• George Inness

    1825 - 1894

    George Inness (1825 - 1894)

    Artist. Born near Newburgh, New York, was the fifth of thirteen children, his father, a prosperous grocer, tried to make a grocer out of him, but the youth decided instead to become an artist. Around 1841, he received a month’s instruction from John Jesse Barker, a painter living in Newark, New Jersey, where the Inness […]

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  • George Inness, Jr

    1854 - 1926

    George Inness, Jr (1854 - 1926)

    Artist. The son of George Inness, an important American landscape painter and Elizabeth Hart. Although George Jr. studied with Leon Bonnat in Paris, his foremost teacher and mentor was his father, with whom he studied in Rome and in Montclair, New Jersey. Like many sons of famous fathers, George Inness Jr.’s artist life was both […]

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  • George Isaac Maledon

    1830 - 1911

    George Isaac Maledon (1830 - 1911)

    Western Lawman and Executioner. He immigrated from Bavaria to America in 1859, settled in Fort Smith, Arkansas where he served as a policeman and deputy sheriff. During the Civil War he served in the Union Army as a member of 1st Battery Arkansas Light Artillery. After the war he signed on and worked in the […]

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  • George Jack

    1855 - 1931

    George Jack (1855 - 1931)

    Artits. Famed designer and part of the legendary Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. George Jack was a leading craftsman with William Morris and Company, and is most associated with spikily-leaved inlays or decoration on furniture, such as tables and the like. He also lectured at William Lethaby’s Central […]

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  • George Jeffreys

    1645 - 1689

    George Jeffreys (1645 - 1689)

    Infamous as the Hanging Judge, he was despatched by James II to deal with the defeated rebels following the Battle of Sedgemoor in 1685. His trials, the Bloody Assizes, saw 300 executed and many more transported. He rose in favour but sought sanctuary from vengeful enemies in the Tower of London after James was deposed. […]

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  • George Jessel

    1898 - 1981

    George Jessel (1898 - 1981)

    George Jessel Known as “The Toastmaster General of the United States.” He was born to a poor Jewish family in Harlem, New York . His father was an unsuccessful playwright who declared that George would “…never be an actor as long as I live.” His father died by the time he was 9, when George […]

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  • George John Seabury

    1844 - 1909

    George John Seabury (1844 - 1909)

    Scientist, Businessman. He served during the Civil War as a Private in Company C, 12th New York Volunteer Infantry. He founded the Seabury and Johnson Pharmaceutical Company in 1885, which initially manufactured medical plasters and surgical dressings.

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  • George Jones

    1786 - 1869

    George Jones (1786 - 1869)

    Artist. He is best remembered for his paintings of military subjects and British battle scenes. He was born on January 6, 1786, the son of John Jones, a mezzotint engraver. In 1801 he became a student at the Royal Academy in London, England, where he was a frequent art exhibitor over the next eight years. […]

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  • George Jones

    1931 - 2013

    George Jones (1931 - 2013)

    George Jones Born on September 12, 1931 in Saratoga, Texas, and was raised in Vidor, Texas, with his brother and five sisters. His father, George Washington Jones, worked in a shipyard and played harmonica and guitar while his mother, Clara, played piano in the Pentecostal Church on Sundays. During his delivery, one of the doctors dropped Jones and broke […]

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  • George Joseph “Bart” Burns

    1918 - 2007

    George Joseph “Bart” Burns (1918 - 2007)

    Actor. Primarily a supporting actor during his five-decade career, he is probably best remembered for his role as ‘Pat Chambers’ on “Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer” television show that ran from 1957 until 1959. His father was an inspector for the New York City Police Department. After graduating from high school, he attended Cornell University in […]

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  • George Joseph Schmitt

    1866 - 1931

    George Joseph Schmitt (1866 - 1931)

    Chicago Business Magnate. He was partners with, and is buried next to, Otis Ward Hinkley.  Family links:  Spouse:  Charlotte W. Trayer Schmitt (1866 – 1944)*  Children:  Victor Trayer Schmitt (1897 – 1936)* *Calculated relationship

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  • George Junkin

    1790 - 1868

    George Junkin (1790 - 1868)

    George Junkin was the son of Joseph Junkin, and the sixth of fourteen children born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. His early years were spent on his father’s farm where he prepared for college. He graduated from Jefferson College now Washington and Jefferson College in 1813. After studying theology privately, he entered the Theological Seminary of […]

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  • George Kaufman

    1889 - 1961

    George Kaufman (1889 - 1961)

    Born to a Jewish family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he graduated from high school in 1907 and “tried law school for three months” but grew disenchanted and took on a series of odd jobs, including “selling hatbands”. George Kaufman then began his career as a journalist and drama critic; he was the drama editor for The […]

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  • George Keller

    1842 - 1935

    George Keller (1842 - 1935)

    George Keller was born on December 15, 1842 in Cork in Ireland to Thomas Keller (1804-1880) and Susan Pratt (1805-1888). Keller emigrated with his family to New York City as a child. Irish immigrants were at the time considered inferior, and during his early years Keller endured a considerable measure of hardship and discrimination. Lacking […]

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  • George Kennedy

    1925 - 2016

    George Kennedy (1925 - 2016)

    George Kennedy was born on February 18, 1925, in New York City, into a show business family. His father, George Harris Kennedy, a musician and orchestra leader, died when Kennedy was four years old. He was raised by his mother, Helen A. (née Kieselbach), a ballet dancer. His maternal grandfather was a German immigrant; his […]

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  • George Klein

    1935 - 2019

    George Klein (1935 - 2019)

    George Klein George Klein, the deep-voiced radio personality who became friends with Elvis Presley in high school and stayed close to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll throughout his career, has died. He was 83. Presley’s former wife, Priscilla Presley, told The Associated Press that Klein died Tuesday at hospice in Memphis, Tennessee. Priscilla Presley […]

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  • George L. Aiken

    1830 - 1876

    George L. Aiken (1830 - 1876)

    Playwright, Actor. He is best known for his dramatizing Harriet Beecher Stowe’s anti-slavery novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” for the theater. He acted in its first performance at Troy, New York on September 27, 1852, and made numerous appearances in the play in the pre-Civil War era.

