George Seman (George Edward Seman)

George Seman

George Seman was born in Morann, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania to Susan and Andrew Seman. He had three brothers and four sisters. After high school, he worked in the local coal mines for a short time, before leaving to work in the Chrysler Lynch Road Assembly Plant in Detroit. In 1950, while making a trip back to Detroit from Morann, Ted was involved in a car-truck accident. Ted was believed to be dead until the ambulance driver heard him moan. Ted lost his left arm above the elbow in the accident. In an ironic twist, the truck that hit him was hauling wood that was to be used to build caskets. On June 12, 1966, George Seman became the first police officer to be killed in the line of duty for the Evart Police Department. He was shot by a suspect that he had been transporting to the Osceola County, Michigan jail.

In the evening of June 12, 1966, George Seman placed a suspect under arrest for disorderly conduct. According to police reports, during his transport to the county jail, the suspect produced a hidden knife and went over the seat and stabbed Seman. The suspect got control of Seman’s gun, fired two shots into his side, then pushed him from the patrol car and returned to the apartment where he had been arrested. A State Police Officer sent from Reed City observed Seman sitting down on the side of the roadway across from Evart Municipal Airport and stopped to render assistance. This officer and a second officer transported Seman to Reed City hospital. An ambulance with a police escort transported Seman to Blogget Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he later died of his injuries. Officer Seman was the third Osceola County, Michigan officer to be killed in the line of duty. It was the first felonious killing of an Osceola County officer.


  • October, 31, 1930
  • USA
  • Moran, Pennsylvania


  • June, 13, 1966
  • USA
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan

Cause of Death

  • gunshot wound

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