• Scott Newman

    1950 - 1978

    Scott Newman (1950 - 1978)

    Born in Cleveland, Ohio, to Paul Newman and his first wife, Jackie Witte, Scott Newman was a year old when the family moved to New York City. When Scott was still a young boy with two younger sisters, Susan and Stephanie, his father moved to California to further his career, leaving his family in New York. […]

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  • Scott Putesky

    1968 - 2017

    Scott Putesky (1968 - 2017)

    Scott Putesky and Brian Warner met at a Fort Lauderdale club called The Reunion Room and later at a local after-party in December 1989. The two created the concept of Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids poking fun at American media hypocrisy and its obsessions with serial killers and beautiful women. Scott Putesky, who had at […]

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  • Scotty Beckett

    1929 - 1968

    Scotty Beckett (1929 - 1968)

    Born in Oakland, California, Beckett got his start in show business at age 3 when the family moved to Los Angeles and a casting director heard him singing by chance. Beckett was at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital visiting his father, who was recovering from an illness, and was entertaining him by singing songs in Pig […]

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  • Scotty Moore

    1931 - 2016

    Scotty Moore (1931 - 2016)

    Scotty Moore was born near Gadsden, Tennessee. He learned to play the guitar from family and friends at eight years of age. Although underage when he enlisted, Moore served in the United States Navy between 1948 and 1952. Moore’s early background was in jazz and country music. A fan of guitarist Chet Atkins, Moore led […]

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  • Scotty Moore

    1931 - 2016

    Scotty Moore (1931 - 2016)

    Scotty Moore Scotty Moore, the pioneering rock guitarist whose sharp, graceful style helped Elvis Presley shape his revolutionary sound and inspired a generation of musicians that included Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and Bruce Springsteen, died Tuesday. He was 84. Scotty Moore died at his home in Nashville, said biographer and friend James L. Dickerson, who […]

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  • Seaborn Barnes

    1854 - 1878

    Seaborn Barnes (1854 - 1878)

    Train and Bank Robber.  The “Lieutenant” of the Sam Bass Gang. Called “Seab” or “Nubbin’s Colt”, he was born in Cass County, Texas. His father died when Seaborn was an infant and his widowed mother took her 5 children to Handley, near Fort Worth, to raise them near her relatives. He worked as a cowboy […]

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  • Sean Connery

    1930 - 2020

    Sean Connery (1930 - 2020)

    Sean Connery The tall, handsome and muscular Scottish actor Sean Connery is best known as the original actor to portray James Bond in the hugely successful movie franchise, starring in seven films between 1962 and 1983. Some believed that such a career-defining role might leave him unable to escape it, but he proved the doubters […]

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  • Sean Taylor

    1983 - 2007

    Sean Taylor (1983 - 2007)

    Sean Taylor was born in Florida to Pedro Taylor, a policeman, and Donna Junor. He spent his early years growing up with his great-grandmother Aulga Clarke in Homestead, Florida and later moved to his father’s home at the age of 10. He grew up in a low-income neighborhood in Miami, on a street lined with candy-colored houses. […]

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  • Sears Gallagher

    1869 - 1955

    Sears Gallagher (1869 - 1955)

    Artist. He was recognized as one of America’s leading watercolorists and etchers during the early twentieth century. His style of art is a variety of themes, ranging from European subjects to New England scenery.  (bio by: Laurie)

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  • Sebastian Cabot

    1918 - 1977

    Sebastian Cabot (1918 - 1977)

    Cabot was born in London, England. At the age of 14, he left school to work in an automotive garage, where he served as chauffeur and valet for British actor Frank Pettingell. Cabot became interested in theater, and after becoming acquainted with other actors and having worked for Pettingell, he joined a repertory company. Cabot […]

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  • Seena Owen

    1894 - 1966

    Seena Owen (1894 - 1966)

    Seena Owen’s first important film was A Yankee From the West (1915) under the name Signe Auen at the age of 21. She was later convinced to change her name and settled on Seena Owen, the phonetic spelling of her real name. In 1916 she performed in D. W. Griffith’s Intolerance. The same year she […]

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  • Seiichi Hatano

    1877 - 1950

    Seiichi Hatano (1877 - 1950)

    Philosopher. (bio by: Warrick L. Barrett)

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  • Selena

    1971 - 1995

    Selena (1971 - 1995)

    Selena Mexican actress Salma Hayek was originally asked to play the role of Selena in a biopic film produced by the Quintanilla family and Warner Bros. Hayek turned the role down, feeling that it was “too early” to base a movie on Selena and that it would be too emotional since Selena’s death was still […]

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  • Selena Sloan Butler

    1872 - 1964

    Selena Sloan Butler (1872 - 1964)

    Educator. The co-founder of the National Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), in 1911 she founded the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers (NCCPT). President Herbert Hoover appointed her to the White House Conference on Child Health and Protection in 1929. During World War II, she organized the Red Cross’s first black women’s chapter of “Gray Ladies.” […]

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  • Selma Diamond

    1920 - 1985

    Selma Diamond (1920 - 1985)

