Who Created Found A Grave?

When it comes to administrating, building and maintaining the site, Found A Grave is largely operated by its founder, Jimmy Adams. In addition to Jimmy, there are a few folks who work behind the scenes, helping out with Found A Grave on a daily basis:

Found A Grave Founder

Jimmy was born in Virginia, but realized at an early age he did not want to be confined to any one particular part of the US. He set out for LA, where he soon became involved in many aspects of the entertainment industry. A former professional body guard, for such clients as Kim Basinger, Prince, Dolly Parton, and Gene Simmons to name just a few. He turned his skills as a body guard into a lucrative career as a pro wrestler.

It was a chance meeting with Ernie Shavers that soon had Jimmy as one of Don Kings best fighter managers, as he proved with several of his fighters becoming world champions. After almost 30 years in the boxing game, Jimmy turned his attention to the internet, and has several successful sites that stream content to 192 countries around the world.

Jimmy is also the author of Gone Farther Down the Road, a book which lists a brief history of famous country music artist, how they died, where they died, and where they are buried. He is following this up with several new editions, and it was this task that led him to start Found A Grave.

Favorite Graves:

Johnny Cash (a close friend of mine)…Sammy Davis Jr, ( I was with him a few days before he passed away)…Franklin Delano Roosevelt ( simplicity at its finest)….

Favorite Movies:

“The Godfather”, “The Godfather, II”, “Scarface”, “Goodfellas”, “Troy”, “The Expendables”, “Taken”, “The Shootist”


He enjoys playing Nintendo with his children, watching a good movie, shooting pool.