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Ignatius Lupo

Lupo has been described as the most vicious Black Hand leader America has ever known. Lupo’s reign of terror stretched from the late 1800s until he was sentenced to thirty-years in prison in 1909. Using the influence of his relatives, the Morello’s and Terranova’s (both families were powerful Black Hand and Mafia leaders in New York City) Lupo was granted parole in 1920. Soon after Warren Harding was elected President he commuted the twenty years left on Lupo’s sentence. Lupo quickly retuned to running his old rackets. In 1936, President Franklin Roosevelt acting on the complains of the Baker’s Union in New York City (whom Lupo was shaking down) signed an arrest warrant for Lupo and he was sent back to prison. Lupo stayed in prison a few more years then was released due to illness. He moved back to New York City where he died of natural causes on Jan.13,1947 at the age of 69. Many newspapers and books have said that Lupo’s real last name was Saietta, it wasn’t, Saietta was the maiden name of his mother which he used as an alias when he was arrested.

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  • March, 19, 1877


  • January, 13, 1947
  • USA
  • New York

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