• George S. Barnes

    1892 - 1953

    George S. Barnes (1892 - 1953)

    Motion Picture Cinematographer. For 30 years one of Hollywood’s top cameramen, he was equally distinguished in black-and-white and color photography. He worked with many of the best directors in the business and was mentor to cinematographer Gregg Toland (“Citizen Kane”), who started out as his assistant. Barnes won an Academy Award for his moody lensing […]

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  • George Scott (Wrestler)

    1929 - 2014

    George Scott (Wrestler) (1929 - 2014)

    George Scott was the first born son to his parents, Walter and Jeannie. He was born in Dalmeny, Scotland while his parents were visiting relatives and, returning to Canada, was raised in Hamilton, Ontario. He grew up with his siblings Angus (AKA Sandy Scott, 1934-2010), Walter. His sister Jeannie, near the age of 12, suffered […]

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  • George Seaton

    1911 - 1979

    George Seaton (1911 - 1979)

    Born George Stenius in South Bend, Indiana, of Swedish descent, baptized as Roman Catholic, and grew up in a Detroit Jewish neighborhood and described himself as a “Shabas goy”. So he went on to learn Hebrew in an Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva and was even bar mitzvahed. George Seaton moved to Detroit after graduating from college […]

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  • George Seman

    1930 - 1966

    George Seman (1930 - 1966)

    George Seman was born in Morann, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania to Susan and Andrew Seman. He had three brothers and four sisters. After high school, he worked in the local coal mines for a short time, before leaving to work in the Chrysler Lynch Road Assembly Plant in Detroit. In 1950, while making a trip back […]

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  • George Shearing

    1919 - 2011

    George Shearing (1919 - 2011)

    In 1947, George Shearing emigrated to the United States, where his harmonically complex style mixing swing, bop and modern classical influences gained popularity. One of his first performances was at the Hickory House. He performed with the Oscar Pettiford Trio and led a jazz quartet with Buddy DeFranco, which led to contractual problems, since Shearing […]

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  • George Shima

    1970 - 1926

    George Shima (1970 - 1926)

    George Shima (1864–1926) was a Japanese American businessman in California who became the first Japanese American millionaire. At one point, he produced about 85% of the state’s potato crop, which earned him the nickname “The Potato King”. Born Ushijima Kinji (牛島謹爾?) in Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan, he entered a preliminary course at the Tokyo Commercial School (now […]

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  • George Sidney

    1916 - 2002

    George Sidney (1916 - 2002)

    George Sidney (October 4, 1916 – May 5, 2002) was an American film director and film producer who worked primarily at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Born in Long Island City, New York, Sidney began his career as an assistant at MGM until being assigned to direct the Our Gang comedies, which MGM had just acquired from Hal Roach, in […]

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  • George Steele

    1937 - 2017

    George Steele (1937 - 2017)

    George Steele George Steele, Born William James Myers in 1937, the future WWE Hall of Fame member started out with a football career in mind like so many other wrestlers, but saw his career cut short due to knee problems. That led him to the wrestling rings of Detroit, where he started his career as […]

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  • George Stevens

    1904 - 1975

    George Stevens (1904 - 1975)

    George Stevens was born in Oakland, California, and his family included his father Landers Stevens and his mother Georgie Cooper, both stage actors. His uncle was drama critic Ashton Stevens. He also had two brothers, Jack and writer Aston Stevens. He learned about the stage from his parents and worked and toured with them on […]

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  • George Stovey

    1866 - 1936

    George Stovey (1866 - 1936)

    In 1907, black player-turned-sportswriter Sol White alluded to a supposed effort in 1887 by New York to sign George Stovey. White, writing in a baseball book bearing his name, stated that “arrangements were about completed for his transfer from the Newark club, when a brawl was heard from Chicago to New York. Cap Anson, with […]

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  • George Swinnerton Parker

    1866 - 1952

    George Swinnerton Parker (1866 - 1952)

    Businessman. Born in Salem, Massachusetts, he was a board game inventor and industrialist, who founded Parker Brothers. In 1883, at the age of 16, he published his first game, called “Banking”. He then founded his game company, initially called the George S. Parker Company, followed up with two more games, “Famous Men” and “Baker’s Dozen”. […]

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  • George Trenholm Allen

    1914 - 2000

    George Trenholm Allen (1914 - 2000)

    George Trenholm Allen (July 27, 1914 – March 27, 2000) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player who played Left Wing in the National Hockey League, mostly for the Chicago Black Hawks.  Allen began his career playing in various locations in the east, until he joined the North Battleford Beavers of the Northern Saskatchewan Senior […]

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  • George Tuska

    1916 - 2009

    George Tuska (1916 - 2009)

    George Tuska’s first work for the future Marvel Comics came in 1949, when Marvel’s predecessor company, Timely Comics, was transitioning to its 1950s iteration, Atlas Comics. His first confirmed credit is the seven-page story “Justice Has a Heart” in Casey – Crime Photographer # 1 (Aug. 1949). He quickly went on to draw in an […]

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  • George V

    1865 - 1936

    George V (1865 - 1936)

    George was born on 3 June 1865, in Marlborough House, London. He was the second son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Albert Edward and Alexandra. His father was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and his mother was the eldest daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark. As a son […]

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  • George Voskovec

    1905 - 1981

    George Voskovec (1905 - 1981)

    George Voskovec was born as Jiří Wachsmann in Sázava, Bohemia, present-day Czech Republic. He attended school in Prague and Dijon, France. In 1927, together with Werich, he joined the Osvobozené divadlo (Liberated Theater), which had been created two years earlier by members of the avant-garde Devětsil group, Jiří Frejka and Jindřich Honzl. After disagreements led […]

