• Gerald “Jerry” Anglin

    1970 - 1970

    Gerald “Jerry” Anglin (1970 - 1970)

    Journalist. Canadian magazine and newspaper writer and editor. He was renowned for his stylistic and gentleness of manner. He worked on several prominent national publications including “Chatelaine”, “The Canadian” and “Maclean”s Magazine”.

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  • Gerald Anthony

    1951 - 2004

    Gerald Anthony (1951 - 2004)

    Actor. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Anthony is best remembered for his television roles in soap operas inlcuding, ‘Marco Dane’ from 1977 to 1986, 1989 to 1990, and ‘Dr. Mario Corelli’ in 1978, on “One Life To Live,” ‘Rick Madison’ from 1991 to 1992, on “Another World,” and again as ‘Marco Dane’ from 1992 tom […]

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  • Gerald Brenan

    1894 - 1987

    Gerald Brenan (1894 - 1987)

    Noted Author. His books include “El Laberinto Español” and “Sur de Granada.” He lived and died in Alhaurín el Grande (Granada). At the time of his death, his body was donated to the Medicine Faculty of Málaga for medical research and later cremated and buried. (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)  Family links:  Spouse:  Gamel […]

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  • Gerald Eric Le Dain

    1924 - 2007

    Gerald Eric Le Dain (1924 - 2007)

    Jurist, Puisne Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. He was an expert in constitutional law and participated in many early cases arising from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982). Born in Montreal, he volunteered at age 18 for service in the Canadian Army from 1943 to 1946. He was a gunner with […]

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  • Gerald Ford

    1913 - 2006

    Gerald Ford (1913 - 2006)

    Gerald Ford Born as Leslie Lynch King, Jr. in Omaha, Nebraska, his mother divorced his father the following year and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where she remarried to Gerald R. Ford. The young boy’s name was then changed to Gerald R. Ford, Jr. Graduated from the University of Michigan and Yale Law School. Served […]

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  • Gerald Jerry Plotkin

    1934 - 1996

    Gerald Jerry Plotkin (1934 - 1996)

    One of the 52 Americans held hostage by Iran from 1979 to 1981. He was the only non-governmental employee amongst the hostages. (bio by: Erik Lander)

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  • Gerald Michael Boyd

    1950 - 2006

    Gerald Michael Boyd (1950 - 2006)

    Journalist. New York Times Managing Editor. He entered journalism after graduating from the University of Missouri. After working as the White House correspondent for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Boyd joined the Times in 1983 and rose through the ranks, including assignments as metropolitan editor and managing editor. He oversaw the 2000 Pulitzer Prize-winning series, […]

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  • Gerald Moore

    1899 - 1987

    Gerald Moore (1899 - 1987)

    Gerald Moore was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, the eldest of four children of David Frank Moore, owner of a men’s outfitting company, and his wife Chestina, née Jones. He was educated at Watford Grammar School, and took piano lessons from a local teacher  Though innately musical, with perfect pitch, Moore was a reluctant piano student: […]

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  • Gerald Stano

    1951 - 1998

    Gerald Stano (1951 - 1998)

    Gerald Stano was born in Schenectady, New York. His given name at birth was Paul Zeininger. His natural mother neglected him to such an extent that when she finally gave him up for adoption when he was six months old, county doctors declared him unadoptable because he was functioning at what they described as “an […]

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  • Geraldine Bledsoe Ford

    1926 - 2003

    Geraldine Bledsoe Ford (1926 - 2003)

    Judge. She was the first female African-American elected to a judgeship in the United States. Although she was known by many as “Mean Geraldine” for her strict interpretation of the law and tough sentences, she was also considered fair and just. She earned a BA from the University of Michigan in 1948, and then graduated […]

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  • Geraldine Brooks

    1925 - 1977

    Geraldine Brooks (1925 - 1977)

    Actress. She is best remembered for her supporting roles in numerous films and television shows from the 1940s through the 1970s. Born Geraldine Stroock in New York City, her father, James Stroock, owned a costume company that provided costumes to stage theaters. Her mother, Bianca, was a costume designer and stylist. Her aunt was a […]

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  • Geraldine Doyle

    1924 - 2010

    Geraldine Doyle (1924 - 2010)

    Because the “We Can Do It!” poster was created for an internal Westinghouse project, it did not become widely known until the 1980s, when it was rediscovered and used by advocates of women’s equality in the workplace. In 1984, Doyle came across an article in Modern Maturity magazine which showed a photo of an unidentified […]

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  • Geraldine Farrar

    1882 - 1967

    Geraldine Farrar (1882 - 1967)

    Opera Singer, Actress. A lyric soprano and opera’s first ‘Glamour Girl’, she is remembered for singing leading roles in the principal theatres of Europe and America for around 20 years. Raised in the Boston suburbs, she took to music early, began lessons at five, and started giving public recitals at 14; after early vocal education […]

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  • Geraldine Fitzgerald

    1913 - 2005

    Geraldine Fitzgerald (1913 - 2005)

    Actress. Her role in the 1939 motion picture “Wuthering Heights”, earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She also appeared in films such as “Dark Victory” (1939), “Wilson” (1944), “Three Strangers” (1946), “Harry and Tonto” (1974) and “Arthur” (1981). In the theatre, she played ‘Goneril’ in “King Lear” (1956), ‘Gertrude’ in “Hamlet” at […]

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  • Geraldine Fizgerald

    1913 - 2005

    Geraldine Fizgerald (1913 - 2005)

    Fitzgerald was born in Greystones, County Wicklow, south of Dublin, the daughter of Edith and Edward Fitzgerald, who was an attorney. Her father was Catholic and her mother a Protestant who converted to Catholicism. She studied painting at the Dublin School of Art. Inspired by her aunt, actress Shelagh Richards, Fitzgerald began her acting career in […]

