• S. Charles Lee

    1899 - 1990

    S. Charles Lee (1899 - 1990)

    S. CHARLES LEE As the motion picture capital of the world, Los Angeles was the perfect place for architect S. Charles Lee to launch one of the most celebrated and prolific careers in theatre design. Born Simeon Charles Levi in Chicago in 1899, Lee attended Chicago Technical College and graduated with honors in 1918. He […]

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  • S. S. McClure

    1970 - 1970

    S. S. McClure (1970 - 1970)

    American Publisher. Subject of the book “Success Story, The Life and Times of S.S. McClure” by Peter Lyon. Samuel McClure was a Scotch-Irish immigrant who entered the American publishing world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was described as a “genius” who had a revolutionary impact on the country’s newspapers and magazines […]

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  • Saax Bradbury

    1943 - 1976

    Saax Bradbury (1943 - 1976)

    Tragically killed in an airplane crash one month after shooting the movie “The Turning Point.” The pilot of the four seater Cessna did not have a flying license. Saax appeared in many Timex specials in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Dustin Hoffmann and Arthur Laurents attended her funeral. She would have been a great […]

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  • Sabina Olmos

    1913 - 1999

    Sabina Olmos (1913 - 1999)

    Actress and singer. Born Rosa Herminia Gómez, she had a long and successful career, but in the last years she lived forgotten and in oblivion. (bio by: 380W) Cause of death: Suicide

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  • Sabina Traude Henne-Sesselmann

    1936 - 1998

    Sabina Traude Henne-Sesselmann (1936 - 1998)

    Actress.  Born in Munich, Germany,  she studied acting with Hilde Körber at the Reinhardt-Schule of the Performing Arts. After making her stage debut in 1957 at the Theater Lübeck,  she appeared in German movies of the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s. Sesselmann gained international notoriety  through her performances in two thrillers based on Edgar […]

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  • Sabu Dastagir

    1924 - 1963

    Sabu Dastagir (1924 - 1963)

    Indian-born motion picture actor of the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Widely recognized for playing the role of ‘Abu’ in the 1940 fantasy “The Thief of Bagdad,” and for playing ‘Mowgli’ in “Jungle Book” (1942). Married to actress Marilyn Cooper. Father of composer Paul Sabu and screenwriter/animal trainer Jasmine Sabu. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family […]

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  • Sacha Guitry

    1885 - 1957

    Sacha Guitry (1885 - 1957)

    Alexandre-Georges Pierre Guitry. Born in St.Petersburg he became a much-admired Parisian actor famed for his beautiful voice. Also a filmstar, film director and author of over 120 plays. (bio by: David Conway)

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  • Sada Thompson

    1927 - 2011

    Sada Thompson (1927 - 2011)

    Actress. Born Sada Carolyn Thompson, she was raised in New Jersey due to her father’s position as a magazine editor. She attended the Carnegie Institute of Technology, earning a degree in Drama, and following graduation she formed a summer stock company along with her former classmates in Massachusetts. She debuted on TV in an episode […]

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  • Saddam Hussein

    1937 - 2006

    Saddam Hussein (1937 - 2006)

    Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti (Arabic: صدام حسين عبد المجيد التكريتي Ṣaddām Ḥusayn ʿAbd al-Maǧīd al-Tikrītī; 28 April 1937 – 30 December 2006) was the fifth President of Iraq, serving in this capacity from 16 July 1979 until 9 April 2003. A leading member of the revolutionary Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party, and later, the Baghdad-based […]

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  • Sadhana Shivdasani

    1941 - 2015

    Sadhana Shivdasani (1941 - 2015)

    Indian Actress.   Shivdasani, known professionally as Sadhana, was a very prominent actress in film from her first film in 1955 to her retirement in the 1970s.   Her family fled Karachi during the post-Partition riots and settled in Mumbai when she was a young girl.   Sadhana’s acting career started when she played a […]

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  • Sadie Corre

    1918 - 2009

    Sadie Corre (1918 - 2009)

