• George Clinton Swallow

    1970 - 1970

    George Clinton Swallow (1970 - 1970)

    Educator. Born in Buckfield Maine, he served as a Professor of Chemistry and Geology before relocating Missouri in 1853, to become Missouri’s first state geologist. There he conducted geological surveys for the State of Missouri and the State of Kansas, before returning to the University of Missouri, to teach in 1858. In 1870, he became […]

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  • George Coe

    1929 - 2015

    George Coe (1929 - 2015)

    George Coe (May 10, 1929 – July 18, 2015) was an American film, stage and television actor. George Coe was born George Julian Cohen in Jamaica, Queens, New York. His Broadway theater career began in 1957 and included turns as “M. Lindsey Woolsey” opposite Angela Lansbury in the original production of Mame; as “Owen O’Malley” in […]

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  • George Cole

    1925 - 2015

    George Cole (1925 - 2015)

    George Cole was born in Tooting, London. He was given up for adoption at ten days old and adopted by George and Florence Cole, Tooting council employee and cleaner respectively. He attended secondary school in nearby Morden. He left school at 14 to be a butcher’s boy, and had an ambition to join the Merchant […]

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  • George Crabbe

    1754 - 1832

    George Crabbe (1754 - 1832)

    Poet.  Born in the tiny fishing village of Aldeburgh, Suffolk, he first studied medicine,  graduating in 1775. Four years later he left Suffolk and travelled to London to take up writing seriously. His major works include: “The Village” (1783), “The Borough” (1810), “Tales in Verse” (1812), and “Tales of the Hall” (1819). Crabbe was renowned […]

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  • George Cram “Jig” Cook

    1873 - 1924

    George Cram “Jig” Cook (1873 - 1924)

    Author, poet, playwright, theater producer. Born to a prominent pioneer family in Davenport, Iowa, he was educated in the Davenport public schools before earning a B.A. at Harvard University then studying in Heidelberg, Germany, as well as at the Université de Genève in Switzerland. Upon his return to the United States, he became a professor […]

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  • George Creel

    1876 - 1953

    George Creel (1876 - 1953)

    Author. Wrote such books as ‘Wilson and the Issues’, ‘Ireland’s Fight for Freedom’ and ‘The War, the World and Wilson’. (bio by: Laurie)  Family links:  Spouse:  Blanche Bates (1873 – 1941)*  Children:  Frances T Creel (1913 – 1957)* *Calculated relationship

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  • George Cruikshank

    1791 - 1878

    George Cruikshank (1791 - 1878)

    Illustrator,  Cartoonist,  Editor.  Considered one of England’s  outstanding 19th Century graphic artists.  He is probably best remembered today for his association with author Charles Dickens.  Cruikshank was born in London,  to Scottish parents.  He apprenticed with his father,  a noted printmaker,  and by age 18 was already famous as a political cartoonist.  His pungent observations […]

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  • George Cruikshank

    1791 - 1878

    George Cruikshank (1791 - 1878)

    Illustrator,  Cartoonist,  Editor.  Considered one of England’s  outstanding 19th Century graphic artists.  He is probably best remembered today for his association with author Charles Dickens.  Cruikshank was born in London,  to Scottish parents.  He apprenticed with his father,  a noted printmaker,  and by age 18 was already famous as a political cartoonist.  His pungent observations […]

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  • George Dalziel

    1815 - 1902

    George Dalziel (1815 - 1902)

    Engraver. Son of Alexander Dalziel (1781–1832) and his wife, Elizabeth Hills. Sibling to seven brothers and four sisters. George was a draughtsman and wood-engraver, the founder and leader of the London firm, he was born in December 1815, at Wooler, Northumberland, and was educated at Newcastle upon Tyne. He went to London early in 1835 […]

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  • George Dance

    1741 - 1825

    George Dance (1741 - 1825)

    British architect who was responsible for extensive urban redevelopment in London and was a founding member of the Royal Academy of Arts.  The youngest son of George Dance the Elder, who was clerk of works to the City of London from 1735 to 1768, the younger Dance received his formal training in the office of […]

