• Ian Charleson

    1949 - 1990

    Ian Charleson (1949 - 1990)

    Ian Charleson Actor and Singer. He is best remembered for his starring role as Olympic athlete and missionary Eric Liddell, in the Oscar-winning 1981 film “Chariots of Fire” as well as his portrayal of Rev. Charlie Andrews, Mahatma Gandhi’s friend in the 1982 Oscar-winning film “Gandhi.” He was also a noted actor on the British […]

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  • Ian Curtis

    1956 - 1980

    Ian Curtis (1956 - 1980)

    Curtis was born at the Memorial Hospital in Stretford, Lancashire. He grew up in Macclesfield in Cheshire, and from an early age he exhibited talent as a poet. He was awarded a scholarship at the age of 11 by the King’s School, Macclesfield. Despite this, he was not a dedicated pupil and did not further […]

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  • Ian Edmund Bannen

    1928 - 1999

    Ian Edmund Bannen (1928 - 1999)

    Actor. As a young man, he served in the army and attended Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire. He first appeared on the London stage in “Prisoners of War”(1955) and later had great success in Eugene O´Neills “The Iceman Cometh”(1957) and “Long day´s Journey into Night”(1958). Bannen was an original member of the Royal  Shakespeare Company and also […]

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  • Ian Keith

    1899 - 1960

    Ian Keith (1899 - 1960)

    Born Keith Ross in Boston, Massachusetts, Ian Keith was a veteran character actor of the legitimate theater, and appeared in a variety of colorful roles in silent features of the 1920s. His stage training made him a natural choice for the new “talking pictures”; he played John Wilkes Booth in D. W. Griffith’s first talkie, […]

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  • Ian McLagan

    1945 - 2014

    Ian McLagan (1945 - 2014)

    McLagan first started playing in bands in the early 1960s, initially using the Hohner Cembalet before switching to the Hammond Organ and Wurlitzer electric piano, as well as occasional guitar. He was influenced by Cyril Davies’ All Stars, and his first professional group was the Muleskinners, followed by the Boz People with future King Crimson […]

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  • Ian Samwell

    1937 - 2003

    Ian Samwell (1937 - 2003)

    In 1958, Ian Samwell heard Harry Webb performing at the 2i’s Coffee Bar in Soho. This led to him joining Webb’s group as a guitarist. Shortly afterwards, the group was renamed Cliff Richard and The Drifters who later became Cliff Richard and The Shadows. They signed a recording contract with EMI’s Columbia Records and Samwell wrote […]

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  • Ibu Devi Dja Assan

    1914 - 1989

    Ibu Devi Dja Assan (1914 - 1989)

    Ibu Devi Dja Assan Devi Dja was born in 1914 on the island of Java. From the time she very small, she was taught to perform the temple dances called the “Legong.” Legong dancers generally retire at puberty, but she continued to dance to the delight of her villagers and would eventually grow to elevate […]

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  • Ichiro Ishikawa

    1970 - 1970

    Ichiro Ishikawa (1970 - 1970)

    Industrialist. Ishikawa served as the first chairman of the Japan Science and Technology Union Foundation, and contributed greatly to Japan’s industrial development. In his honor, the Ishikawa Prize was established in 1970 and is awarded to enterprises and persons that develop original methods or systems which meet the needs of the times and achieve remarkable […]

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  • Ida Conquest

    1873 - 1937

    Ida Conquest (1873 - 1937)

    Actress. Ida grew up in Boston and at an early age became interested in acting. At first she took small parts to hone her acting skills later working in the Empire Theater stock company. Prior to the beginning of the twentieth century she and her family moved to New York city where she appeared in […]

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  • Ida Cox

    1888 - 1967

    Ida Cox (1888 - 1967)

    In 1929, Ida Cox and Crump formed their own tent show revue, aptly named Raisin’ Cain (after the biblical story of Cain and Abel and the resulting colloquialism). Cox performed as the title act, and Crump served as both accompanist and manager. Through the end of the 1920s and into the early 1930s, Raisin’ Cain […]

