Oba Chandler (Oba Chandler)

Oba Chandler

Oba Chandler (October 11, 1946 – November 15, 2011) was an American man convicted and executed for the June 1989 triple murders of Joan Rogers and her two daughters, whose bodies were found floating in Tampa Bay, Florida, with their hands and feet bound. Concrete blocks had been tied to their necks and duct tape placed over their mouths. Autopsies showed the victims had been thrown into the water while still alive. The case became high-profile in 1992 when police posted billboards showing enlargements of samples of an unknown suspect’s handwriting, which were found on a pamphlet in the victims’ car. Chandler was identified as the killer when his neighbor recognized the writing. This was the first such use of billboards by police in the US and they became useful tools in later searches for missing people.  Prior to his arrest, Chandler worked as an aluminum building contractor. He testified in his own defense against the advice of his attorneys and said that he had met the Ohio women and had given them directions, but said he never saw them again aside from in newspaper coverage and on the billboards set up by investigators. Police originally theorized that two men were involved in the murders of the Rogers women, but this was discounted once Chandler was arrested. Following his conviction, Chandler was incarcerated at Union Correctional Institution, and during his 17 years of incarceration until his execution, he was notable as not having had a single visitor.  On October 10, 2011, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a death warrant for Chandler, whose execution was set for November 15, 2011, at 4:00 pm. Chandler was executed with a lethal injection and was pronounced dead just after 4:25 pm. He wrote a last statement to prison officials which said, “You are killing a (sic) innocent man today”; it was read out at a post-execution news conference.  In February 2014 DNA evidence identified Oba Chandler as the murderer of Ivelisse Berrios-Beguerisse, who was found dead in Coral Springs on November 27, 1990.

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  • October, 11, 1946
  • Cincinnati, Ohio


  • November, 15, 2011
  • Raiford, Florida

Cause of Death

  • execution by lethal injection



    • Cremated

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