    Actress. Sadie started in show business at the age of 7.  Over the years she worked with everyone from Marlene Dietrich to Huey Green.  She worked in every avenue of show business except circus. Best known as the tiny Transylvanian in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sadie appeared in The Dark Crystal, Chitty Chitty Bang […]

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  • Saeed al-Ghamdi

    1979 - 2001

    Saeed al-Ghamdi (1979 - 2001)

    On June 12, 2001 Saeed al-Ghamdi applied for and received a second two-year US B-1/B-2 (tourist/business) visa in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His application was submitted by a local travel agency and processed through Visa Express, a controversial US visa program in Saudi Arabia which was discontinued the following year. Arriving in the U.S. on June 27, […]

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  • Saeed Jaffrey

    1929 - 2015

    Saeed Jaffrey (1929 - 2015)

    Saeed Jaffrey, OBE (Punjabi: ਸਈਦ ਜਾਫ਼ਰੀ, Urdu: سعید جعفری; Hindi: सईद जाफ़री; 8 January 1929 – 15 November 2015) was an Indian-born British actor whose versatility and fluency in multiple languages allowed him to straddle radio, stage, television and film in a career that spanned over six decades and more than a hundred and fifty […]

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  • Sahara Davenport

    1984 - 2012

    Sahara Davenport (1984 - 2012)

    Sahara Davenport A native of Dallas, Sahara Davenport began his drag career while attending Southern Methodist University. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance, he relocated to New York City, where he began performing regularly at many gay bars and nightclubs throughout the city. Sahara Davenport has been seen on television on A&E […]

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  • Saint Alberto Hurtado

    1901 - 1952

    Saint Alberto Hurtado (1901 - 1952)

    Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga was born in Viña del Mar, Chile, on 22 January 1901; he was orphaned when he was four years old by the death of his father. His mother had to sell, at a loss, their modest property in order to pay the family’s debts. As a further consequence, Alberto and his brother […]

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  • Saint André Bessette

    1845 - 1937

    Saint André Bessette (1845 - 1937)

    He was born Alfred Bessette in Mont-Saint-Grégoire, Quebec, a small town situated 40 kilometres (25 mi) southeast of Montreal. Bessette was the eighth of 12 children (four of whom died in infancy). He was so frail when he was born that the curé baptized him “conditionally” the following day, completing an emergency ritual performed at […]

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  • Saint Bernadette Soubirous

    1844 - 1879

    Saint Bernadette Soubirous (1844 - 1879)

    Bernadette (the sobriquet by which she was universally known) was the daughter of François Soubirous (Francés Sobirós in Occitan) (1807–1871), a miller, and Louise (Loïsa Casteròt in Occitan) (1825–1866), a laundress. She was the eldest of nine children—Bernadette, Jean (born and died 1845), Toinette (1846–1892), Jean-Marie (1848–1851), Jean-Marie (1851–1919), Justin (1855–1865), Pierre (1859–1931), Jean (born […]

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  • Saint George Preca

    1880 - 1962

    Saint George Preca (1880 - 1962)

    Preca first came to the attention of the Ordinary Congregation of the Cardinals and Bishops of the Congregation for Causes of Saints, which examined the scientifically unexplainable healing of Charles Zammit Endrich in 1964. Zammit Endrich had suffered from a detached retina of the left eye. The healing was declared as miraculous, and was attributed […]

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  • Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

    1922 - 1962

    Saint Gianna Beretta Molla (1922 - 1962)

    Gianna Beretta Molla was born in Magenta in Italy. She was the tenth of thirteen children in her family, only nine of whom survived to adulthood. When she was three, her family moved to Bergamo, and she grew up in the Lombardy region of Italy.  In 1942, Gianna began her study of medicine in Milan. […]

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  • Saint Mary MacKillop

    1842 - 1909

    Saint Mary MacKillop (1842 - 1909)

    Mary Helen MacKillop was born on 15 January 1842 in what is now the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, Victoria (at the time part of an area called Newtown in the then British colony of New South Wales) to Alexander MacKillop and Flora MacDonald. Although she continued to be known as “Mary”, when she was baptised […]