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  • Ida Ehre

    2024 - 1989

    Ida Ehre (2024 - 1989)

    Austrian-German actress, theatre manager and producer. She studied at the Academy for Music and Theater in Vienna. She gave her first professional performance in 1918 and performed in dozens of European cities.Born to Austrian Jewish parents,in Nazi Germany, Ms. Ehre was not allowed to work as an actress, and so she helped in the gynaecolological […]

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  • Ida Kaminska

    1899 - 1980

    Ida Kaminska (1899 - 1980)

    Actress. Born in Odessa, Russia, she was best known for her role as ‘Rozália Lautmannová’ in “The Shop on Maine Street” (1965), of which she received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. She began her career as a performer in the Yiddish theater, Poland and after World War II, she was co-founder of Jewish State […]

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  • Ida Lewis

    1970 - 1935

    Ida Lewis (1970 - 1935)

    Ida Lewis A vaudeville and legit theatre actress, Lewis was an American stage and screen actress. She started in the theater when Daly and Wallack were the top manager impresarios. She later appeared in many silent films allegedly beginning with David Horsley studios in 1911. From 1913 she did much silent film work. She appeared […]

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  • Ida Lupino

    1918 - 1995

    Ida Lupino (1918 - 1995)

    Actress, Writer and Director. Ida Lupino is best known as a pioneering figure in the world of female filmmakers. Born into a British theater family in Camberwall, London, England, Ida was encouraged to enter the world of show business by both her parents and her uncle, actor and theater manager, Lupino Lane. In 1931, Ida […]

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  • Ida Moore

    1882 - 1964

    Ida Moore (1882 - 1964)

    Ida Moore (March 1, 1882- September 26, 1964) She made her film debut in “Lightnin” (1925), but did not actively pursue film making full time until the 1940’s. She was routinely cast as a grandma or as a spinster in many comedies to include “Cutie on Duty” (1943), “The Windjammer” (1945), “Money Madness” (1947), “Hold […]

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  • Ida Saxton McKinley

    1847 - 1970

    Ida Saxton McKinley (1847 - 1970)

    Ida was born in Canton, Ohio, the elder daughter of James Saxton, prominent Canton banker, and Katherine DeWalt. Her grandfather, John Saxton, in 1815 founded The Repository, the city’s first and now its only newspaper. A graduate of Brook Hall Seminary, a finishing school in Media, Pennsylvania, Ida was refined, charming, and strikingly attractive when […]

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  • Ida Straus

    1849 - 1912

    Ida Straus (1849 - 1912)

    Rosalie Ida Blun was born in 1849 in Worms, Germany to Nathan Blun (1815–1879) and his wife Wilhelmine “Mindel” (née Freudenberg; 1814–1868). She was the fifth of seven children including Amanda (1839–1907), Elias Nathan (1842–1878), Louis (1843–1927), Augusta Carolina (1845–1905), Moritz (1850–1858) and Abraham Blun (1853–1881). She emigrated to the United States with her family. In […]

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  • Ida Tarbell

    1857 - 1944

    Ida Tarbell (1857 - 1944)

    Ida Tarbell began her career as a teacher at Poland Union Seminary in Poland, Ohio. She taught classes in geology, botany, geometry and trigonometry as well as languages, Greek, Latin, French and German. After two years, she realized teaching was too much for her and that she enjoyed writing more. As a suffragist, Tarbell had […]

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  • Ida Wust

    1884 - 1958

    Ida Wust (1884 - 1958)

    Actress. A longtime star of the German stage and screen, she is remembered for her roles in hundreds of her country’s movies. Though little is recorded of her early days it is known that she began appearing at the City Theater of Colmar around 1900, then moved on to Bromberg, and finally in 1904 settled […]

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  • Idanell “Nellie” Brill Connally

    1919 - 2006

    Idanell “Nellie” Brill Connally (1919 - 2006)

    Historical Figure, Author. Former Texas First Lady from 1963-1969.  Wife of Governor John Connally.  Last survivor of the car that carried President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. On November 22, 1963, it was Mrs. Connally that uttered the last words the president heard, “Mr. President, you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you,” moments later those fateful shots […]

