• Gary Speed

    1969 - 2011

    Gary Speed (1969 - 2011)

    Gary Speed, MBE (8 September 1969 – 27 November 2011) was a Welsh professional footballer and manager. As a player, he is best known for his spell between 1988 and 1996 at Leeds United where he won the English Football League First Division Championship in 1992, and also for his spell between 1998 and 2004 at […]

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  • Gary Stewart

    1945 - 2003

    Gary Stewart (1945 - 2003)

    Gary Stewart Though his late 1970s albums were well received by critics and his core audience, Stewart never established a large audience. He was often labeled as “too country” for rock listeners and “too rock” for country fans. In 1980, he released the Chips Moman-produced Cactus and a Rose which featured Southern rockers Gregg Allman, […]

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  • Gaston Burssens

    1896 - 1965

    Gaston Burssens (1896 - 1965)

    Gaston Burssens (18 February 1896 – 29 January 1965) was a Belgian Expressionist poet. He studied in Flanders at the University of Ghent, at which, during World War I, the Germans introduced classes given in Dutch language. Like that of Paul van Ostaijen, during the 1920s his work evolved from humanitarian expressionism towards a more organic […]

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  • Gaston Chevrolet

    1892 - 1920

    Gaston Chevrolet (1892 - 1920)

    The youngest of three Swiss race car driver brothers, Gaston Chevrolet’s greatest moment came when he won the 1920 Indianapolis 500, driving a car designed by his oldest brother Louis. Tragically, he was killed in a racing accident at the Beverly Hills (CA) Speedway less than 6 months after his greatest triumph. (bio by: Warrick […]

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  • Gaston Glass

    1899 - 1965

    Gaston Glass (1899 - 1965)

    Actor, TV Executive. Born Gaston-Jacques Glass in Paris, he came to the United States after World War I and had his first lead movie role in “Humoresque” (1920). Tall and strapping, he became a popular matinee idol in Northwest adventure sagas and films with French settings, among them “Cameron of the Royal Mounted” (1921), “Monte […]

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  • Gautier de Coincy

    1970 - 1236

    Gautier de Coincy (1970 - 1236)

    Poet, Composer, Cleric. His masterpiece, the two-volume “Miracles de Nostre-Dame” (“Miracles of Our Lady”, 1222 and 1233), is a major work of Medieval French literature and music. A mammoth verse narrative of over 30,000 lines, it chronicles miracles attributed to the Virgin Mary interspersed with songs and prayers. Coincy wrote it in French rather than […]

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  • Gaylord Nelson

    1916 - 2005

    Gaylord Nelson (1916 - 2005)

    In 1948, Gaylord Nelson was elected to the Wisconsin State Senate. He remained a member until 1958. That year, Nelson was elected governor of Wisconsin, and he served two two-year terms before successfully running for Senate in 1962. He served three consecutive terms as a senator from 1963 to 1981. In 1963 he convinced President […]

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  • Gen Henry Delamar Clayton

    1827 - 1889

    Gen Henry Delamar Clayton (1827 - 1889)

    Civil War Confederate Major General. When Civil War began, he was as a member of the Alabama House of Representatives and was asked to recruit a volunteer regiment. He organized the 1st Alabama Infantry Regiment in March 1861 and was appointed Colonel. In 1862, he organized the 39th Alabama Regiment which led in the Kentucky […]

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  • Gen Samuel Bell “Sam” Maxey

    1825 - 1895

    Gen Samuel Bell “Sam” Maxey (1825 - 1895)

    Civil War Confederate Major General.Maxey was born in Tompkinsville, Kentucky. Maxey served in the West and led Native Americans troops in Indian Territory. Maxey attended West Point and graduated in 1846, second to last in a class of 59. He was sent immediately to fight in the Mexican War. He fought at the Battle of […]

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  • Gen Troy Houston Middleton

    1889 - 1976

    Gen Troy Houston Middleton (1889 - 1976)

    US Army Lieutenant General. Born in Copiah County, Mississippi, he was commissioned an officer in the US Army in 1912. In World War I, he was the youngest Colonel commanding combat American forces and was awarded the Army Distinguished Service Medal for his actions in the Meuse-Arognne offensive. During World War II, he was Commanding […]

