• G.K. Chesterton

    1874 - 1936

    G.K. Chesterton (1874 - 1936)

    Author. He is best known for his novels about the priest-detective Father Brown. Among others works are “The Napoleon of Nothing Hill,” “The Man Who Was Thursday,” “The Innocence of Father Brown,” “The Trees of Pride” and “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)  Family links:  Spouse:  Frances Alice Blogg […]

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  • Gabby Hartnett

    1900 - 1972

    Gabby Hartnett (1900 - 1972)

    Charles Leo “Gabby” Hartnett (December 20, 1900 – December 20, 1972) was an American professional baseball player and manager. He played almost his entire career in Major League Baseball as a catcher for the Chicago Cubs from 1922 to 1940. He spent the final season of his career as a player-coach for the New York […]

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  • Gabe Pressman

    1924 - 2017

    Gabe Pressman (1924 - 2017)

    After earning his master’s degree from Columbia in 1947, Gabe Pressman worked for a short period as a journalist for the Newark Evening News. Columbia then awarded him a Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship, and he spent the next 15 months in Europe as a freelance journalist, contributing feature stories for various outlets, including the Overseas News […]

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  • Gabino Coria Peñaloza

    1881 - 1975

    Gabino Coria Peñaloza (1881 - 1975)

    Famed poet, writer and composer. Best remembered for his two outstanding compositions: “Caminito” and “El Pañuelito.” (bio by: 380W)

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  • Gabriel “Gabe” Dell

    1919 - 1988

    Gabriel “Gabe” Dell (1919 - 1988)

    Actor. Born Gabriel Del Vecchio, better known as Gabe, he made his stage debut in the Broadway play “Dead End” and, with Billy Halop, Leo Gorcey and the other members of the cast, was called to Hollywood for the film version. His last film appearence was as ‘Uncle Burke’ in the 1982’ “The escape Artist.” […]

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  • Gabriel “Gaby” Aragón Bermúdez

    1920 - 1995

    Gabriel “Gaby” Aragón Bermúdez (1920 - 1995)

    Entertainer. He was the son of Clown Emig. He was born in Puente de Vallecas (Madrid). He triumphed with his brothers Fofó and Miliki in Spain and South America. In Spain, they obtained a big success in the TV program “El Circo de Televisión Española.” He also played the saxofon. In 1995, when he died, […]

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  • Gabriel Celaya

    1911 - 1991

    Gabriel Celaya (1911 - 1991)

    Noted spanish novelist and poet. His books include “Lo Demás es Silencio,” “Baladas y Decires Vascos,” “Tranquilamente Hablando,” and “La Soledad Cerrada.” (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)

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  • Gabriel Davioud

    1823 - 1881

    Gabriel Davioud (1823 - 1881)

    Architect. He designed the old Palais de Trocadero in Paris (torn down and replaced in 1937). Worked under Baron Georges Eugène Haussmann. Some of his works that still exist today in Paris include: Fontaine aux Lions (12e, Quartier de Picpus), Sphinx sculpture(1er, Place du Châtelet), Théâtre de la Ville exterior (4e, Châtelet-Les-Halles), Théâtre de Châtelet […]

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  • Gabriel Duvall

    1752 - 1844

    Gabriel Duvall (1752 - 1844)

    US Supreme Court Justice,  US Congressman. He served as the Congressman from Maryland’s second district from November 1794 to March 1796. From 1796 to 1802 he was Chief Justice of the General Court of Maryland. He served as First Comptroller of the US Treasury for the next five years. President James Madison appointed him to […]

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  • Gabriel Figueroa

    1907 - 1997

    Gabriel Figueroa (1907 - 1997)

    Gabriel Figueroa Mateos (April 24, 1907 – April 27, 1997) was a Mexican cinematographer who worked both in Mexican cinema and Hollywood.His mother died after giving birth to him. His father, unable to cope with the loss of his wife, left Gabriel and his brother Roberto to be cared for by their aunts. He studied […]