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  • Sal Mineo

    1939 - 1976

    Sal Mineo (1939 - 1976)

    Mineo was born in the Bronx, the son of coffin makers Josephine (née Alvisi) and Salvatore Mineo, Sr. He was of Sicilian descent; his father was born in Italy and his mother, of Italian origin, was born in the United States. His mother enrolled him in dancing and acting school at an early age. He […]

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  • Salem al-Hazmi

    1981 - 2001

    Salem al-Hazmi (1981 - 2001)

    Salem al-Hazmi was born on February 2, 1981 to Muhammad Salim al-Hazmi, a grocer, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. His father described Salem as a quarrelsome teenager who had problems with alcohol and petty theft. However, he stopped drinking and began to attend the mosque about three months before he left his family. There are reports that […]

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  • Sally Anne Golden

    1910 - 1982

    Sally Anne Golden (1910 - 1982)

    Actress. Born in Sally Annazecsky Goldenni in Dresden, Germany, she immigrated as a child with her family to America, settling in Wisconsin. She made appearances in three films “Communion” (1976), “The Wanderers” (1979) and was the oldest cast member in the “Friday the 13th” (1980). She also appeared on the television series “Ryan’s Hope” before […]

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  • Sally Benson

    1897 - 1972

    Sally Benson (1897 - 1972)

    Sally Benson, the daughter of Alonzo Redway and Anna Prophater Smith, moved with her family from her birthplace of St. Louis to New York, where she attended the Horace Mann School, studied dance and then started working when she was 17 years old. At age 19, she married Reynolds Benson. The couple had a daughter […]

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  • Sally Blane

    1910 - 1997

    Sally Blane (1910 - 1997)

    Blane was born in Salida, Colorado. She was the sister of actresses Polly Ann and Loretta Young, and half-sister of actress Georgiana Young. Blane had her film debut at the age of seven when she appeared in Sirens of the Sea in 1917. She returned to the film business as an adult in the 1920s, playing […]

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  • Sally Eilers

    1908 - 1978

    Sally Eilers (1908 - 1978)

    Sally Eilers Actress.  Dorothea Sally Eilers was born to Hilo Peter Eilers, Sr., an inventor, and his wife, Paula Schoenberger.   When she was a child, the family relocated to California, where she received her education along with studying dance and drama.  Like many of her classmates, she planned to be “discovered” by Hollywood upon […]

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  • Sally Farmiloe

    1954 - 2014

    Sally Farmiloe (1954 - 2014)

    Actress. A popular performer on television soaps, she shall probably, for better or worse, be remembered for her scandalous private life. Born Sarah Farmiloe, she was rather vague about her background prior to making her professional debut in a 1970 episode of the series “Homicide”. Sally was seen on “Steptoe and Son”, the prototype of […]

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  • Sally Forrest

    1928 - 2015

    Sally Forrest (1928 - 2015)

    Born in San Diego, Sally Forrest studied dance from a young age and shortly out of high school was signed to a contract by MGM. to Michael and Marguerite (née Ellicott) Feeney. Her father was a U.S. Navy career officer, who moved his family to various naval bases, finally settling in San Diego. He and […]

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  • Sally Gray

    1916 - 2006

    Sally Gray (1916 - 2006)

    Sally Gray’s mother was a ballet dancer and her grandmother was a “principal boy” in the 1870s. Born Constance Vera Stevens in Holloway, London, Gray made her stage debut at the age of twelve in All God’s Chillun at the Globe Theatre in London, playing a black boy. She then went back to school for two […]

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  • Sally Rand

    1904 - 1979

    Sally Rand (1904 - 1979)

    Hattie Helen Gould Beck was born in the village of Elkton, Hickory County, Missouri. Her father, William Beck, was a West Point graduate and retired U.S. Army colonel, while her mother, Nettie (Grove) Beck, was a school teacher and part-time newspaper correspondent. The family moved to Jackson County, Missouri while she was still in grade […]

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