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  • Gen. David C. Jones

    1921 - 2013

    Gen. David C. Jones (1921 - 2013)

    Jones was born in Aberdeen, South Dakota and raised in Minot, North Dakota, where he graduated from Minot High School. He attended both University of North Dakota and Minot State Teacher’s College. While attending college he received his private pilots license from the Civilian Pilot Training Program. In April 1942 he left college to join […]

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  • Genaro Lahuerta

    1905 - 1985

    Genaro Lahuerta (1905 - 1985)

    Painter. He was born and died in Valencia. During the 1930s, he represented the vanguard’s art in Comunidad Valenciana. He was influenced by the Fauvism movement, but during his travels to Africa, he was very impressed and began a collection of personal landscapes. Among his paintings are “Mi Madre,” “Retrato de Azorín,” “Paisaje de Secano” […]

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  • Gene Anderson

    1939 - 1991

    Gene Anderson (1939 - 1991)

    Gene Anderson Anderson was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota and started wrestling in 1961 after being trained by Verne Gagne. In late 1965, he formed the Minnesota Wrecking Crew with fellow collegian Lars Anderson as his “brother”. They wrestled in the Florida territories and won some tag team titles together. Gene then reformed the tag […]

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  • Gene Autry

    1907 - 1998

    Gene Autry (1907 - 1998)

    Gene Autry Orvon Grover Autry was born September 29, 1907 near Tioga in Grayson County in north Texas, the grandson of a Methodist preacher. His parents, Delbert Autry and Elnora Ozment, moved in the 1920s to Ravia in Johnston County in southern Oklahoma. He worked on his father’s ranch while at school. After leaving high school in 1925, Autry worked as a telegrapher for the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway. His […]

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  • Gene Barry

    1919 - 2009

    Gene Barry (1919 - 2009)

    Gene Barry Born Eugene Klass to parents of Russian-Jewish ancestry, he acted in drama productions and studied music while attending New Utrecht High School. He made his Broadway debut in the 1942 musical “The New Moon”, and appeared in several more stage productions throughout the decade which include “Rosalinda” (1942 to 1944), “The Merry Widow’ […]

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  • Gene Bartow

    1930 - 2012

    Gene Bartow (1930 - 2012)

    Gene Bartow coached at Central Missouri State University from 1961 to 1964, Valparaiso University from 1964 to 1970, and Memphis State University from 1970 until 1974, and he led the Memphis State Tigers to the 1973 NCAA national championship game and consecutive Missouri Valley Conference titles in the 1971–72 and 1972–73 seasons. He coached the […]

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  • Gene Brabender

    1941 - 1996

    Gene Brabender (1941 - 1996)

    Gene Brabender (August 16, 1941 – December 27, 1996), nicknamed “Lurch”, was an American Major League Baseball pitcher. He was signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers as an amateur free agent before the 1961 season. He pitched for the Baltimore Orioles (1966–1968), Seattle Pilots (1969), and the Milwaukee Brewers (1970). During a 5-year baseball career, […]

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  • Gene Conley

    1930 - 2017

    Gene Conley (1930 - 2017)

    In the middle of his first season of professional baseball, Gene Conley agreed to sign with the Wilkes-Barre Barons of the struggling American Basketball League. On April 26, 1952, the Boston Celtics selected Conley with the 90th pick of the NBA draft. Playing 39 games as a rookie in the 1952-53 NBA season, Conley averaged […]

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  • Gene Evans

    1922 - 1998

    Gene Evans (1922 - 1998)

    Gene Evans He was born in Holbrook, Arizona, but reared in Colton, California. His acting career began while he was serving in World War II. He performed with a theatrical troupe of GIs in Europe. Evans made his film debut in 1947 and appeared in dozens of films and television programs. He specialized in playing […]

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  • Gene Fullmer

    1931 - 2015

    Gene Fullmer (1931 - 2015)

    Gene Fullmer Gene Fullmer was the World Middleweight Champion (1957). Widely believed, he was named after former boxer Gene Tunner, he was born into a Mormon family and endured a strict upbringing. He was introduced to the sport, when his father brought him and his two younger brothers to a local gym to watch the […]