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  • Gabriela Gilli

    1945 - 1991

    Gabriela Gilli (1945 - 1991)

    Cinema and T.V. Actress. She appeared in several movies and is well remembered for her marriage with the famed actor Rodolfo Bebán. (bio by: 380W) Cause of death: Suicide

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  • Gabriela Kownacka

    1952 - 2010

    Gabriela Kownacka (1952 - 2010)

    Actress. She was a leading star of Polish film, stage, and television for around 35 years. A 1975 graduate of Warsaw’s National Theatre School, she made the first of her roughly 40 silver screen appearances as Sophie in 1972’s “Wesele” (“Wedding”). Gabriela was to see her ‘big break’ in 1977 when she won the Zbigniew […]

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  • Gabriele Basilico

    1944 - 2013

    Gabriele Basilico (1944 - 2013)

    Photographer. Called the “Genius of the Black and White” because of his photographic technique, he is regarded by many as one of the greatest contemporary documentary photographers and is remembered for his photographic reportages of the urban landscapes of some of the largest cities in the world. After studying architecture in 1973, he started his […]

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  • Gabriele D’Annunzio

    1863 - 1938

    Gabriele D’Annunzio (1863 - 1938)

    Poet.  Family links:  Parents:  Luisa De Benedictis (1839 – 1917)  Spouse:  Maria Hardouin d’Annunzio (1864 – 1954)Cause of death: stroke

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  • Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel

    1883 - 1971

    Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel (1883 - 1971)

    Renowned Fashion Designer. Born a peasant and raised in an orphanage, she grew up with a gift of fashion and a keen awareness of social trends. Some of her most famous creations were worn by Jackie Kennedy. Coco Chanel died in 1971 at the age of 88. The House of Chanel still exists today. She […]

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  • Gaby Stenberg

    1923 - 2011

    Gaby Stenberg (1923 - 2011)

    Actress. She shall be remembered as a mainstay of the Swedish stage and screen for more than 60 years. Born Ida Gabriella Stenberg, she was raised in Stockholm from infancy and was drawn to show business early, making her silver screen bow in 1935’s “Bambi and I”. Gaby continued her film career, earning ever-larger roles, […]

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  • Gae Aulenti

    1927 - 2012

    Gae Aulenti (1927 - 2012)

    Born as Gaetana Aulenti, a native of Palazzolo dello Stella (Friuli), Gaetana Aulenti (Gae, as she was known, is pronounced “guy”) studied to be an architect at the Milan Polytechnic University, Faculty of Architecture and graduated as one of two women in a class of 20 in 1954. She grew up playing the piano and […]

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  • Gaetana “Gae” Aulenti

    1927 - 2012

    Gaetana “Gae” Aulenti (1927 - 2012)

    Italian architect and designer. Best known as designer of the Orsay Museum in Paris. Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, her career is divided between the university teaching and the design and restructuring of important works, including the “National Museum of Catalan art” in Barcelona, the “Scuderie del Quirinale” in Rome, the Italian […]

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  • Gaetano Reina

    1889 - 1930

    Gaetano Reina (1889 - 1930)

    Gaetano Reina was boss of the New York Mafia Family that today is called the Luchese Family from the 1920s until he was shot to death on a Bronx Street on Feb. 26,1930. After his death Joe the Boss Masseria inserted Bonaventura (Joseph) Pinzolo as the head of the Family. On Sept. 5,1930 men loyal […]

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  • Gail Borden, Jr

    1801 - 1874

    Gail Borden, Jr (1801 - 1874)

    Businessman, Philanthropist, Inventor. He envisioned food concentrates as a means of safeguarding the human food supply, and was the first to develop a commercial method of condensing milk. The dairy company founded by him (renamed Borden, Incorperated, in 1968) expanded and diversified to become a sizable corporation operating in many areas of business. In 1836 […]

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  • Gail Castleberry

    1957 - 2003

    Gail Castleberry (1957 - 2003)