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  • Idi Amin

    1925 - 2003

    Idi Amin (1925 - 2003)

    Ugandan Dictator. He born in either 1924 or 1925, but his exact birthdate is not known. He helped to overthrow President Milton Obote, and was officially made leader on January 25, 1971, taking office, one week later. Amin served as the ruler of Uganda from February 2, 1971 until April 11, 1979. During his 8 […]

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  • Ignacio Coronel Villarreal

    1954 - 2010

    Ignacio Coronel Villarreal (1954 - 2010)

    Ignacio Coronel was responsible for moving multi-ton quantities of cocaine via fishing vessels from Colombia to Mexico and on to the United States state of Texas and Arizona during the early 2000s. His influence and operations penetrated throughout the United States, Mexico, and several other European, Central American, and South American countries. In Mexico, he […]

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  • Ignatius Lupo

    1877 - 1947

    Ignatius Lupo (1877 - 1947)

    Lupo has been described as the most vicious Black Hand leader America has ever known. Lupo’s reign of terror stretched from the late 1800s until he was sentenced to thirty-years in prison in 1909. Using the influence of his relatives, the Morello’s and Terranova’s (both families were powerful Black Hand and Mafia leaders in New […]

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  • Ignaz Schwinn

    1860 - 1948

    Ignaz Schwinn (1860 - 1948)

    Bicycle Baron. He was born in Hardheim, Germany. As a teenager he began working for bicycle maker Heinrich Kleyer. His work impressed Kleyer and soon he was promoted to designer and manager of his factory. In 1891 he immigrated to Chicago, Illinois and four years later he, along with Adolph Arnold, founded Adolf-Schwinn and Company. […]

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    1931 - 2007

    IKE TURNER (1931 - 2007)

    IKE TURNER Music legend Ike Turner, whose abusive marriage to singer Tina Turner made his name a virtual byword for domestic violence, has died at the age of 76. Turner died at his house near San Diego yesterday after a rollercoaster musical career spanning more than five decades. Last night his ex-wife, soul legend Tina […]

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  • Ilan Ramon

    1954 - 2003

    Ilan Ramon (1954 - 2003)

    Ilan Ramon was a Colonel (Aluf Mishne) and a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force, with thousands of hours of flying experience. In 1974, he graduated as a fighter pilot from the Israel Air Force (IAF) Flight School. From 1974–76 he participated in A-4 Basic Training and Operations. 1976–80 was spent in Mirage III-C […]

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  • Ilean Oliver

    1896 - 1978

    Ilean Oliver (1896 - 1978)

    Ilean Oliver Silent film actress. Worked for Mack Sennett and also the Biograph Studios.

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  • Ileen Getz

    1961 - 2005

    Ileen Getz (1961 - 2005)

    Ileen Getz (August 7, 1961 – August 4, 2005) was an American actress, most recognized for her role as Dr. Judith Draper in the television series 3rd Rock from the Sun. Getz was born in Bristol, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Northwestern University, she joined the Econo-Art Theatre Company and Practical Theatre Company, both in Chicago, Illinois. She […]

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  • Ilene Woods

    1929 - 2010

    Ilene Woods (1929 - 2010)

    Actress, Singer. A noted Big Band performer, she is remembered for voicing the title role of Walt Disney’s 1950 animated classic “Cinderella”. Born Jacqueline Ruth Woods, she originally wanted to be a teacher but was pushed into show business by an ambitious mother who arranged for her to receive dance and music lessons. At 11 […]

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  • Ilka Chase

    1905 - 1978

    Ilka Chase (1905 - 1978)

    Actress, Novelist. Educated in the United States, Great Britain and France, she made her theatrical debut in the 1924 Broadway play “Red Falcon.” She appeared in nearly two dozen Broadway productions spanning over four decades. Her theatrical accomplishments include: “Embers” (1926), “The Happy Husband” (1928), “The Animal Kingdom” (1932), “Days Without End” (1934), “On to […]

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