Ida Wust (Ida Wust)

Ida Wust

Actress. A longtime star of the German stage and screen, she is remembered for her roles in hundreds of her country’s movies. Though little is recorded of her early days it is known that she began appearing at the City Theater of Colmar around 1900, then moved on to Bromberg, and finally in 1904 settled in Leipzig. Joining the Lessing Theater of Berlin in 1907 where she specialized in trouser roles, she was to become a ubiquitous presence in the German cinema from the birth of the medium. Married to actor and screenwriter Bruno Kastner from 1918 to 1924 she collaborated with him on a number of projects and with the coming of sound made an easy transition to talkies. Ida continued to perform thru the World War II years but after the conflict found herself banned for her alleged close association with some of the Nazi leaders. Finally allowed to return to work in 1949 she was well-received in ‘grandmother’ parts. Ida lived her final years in Berlin and died of a stroke. Some of her movies have been preserved along with a portion of the once-popular tocacco cards and postcards carrying her image. (bio by: Bob Hufford)  Family links:  Spouse:  Bruno Kastner (1890 – 1932)


  • October, 10, 1884
  • Germany


  • October, 10, 1958
  • Germany


  • Südwestfriedhof der Berliner Synode
  • Brandenburg
  • Germany

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