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  • George Dawe

    1781 - 1829

    George Dawe (1781 - 1829)

    Painter. He is particularly well known for his more than 300 portraits of Russian offices who took part in the War against Napoleon. These portraits constitute the collection displayed in the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace (The Hermitage) in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was born in the family of artists with his father being […]

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  • George De Normand

    1903 - 1976

    George De Normand (1903 - 1976)

    American motion-picture and television character actor of the 1930s through the 1970s. Married to screenwriter Wanda Tuchock. (bio by: A.J. Marik)

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  • George Dewey Hay

    1895 - 1968

    George Dewey Hay (1895 - 1968)

    George Dewey Hay Rightfully given credit as the founder of WSM’s Grand Ole Opry, George Dewey Hay was a remarkable visionary and colorful romantic who played a vital role in the commercializing and promotion of country music. Following service in the army, the Indiana native made his way to Memphis, where he worked as a […]

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  • George Dolenz

    1908 - 1963

    George Dolenz (1908 - 1963)

    Italian-born stage, motion picture, and television actor. Star of TV’s “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Father of actor/Monkee Micky Dolenz. Grandfather of actress Ami Dolenz. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Spouse:  Janelle Johnson Dolenz (1923 – 1995)* *Calculated relationshipCause of death: Heart attack

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  • George Douglas Brown

    1869 - 1902

    George Douglas Brown (1869 - 1902)

    George Douglas Brown was the illegitimate son of a farmer and a woman of Irish descent. He went to school at Ochiltree, Coylton, and Ayr, his academic performance allowing him to study Classics at the University of Glasgow and at Balliol College, Oxford. However his studies were interrupted by the illness of his mother; he […]

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  • George Duning

    1908 - 2000

    George Duning (1908 - 2000)

    In his early 20s George Duning played trumpet and piano for the Kay Kyser band, later arranging most of the music for Kyser’s radio program, Kollege of Musical Knowledge. It was during the Kyser band’s appearance in Carolina Blues (1944) that Duning’s work was noticed, leading to a Columbia contract. Duning joined the Navy in […]

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  • George E. Allen

    1896 - 1973

    George E. Allen (1896 - 1973)

    George E. Allen was born in Booneville, Mississippi. He earned a law degree at Cumberland University in Tennessee. Allen was the head football coach for Cumberland College Bulldogs in Lebanon, Tennessee, for one game in 1916. Cumberland University suffered the greatest loss in the history of college football to Georgia Tech by a score of 222 […]

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  • George Eastman

    1854 - 1932

    George Eastman (1854 - 1932)

    Eastman was born in Waterville, New York to George Washington Eastman and Maria Eastman (née Kilbourn), the youngest child, at the 10-acre farm which his parents bought in 1849. He had two older sisters, Ellen Maria and Katie. He was largely self-educated, although he attended a private school in Rochester after the age of eight. […]

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  • George Edward Gordon Catlin

    1896 - 1979

    George Edward Gordon Catlin (1896 - 1979)

    Political Scientist, Philosopher. A strong proponent of Anglo-American cooperation, he worked for many years as a professor at Cornell University and other universities and colleges in the United States and Canada. He was born in Liverpool, the son of an Anglican clergyman. He had no formal schooling until the age of thirteen when he began […]

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  • George Edwin Bergstrom

    1876 - 1955

    George Edwin Bergstrom (1876 - 1955)

    Architect.  Bergstrom, who received a degree in architecture from MIT in 1899, moved to Los Angeles, California in 1901, and two years later married Nancy Cheney Kimberly, daughter of one of Kimberly-Clark Corp.’s founders. From 1905 to 1915 Bergstrom was in partnership with architect John Parkinson. The firm of Parkinson & Bergstrom designed numerous public […]

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  • George Edwin Bunny

    1868 - 1952

    George Edwin Bunny (1868 - 1952)