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  • Geraldine Hall

    1905 - 1970

    Geraldine Hall (1905 - 1970)

    American motion picture actress of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Married to famous character actor, Porter Hall. They are buried side by side. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Spouse:  Porter Hall (1888 – 1953)* *Calculated relationshipCause of death: Heart attack

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  • Geraldine McEwan

    1932 - 2015

    Geraldine McEwan (1932 - 2015)

    Actress. Her theatrical career began at 14 as assistant stage manager at the Theatre Royal, Windsor. She made her first appearance on the Windsor stage in October 1946 as an attendant of Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and played many parts with the Windsor Repertory Company from March 1949 to March 1951, including a […]

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  • Geraldine Page

    1924 - 1987

    Geraldine Page (1924 - 1987)

    Actress. Born in Kirksville, Missouri, the daughter of a physician, she became an actress at the age of 17, winning critical reviews for her performance in 1952 of the off-Broadway production of Tennessee Williams play “Summer and Smoke.”  She was quickly invited to Hollywood, and her first movie role was opposite John Wayne in “Hondo” […]

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  • Geraldine Wall

    1912 - 1970

    Geraldine Wall (1912 - 1970)

    Actress. Wall appeared in 17 television series/shows and 47 movies including “The Song of Bernadette,” “Charlin Chan in Black Magic,” “The Fountainhead,” “Black Widow” and “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.” (bio by: TLS)  Family links:  Spouse:  Franklin Day (1893 – 1958)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Gerard Brach

    1927 - 2006

    Gerard Brach (1927 - 2006)

    Screenwriter. He was born in Mountrouge, France. He is best known for his collaborations with directors Jean Jacques Annaud and Roman Polanski. His credits include “Repulsion” (1965), “Cul de Sac” (1965), “The Fearless Vampire Killers” (1967), “Wonderwall” (1968), “Le Locataire” (“The Tenant”) (1975), “Quest for Fire” (1981), “L’Africain” (1983), “The Name of the Rose” (1986), […]

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  • Gerard Hoffnung

    1925 - 1959

    Gerard Hoffnung (1925 - 1959)

    German-born artist, cartoonist, humorist, caricaturist, musician, broadcaster and raconteur. A prolific illustrator most of his work was based on musical themes. His most famous recorded item is probably his “barrel” monologue, one of his many spoof letters, this one purporting to be from a builder excusing himself from work. His “Festival of Music” include fine […]

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  • Gerard Parkes

    1924 - 2014

    Gerard Parkes (1924 - 2014)

    Gerard Parkes Gerard “Gerry” Parkes (October 16, 1924 – October 19, 2014) was an Irish Canadian actor who was born in Dublin, Ireland, and moved to Toronto in 1956. Career His acting career spanned film, radio, television, and the stage. Parkes worked often on CBC radio, beginning in 1959, and shifted into television and film, […]

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  • Gerard Philipe

    1922 - 1959

    Gerard Philipe (1922 - 1959)

    Born Gérard Philip in Cannes, France, he was of one quarter Czech ancestry from his maternal grandmother and three quarters French ancestry. As a teenager Philipe took acting lessons before going to Paris to study at the Conservatoire of Dramatic Art. When he was 19 years old, he made his stage debut at a theater […]

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  • Gerd Bucerius

    1906 - 1995

    Gerd Bucerius (1906 - 1995)

    Gerd Bucerius (1906, Hamm, Westphalia – 1995) was a German politician and journalist, one of the founding members of Die Zeit. He is the namesake of the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and of the Bucerius Kunst Forum, an art gallery. Gerd Bucerius was born in Westphalia, and studied law in Freiburg, Berlin, and Hamburg. Upon […]

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  • Gerd Oswald

    1919 - 1989

    Gerd Oswald (1919 - 1989)

    Gerd Oswald (June 9, 1919 – May 22, 1989) was a director of American films and television. Born in Berlin, Oswald was the son of German film director Richard Oswald and actress Käthe Oswald. He worked as a child actor before emigrating to the United States in 1938. Early production jobs at low-budget studios like Monogram […]

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  • Gerda Lerner

    1920 - 2013

    Gerda Lerner (1920 - 2013)

    Lerner was born Gerda Hedwig Kronstein in Vienna, Austria, on April 30, 1920, the first child of Ilona (née Neumann) and Robert Kronstein, an affluent Jewish couple. Her father was a pharmacist, her mother an artist. Following the Anschluss, Kronstein joined the anti-Nazi resistance, and spent six weeks, including her eighteenth birthday, in an Austrian […]

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  • Gerhard Heinrich Mennen

    1856 - 1902

    Gerhard Heinrich Mennen (1856 - 1902)

    Businessman. He founded of the Mennen Company of Newark, New Jersey in 1878, and built it into a successful manufacturer of talcum, shaving cream and deodorant.

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  • Gerhard Heintzman

    1845 - 1926

    Gerhard Heintzman (1845 - 1926)

    Piano manufacturer.  Family links:  Spouse:  Katherine Killer Heintzman (1857 – 1932)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Gerome Kamrowski

    1914 - 2004

    Gerome Kamrowski (1914 - 2004)

    Artist. A surrealist painter, his work has been exhibited at New York’s Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Whitney Museum of American Art. Teaching art at University of Michigan in 1946, becoming professor emeritus in 1984, he kept a studio in New York where he worked during heyday of American […]

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  • Gerome Kamrowski

    1914 - 2004

    Gerome Kamrowski (1914 - 2004)

    Artist. A surrealist painter, his work has been exhibited at New York’s Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Whitney Museum of American Art. Teaching art at University of Michigan in 1946, becoming professor emeritus in 1984, he kept a studio in New York where he worked during heyday of American […]

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