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  • George L. Cox

    1875 - 1946

    George L. Cox (1875 - 1946)

    Motion picture actor and director in the silent era (1910s and 20s). (bio by: A.J. Marik)

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  • George L. Grandee

    1900 - 1985

    George L. Grandee (1900 - 1985)

    Actor. Appeared in motion pictures from 1925 to 1934. (bio by: Graving Queen of the OC)

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  • George Lambert

    1873 - 1930

    George Lambert (1873 - 1930)

    George Lambert began exhibiting his pictures at the Art Society and the Society of Artists, Sydney in 1894. Lambert began contributing pen-and-ink cartoons for The Bulletin in 1895 and began painting full-time in 1896. In 1899 he won the Wynne Prize with Across the Blacksoil Plains. He studied at Julian Ashton’s art school in Sydney […]

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  • George Lawrence Mabson

    1970 - 1885

    George Lawrence Mabson (1970 - 1885)

    First black Attorney in State of North Carolina. Served in the North Carolina House of Representatives, North Carolina Senate, represented New Hanover County, North Carolina, in the Constitutional Convention of 1875. Later, served as Vice President of the Colored Education Convention in Raleigh, North Carolina, was elected Lieutenant Colonel of the Fourth and Fifth Battalions, […]

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  • George Lewis Ruffin

    1834 - 1886

    George Lewis Ruffin (1834 - 1886)

    Pioneer Jurist. He was the first African-American to graduate from Harvard Law School in 1869, to serve on the Massachusetts state legislature as a Republican (1869-71), to serve on the Boston City Council (1876-78), and as Boston’s first black municipal judge. He was of African descent, but of free parentage, and was educated in the […]

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  • George Lindsey

    1928 - 2012

    George Lindsey (1928 - 2012)

    George Lindsey George Lindsey, the actor who portrayed the country-bumpkin mechanic Goober Pyle on “The Andy Griffith Show,” died Sunday after a brief illness, his family said. He was 83. Lindsey’s character Goober Pyle joined the hit sitcom in 1964 as the cousin of Gomer Pyle, played by Jim Nabors. When the show ended four […]

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  • George London

    1920 - 1985

    George London (1920 - 1985)

    George London was born to a Russian Jewish family in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and grew up in Los Angeles, California, United States. In the summer of 1945 Antal Doráti invited his longtime friend, the Hungarian bass Mihály Székely, to sing at the first concert of the newly reorganized Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Because of travel difficulties Székely […]

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  • George Lovington “Sassafrass” Winter

    1878 - 1951

    George Lovington “Sassafrass” Winter (1878 - 1951)

    Major League Baseball Player. He was right hander pitcher, making his debut for the for the Boston Americans on June 15, 1901. For eight-seasons, he played with the Boston Americans 1901-08) and part of the 1908, season with the Detroit Tigers. Altough he was not a part of the Boston Americans World Series win in […]

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  • George Low

    1956 - 2008

    George Low (1956 - 2008)

    Selected by NASA in May 1984 as an astronaut candidate, George Low became an astronaut in June 1985. He held a variety of technical assignments including work on the Remote Manipulator System (RMS), on Extra-vehicular activity (EVA), and Orbiter test and checkout tasks at the Kennedy Space Center. Low served as a spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM) […]

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  • George M. Humphrey

    1890 - 1970

    George M. Humphrey (1890 - 1970)

    Statesman, Businessman. Secretary of the Treasury (1953 – 1957) under President Eisenhower.  Family links:  Parents:  Watts Sherman Humphrey (1844 – 1916)  Caroline Mary Magoffin Humphrey (1861 – 1946)  Spouse:  Pamela S Stark Humphrey (____ – 1979)  Siblings:  Effie G. Humphrey Lamont (1876 – 1943)**  George M. Humphrey (1890 – 1970)  Winifred E. Humphrey Tabor (1894 […]

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  • George Macready

    1899 - 1973

    George Macready (1899 - 1973)

    George Macready made his Broadway debut in 1926 in a stage adaptation of The Scarlet Letter. Through 1958, he appeared in fifteen plays, both drama and comedy, including The Barretts of Wimpole Street, based on the family of the English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Macready’s penchant for acting was spurred in part by the director Richard […]

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  • George Martin

    1926 - 2016

    George Martin (1926 - 2016)

    George Martin George Martin, the Grammy Award-winning producer affectionately known as the “Fifth Beatle,” has died at the age of 90. Martin was credited for giving The Beatles their first recording contract and subsequently produced a majority of their albums. News of George Martin’s death was confirmed by Ringo Starr. At the suggestion of Brian […]

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  • George Martin Skurla

    1921 - 2001

    George Martin Skurla (1921 - 2001)

    Noted Aerospace Engineer. As President of Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, his leadership was instrumental when the company’s Lunar Module landed Americans on the Moon. (bio by: Paul S.)

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