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  • George W. Barrett

    1970 - 1936

    George W. Barrett (1970 - 1936)

    Criminal. Barrett was the first person to receive the death penalty by hanging under a congressional act that made it a capital offense to kill a federal agent. Barrett shot and killed special agent Nelson B. Klein, a special agent of the Justice Department’s Bureau of Investigation (which was renamed to become the FBI). On […]

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  • George W. Hoover

    1970 - 1924

    George W. Hoover (1970 - 1924)

    Built the Hollywood Hotel.  Family links:  Spouse:  Mary C. Hoover (1853 – 1934) Inscription:Father

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  • George Walker Crawford

    1798 - 1872

    George Walker Crawford (1798 - 1872)

    Governor. Born in Columbia County, Georgia. He was the fourth son of Peter and Mary Ann Crawford. His father was a veteran of the American Revolutionary War from Virginia who had settled in Georgia to claim a land share, known as a bounty grant which the state of Georgia had set aside for those who […]

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  • George Wallace

    1917 - 2005

    George Wallace (1917 - 2005)

    Wallace was born in New York City. When he was 13 his family moved to McMechen, West Virginia. While still in his teens Wallace worked as a coal miner and also joined the Civilian Conservation Corps.  He joined the U.S. Navy in 1936 and served for eight years. Wallace served in the U.S. Pacific Fleet, […]

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  • George Wallace

    1919 - 1998

    George Wallace (1919 - 1998)

    George Wallace George C. Wallace, 79, the four-time governor of Alabama and four-time candidate for president of the United States who became known as the embodiment of resistance to the civil rights movement of the 1960s, died last night in Montgomery, Ala. He had battled Parkinson’s disease in recent years. Cut down by a would-be […]

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  • George Washington

    1732 - 1799

    George Washington (1732 - 1799)

    George Washington (February 22, 1732  – December 14, 1799) was the first President of the United States (1789–1797), the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He presided over the convention that drafted the United States Constitution, which replaced the Articles of […]

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  • George Washington Cutter

    1970 - 1865

    George Washington Cutter (1970 - 1865)

    Poet. Served in the United States Army during the Mexican War as a Captain in the 2nd Kentucky Volunteer Regement, and fought in Battle of Buena Vista. His poetry works include “Buena Vista and Other Poems”, “The Song of Stream and Other Poems” and “Poems, National and Patriotic”. (bio by: Laurie)

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  • George Washington Hill

    1884 - 1946

    George Washington Hill (1884 - 1946)

    Businessman. He introduced the Lucky Strike Brand of cigarettes.  Family links:  Parents:  Percival S. Hill (____ – 1925)  Cassie Rowland Milnes Hill (____ – 1934)

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  • George Washington Riggs

    1813 - 1881

    George Washington Riggs (1813 - 1881)

    Businessman,  Banker.  He was born in Georgetown, then a city in the District of Columbia, and brought up in Baltimore. In 1840 Riggs began a banking partnership with Thomas W. Corcoran. The bank was immediately successful and got a major boost in 1844, when the U.S. government assigned Corcoran & Riggs to be the only […]

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  • George Washington Scott

    1829 - 1903

    George Washington Scott (1829 - 1903)

    Educator. He was the founder and main benefactor of the school that eventually became Agnes Scott College (first known as the Decatur Female Seminary in 1887). He was a Decatur industrialist who in 1890 donated land, equipment, the first building, and money for a permanent endowment to the school. In 1906 it was renamed in […]

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  • George Wesley Bellows

    1882 - 1925

    George Wesley Bellows (1882 - 1925)

    Artist. He was a realist painter-lithographer noted for his paintings of action scenes, expressive portraits and seascapes. While attending Ohio State University, he started by providing illustrations for the school’s student yearbook, then relocated to New York in 1904, to study at the New york School of Art. By 1908, he had his own studio […]

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  • George Wesley Bellows

    1882 - 1925

    George Wesley Bellows (1882 - 1925)

    Artist. He was a realist painter-lithographer noted for his paintings of action scenes, expressive portraits and seascapes. While attending Ohio State University, he started by providing illustrations for the school’s student yearbook, then relocated to New York in 1904, to study at the New york School of Art. By 1908, he had his own studio […]

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  • George Whitfield Scranton

    1811 - 1861

    George Whitfield Scranton (1811 - 1861)

    Industrialist,  US Congressman. One of the preeminent metal manufacturers of the 19th Century.  Born in Madison,  Connecticut,  he left Lee’s Academy at age 17 and moved to New Jersey,  where he rose from humble teamster to wealthy merchant in little more than a decade.  In 1839 he and his brother Selden ventured into iron production […]

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  • George Wickersham

    1858 - 1936

    George Wickersham (1858 - 1936)

    George Woodward Wickersham (September 19, 1858 – January 25, 1936) was an American lawyer and Presidential Cabinet Secretary. He was the father of Cornelius Wendell Wickersham, US Army Brigadier General and Lawyer. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, George Wickersham graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1883, Wickersham entered the old law firm of Strong and Cadwalader, and […]

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  • George Wilcken Romney

    1907 - 1995

    George Wilcken Romney (1907 - 1995)

    Michigan Governor, Presidential Cabinet Secretary. He served as Governor of Michigan from 1962 to 1968, and served as United States Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development from 1968 to 1972. Father of politician Mitt Romney.  Family links:  Parents:  Samuel Gaskell Romney (1871 – 1955)  Anna Amelia Pratt Romney (1876 – 1926)  Spouse: […]

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