    Actor. The younger brother of early silent screen star John Bunny, he had a substantial Hollywood career on his own,  appearing as a character player in over 60 films between 1915 and 1951. They include “Dawn”, “The Dark Angel”, “Shine on Harvest Moon”,  and “Summer Stock”. Bunny had previously run a drug store and founded […]

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  • George Eldredge

    1898 - 1977

    George Eldredge (1898 - 1977)

    American Character Actor. Although he never became a major performer, Eldredge played in over 180 movies during a career that stretched from the 1930s to the early 1960s. He also had a prolific television career during the ’50’s. He was the older brother of character actor John Eldredge. Between 1936 and 1963 Eldredge appeared in […]

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  • George Engleheart

    1970 - 1970

    George Engleheart (1970 - 1970)

    Artist. English painter of portraits and miniatures. He studied with Sir Joshua Reynolds and made copies in miniature of Reynold’s paintings. He was the Court miniaturist for King George III. (bio by: Connie Nisinger)  Family links:  Spouse:  Elizabeth Brown Engleheart (1753 – 1779)* *Calculated relationship

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  • George F. Brasno

    1911 - 1982

    George F. Brasno (1911 - 1982)

    Actor. A midget actor, he appeared in the films, “The Great John L.” (1945), “Little Miss Broadway” (1938), “Arbor Day” (1936), “Charlie Chan At The Circus” (1936), “Carnival” (1935), “The Mighty Barnum” (1934), “Shrimps For A Days” (1934), and “Sitting Pretty” (1933).

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  • George F. Johnson

    1857 - 1948

    George F. Johnson (1857 - 1948)

    Industrialist. He was born in Milford, Massachusetts and moved to Binghamton, New York where he became a supervisor in a shoe factory. Later he became superintendent of that company’s new plant in Lestershire, New York which was said to be the largest factory of its kind in the entire world. He became co-owner of the […]

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  • George Fischbeck

    1922 - 2015

    George Fischbeck (1922 - 2015)

    George Fischbeck was born in Wallington, New Jersey and grew up in Farmingdale, New Jersey, the son of Johanna (Mohlenhoff), a teacher, and George Stelling Fischbeck, a farmer. Fischbeck was stationed in Hawaii and worked as a tank mechanic. He worked with the Air National Guard during the Korean War, and began learning basic meteorology. […]

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  • George Forrest Browne

    1833 - 1930

    George Forrest Browne (1833 - 1930)

    George Forrest Browne (4 December 1833 – 1 June 1930) was an English bishop, the first Anglican Bishop of Stepney from 1895[1] until 1897 when he was appointed Bishop of Bristol. Browne was born in 1833[3] and educated at St Peter’s School, York and St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, gaining his BA as 30th wrangler in 1856. […]

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  • George Frampton

    1860 - 1928

    George Frampton (1860 - 1928)

    Highly regarded British sculptor. Noted for his statue of Peter Pan located in Kensington Gardens, London. Studied at Lambeth School of Art under W. S. Frith and the Royal Academy. Frampton was cremated at Golders Green, the ashes later being removed. (bio by: Kieran Smith)

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  • George Francis Abbott

    1887 - 1995

    George Francis Abbott (1887 - 1995)

    Playwright, Theatrical Director. He became one of the most prominent American theatrical writers with works that include the plays “On Your Toes,” “Beat The Band,” “The Boys From Syracuse,” “Pal Joey,” “On The Town,” “A Funny Thing is Happened in the Way to the Forum,” “Three Men on a Horse,” and the adaption of “All […]

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  • George Frederick Cooke

    1756 - 1812

    George Frederick Cooke (1756 - 1812)

    Actor. Hailed on both sides of the Atlantic as the greatest tragedian of his era, he was dramatic even in death. The British star’s skull was allegedly used in Edwin Booth’s production of Hamlet, and his headless ghost is said to haunt this Manhattan churchyard. Born in Westminster, Cooke had been orphaned and impoverished as […]

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