Sally Farmiloe (Sally Farmiloe)

Sally Farmiloe

Actress. A popular performer on television soaps, she shall probably, for better or worse, be remembered for her scandalous private life. Born Sarah Farmiloe, she was rather vague about her background prior to making her professional debut in a 1970 episode of the series “Homicide”. Sally was seen on “Steptoe and Son”, the prototype of America’s “Sanford and Son”, and had her 1976 silver screen bow in the comedy “Spanish Fly”. She appeared on the London stage and in 1985 landed her best-known role, that of Dawn on the Sunday night “Howard’s Way”. Sally was to earn praise in 1987’s “Heart of Fire” and as Margo in the 1991 short “Dear Rose” but in 1996 her life took a turn; at a Conservative Party fundraiser she met Lord Jeffrey Archer, then a rising star of British politics but later a convicted felon. Though she had had flings with numerous high profile men, Archer’s position forced discretion and the romance continued in secret until 2000 when it ended after being splashed by a tabloid. In the aftermath, Sally despised Archer, though they did make peace prior to her death, and continued charitable and Conservative political activities as well as her theatrical and screen career, being seen in a few features including 2001’s “Witness to a Kill”, joining her daughter in modeling for a line of cosmetics, and even becoming a character in a couple of video games. In May of 2012 Sally was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment while compiling a memoir entitled “My Left Boob; A Cancer Diary”. Found to have metastatic disease in the summer of 2013, she worked as long as she could and became an advocate for breast cancer research and for better care for the terminally ill. At her demise her last movie, “The Anglistanis”, was pending release. Of the inevitable course of her disease she said: “I’ll die with dignity and lots of Dom Perignon”. (bio by: Bob Hufford)


  • July, 14, 1954
  • Africa


  • July, 07, 2014
  • England


  • Cremated

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