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  • Gene Gutowski

    1925 - 2016

    Gene Gutowski (1925 - 2016)

    Gene Gutowski Producer Gene Gutowski, who collaborated with writer-director Roman Polanski, a fellow Holocaust survivor, on five films, including the 2002 Oscar-winning wartime drama The Pianist, has died. He was 90. Gutowski died Tuesday of pneumonia in a hospital in Warsaw, Poland, his son, Adam Bardach, told the Associated Press. Gutowski, born in Lwow, Poland, […]

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  • Gene Kelly

    1912 - 1996

    Gene Kelly (1912 - 1996)

    Gene Kelly Kelly was born in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh. He was the third son of Harriet Catherine (née Curran) and James Patrick Joseph Kelly, a phonograph salesman. His father was born in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, to a family of Irish descent. His maternal grandfather was an immigrant from Derry, Ireland, and his […]

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  • Gene Nelson

    1920 - 1996

    Gene Nelson (1920 - 1996)

    Born Leander Eugene Berg in Astoria, Oregon, he moved to Seattle when he was one year old. He was inspired to become a dancer by watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films when he was a child. After serving in the Army during World War II during which he also performed in the musical This […]

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  • Gene Okerlund

    1942 - 2019

    Gene Okerlund (1942 - 2019)

    Gene Okerlund Gene Okerlund, the most recognizable interviewer in sports-entertainment history, has passed away at age 76. “Mean Gene,” as he was named by fellow Minnesotan, Jesse “The Body” Ventura , first came to prominence as an interviewer in the American Wrestling Association. In 1984, Okerlund made the move to WWE where he became as recognizable as […]

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  • Gene Raymond

    1908 - 1998

    Gene Raymond (1908 - 1998)

    Gene Raymond Raymond, romantic leading man in several films of the 1930s and 1940s, died Sunday night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles of pneumonia, his publicist said. Among the actor’s more memorable films were “Flying Down to Rio” opposite Dolores Del Rio in 1933, which first paired Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers; “Red […]

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  • Gene Saks

    1921 - 2015

    Gene Saks (1921 - 2015)

    Gene Saks was born Jean Michael Saks in New York City, the son of Beatrix (née Lewkowitz) and Morris J. Saks. He studied at Cornell University and trained for acting at the Dramatic Workshop of The New School in New York with the German director Erwin Piscator. Gene Saks made his acting debut on Broadway in […]

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  • Gene Tierney

    1920 - 1991

    Gene Tierney (1920 - 1991)

    Tierney was born in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Howard Sherwood Tierney and Belle Lavina Taylor. She was named after a beloved uncle, who died young. She had an elder brother, Howard Sherwood “Butch” Tierney, Jr., and a younger sister, Patricia “Pat” Tierney. Their father was a successful insurance broker of Irish descent, their […]

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  • Gene Tunney

    1897 - 1978

    Gene Tunney (1897 - 1978)

    Gene Tunney Gene Tunney, byname of James Joseph Tunney, also called The Fighting Marine   (born May 25, 1898, New York, New York, U.S.—died November 7, 1978, Greenwich, Connecticut), American boxer who defeated Jack Dempsey in 1926 to become the world heavyweight boxing champion.Tunney began boxing while working as a clerk for the Ocean Steamship Company in New York City […]

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  • Gene Wilder

    1933 - 2016

    Gene Wilder (1933 - 2016)

    Gene Wilder Gene Wilder was one of America’s foremost comic actors known by all generations for his performances in such classics as ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ (1971), ‘Young Frankenstein’ (1974) and ‘Stir Crazy’ (1980). He studied theater at the University of Iowa, then studied Shakespeare at the Bristol Old Vic Theater School in […]

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  • Generoso Paul Pope, Jr

    1927 - 1988

    Generoso Paul Pope, Jr (1927 - 1988)

    Publishing Mogul.  Founder of the National Enquirer. The son of businessman Generoso Pope,  he purchased the New York Enquirer,  a fading local newspaper,  for $75,000 in 1952.  Two years later he transformed it into a tabloid,  renamed it the National Enquirer,  and gave it coast to coast distribution. Known for his eccentric marketing schemes,  Pope […]

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