performed with her brothers Richard and George (also midgets) in vaudeville and motion pictures beginning in […]

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  • Olive Carey

    1896 - 1988

    Olive Carey (1896 - 1988)

    Actress. Born Olive Fuller Golden, she was a sister of actresses Mignonne Golden and Ruth Fuller Golden. At age 17, she made her debut in the silent film, “The Sorrowful Shore” (1913), followed by “Tess of the Storm Country” (1914). While on the set of “A Knight of the Range” (1916), she met and married […]

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  • Olive Deering

    1918 - 1986

    Olive Deering (1918 - 1986)

    Olive Deering (born Olive Corn; October 11, 1918 – March 22, 1986) was an American actress of film, television, and the stage, active from the late 1940s to the mid-1960s. She was a life member of The Actors Studio, as was her elder brother, Alfred Ryder. Olive Deering was the daughter of Zelda “Sadie” (née Baruchin; […]

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