    Actress. Credits include television shows “Less Than Perfect,” “Spin City,” “Ellen,” and “Strong Medicine.”  Family links:  Parents:  Farris Castleberry (1925 – 1974)Cause of death: Breast cancer

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  • Gail Cobb

    1950 - 1974

    Gail Cobb (1950 - 1974)

    Gail Cobb, a single mother, gave birth to a son, Damon Demetrius Cobb, on February 26, 1970. Her son’s father, whom Cobb had met in high school, took no responsibility for his son, and Cobb ended up trying to raise him on her own. Cobb’s son is currently serving a life sentence in prison at […]

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  • Gail Davis

    1925 - 1997

    Gail Davis (1925 - 1997)

    The daughter of a small town physician, Gail Davis was born as Betty Jeanne Grayson in a Little Rock, Arkansas hospital, but was raised in McGehee until her family moved to Little Rock. She had been singing and dancing since childhood. After graduating from Little Rock High School, she studied at the Harcum Junior College for […]

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  • Gail Fisher

    1935 - 2000

    Gail Fisher (1935 - 2000)

    The youngest of five children, Gail Fisher was born in Orange, New Jersey. Her father died when she was two years old and she was raised by her mother, Ona Fisher, who raised her family with a home operated hair styling business while living in the Potter’s Crossing neighborhood of Edison, New Jersey. She graduated […]

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  • Gail Gilmore

    1937 - 2014

    Gail Gilmore (1937 - 2014)

    Actress. A glamorous blonde considered a bit eccentric, she is probably best remembered for several of the “Beach” films of the mid 1960s. Born Gail Gerber, she was trained as a ballerina from early childhood and in 1952 joined Le Grandes Ballets Canadiennes with whom was a successful dancer over the next years. After posing […]

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  • Gail Johnson

    1942 - 1999

    Gail Johnson (1942 - 1999)

    Actress. Born Gail Da Corsi, she was most noted for the role of ‘Mimi Grosset’ on the television soap opera ‘Days of our Lives” in the 1960s, for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award. She was also was a top Hollywood makeup artist for the likes of Kathleen Noone, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Barbara […]

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  • Gail Kobe

    1932 - 2013

    Gail Kobe (1932 - 2013)

    Gail Kobe was born Gabriella Joyce Kobe in Hamtramck in Wayne County in southeastern Michigan to Benjamin and Theresa Kobe. She had one sister, Beatrice Kobe Adamski, who predeceased her. Kobe graduated from UCLA earning a fine arts degree in theatre and dance. During the 1950s and 1960s, Kobe made guest appearances on Richard Diamond, Private […]

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  • Gail Patrick

    1911 - 1980

    Gail Patrick (1911 - 1980)

    Gail Patrick was born Margaret LaVelle Fitzpatrick on June 20, 1911, in Birmingham, Alabama. Her parents were Lawrence C. Fitzpatrick, a municipal fireman, and LaVelle Fitzpatrick. After graduating from Howard College, she remained as acting dean of women. She completed two years of law school at the University of Alabama and aspired to be the […]

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  • Gail Russell

    1924 - 1961

    Gail Russell (1924 - 1961)

    At the age of 19 Gail Russell made her film debut in the 1943 film Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour. Russell appeared in several more films in the early and mid-1940s, the most notable being The Uninvited (1944) with Ray Milland and Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (1944), in which she co-starred with Diana Lynn. […]

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  • Gail Sheridan

    1915 - 2007

    Gail Sheridan (1915 - 2007)

    Actress. She began her career in Hollywood as a dancer in the mid-1930s, appearing in the  musicals “Strike Me Pink” (1936), “F-Man” (1936) and “College Holiday” (1936). Known as a talented,  likeable lady, she was dubbed “Hollywood’s Kindest Actress” and was cast as William Boyd’s leading lady in the westerns “Hopalong Cassidy Returns” (1936) and […]

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