    Selma Diamond was born in London, Ontario in 1920 to a tailor and his wife, but moved at a young age to Brooklyn, New York. She was graduated from New York University and published cartoons and humour essays in The New Yorker before moving to the West Coast, hiring an agent, and finding work in […]

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  • Selma Reis

    1960 - 2015

    Selma Reis (1960 - 2015)

    Brazilian Actress, Singer. Reis was an actress who started in music, but later became very prominent on television. She studied music in Nantes, France in the 1980s and then released her first album, one of eleven released during her career.    Reis later went into acting in television with credits including “Páginas da vida” (2006), […]

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  • Sena Jurinac

    1921 - 2011

    Sena Jurinac (1921 - 2011)

    Sena Jurinac was born in Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina (then part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia), the daughter of a Croatian father (a doctor) and a Viennese mother. She studied at the Zagreb Academy of Music, and with Milka Kostrenčić. Her voice was pitched exactly between soprano and mezzo. Her repertoire included Poppea, Elisabetta (Don Carlos), Desdemona (Otello), […]

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  • Senda Berenson Abbott

    1868 - 1954

    Senda Berenson Abbott (1868 - 1954)

    Born as Senda Valvrojenski, she immigrated to the United States when she was seven years old. Her parents were Albert and Judith Valvrojenski. When Senda was born, she had an older brother Bernard. She would later have another younger brother and two younger sisters. Albert Valvrojenski grew up following an educational track of classical Jewish […]

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  • Sensei Murakami

    1970 - 1970

    Sensei Murakami (1970 - 1970)

    Scholar. Specialized in Indian philosophy. (bio by: Warrick L. Barrett)

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  • Septima Poinsette Clark

    1898 - 1987

    Septima Poinsette Clark (1898 - 1987)

    Septima Clark first heard of the NAACP while she was teaching on John’s Island from 1916-1919. There was no NAACP chapter on John’s Island, but a meeting was held in which various preachers came and spoke about what the NAACP was and what exactly it was trying to do. The superintendent was in attendance to […]

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  • Sereno Peck Fenn

    1844 - 1927

    Sereno Peck Fenn (1844 - 1927)

    Paint magnate. One of three principal founders of the Sherwin-Williams Company.

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  • Serge Deyglun

    1929 - 1972

    Serge Deyglun (1929 - 1972)

    French-Canadian actor. Deyglun appeared in the films, “Red” (1970) and “L’Immigre” (1959). (bio by: K)

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  • Sergei Aksakov

    1791 - 1859

    Sergei Aksakov (1791 - 1859)

    Author. His books “The Family Chronicle” (1856) and “Years of Childhood” (1858) are considered among the finest of Russian memoirs.  Sergei Timofeyevich Aksakov was born in Ufa, Russia, into a distinguished family that traced its roots back to Novgorod in the 11th Century. He fought in the Napoleonic Wars, an experience that shocked him so […]

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  • Sergei Bodrov, Jr

    1971 - 2002

    Sergei Bodrov, Jr (1971 - 2002)

    Russian Actor, Director and Writer. Born in 1971 to Russian director and producer Sergei Bodrov Sr., he graduated from Moscow State University with a Ph.d in Architecture of Venetian Art during the Renaissance. In 1996 he appeared in the film, “Kavkazskij Plennik” for which he won a Nika Award for his performance. In 1997 he […]

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  • Sergei Budantsev

    1896 - 1938

    Sergei Budantsev (1896 - 1938)

    Author. His work often dealt with feminism, corruption, and intellectuals coming to grips with communism, hot topics in the Soviet Union during the 1920’s but later considered suspect under Stalinism. In his famous novel “Locusts” (1927),  a plague of the insects symbolizes malevolent forces trying to stop the Russian people from building a new society. […]

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  • Sergei Timofeevich Konenkov

    1874 - 1971

    Sergei Timofeevich Konenkov (1874 - 1971)

    Sculptor. Born the son of poor Russian peasants, he became one of Soviet Union’s most respected and versatile artists. He attended the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, before attending the St. Petersburg Academy of Art. Graduating in 1897, his artwork combined elements of modernism, realism and symbolism, and was featured widely throughout Western […]

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  • Sergio Corbucci

    1926 - 1990

    Sergio Corbucci (1926 - 1990)

    Sergio Corbucci was born in Rome. He started his career by directing mostly low-budget sword and sandal movies. Among his first spaghetti westerns were the films Grand Canyon Massacre (1964) (which he co-directed under the pseudonym, Stanley Corbett with Albert Band), as well as Minnesota Clay (1965), his first solo directed spaghetti western. Corbucci’s first commercial […]

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  • Sergio Pininfarina

    1926 - 2012

    Sergio Pininfarina (1926 - 2012)

    Automobile Designer, Italian Senator. Pininfarina, whose very name is synonymous with exotic automobile design, was chairman of the company that his father founded in 1930. He obtained a degree in mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin in 1950 and assumed control of the design studios upon his fathers death. The company climbed to […]

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  • Sessue Hayakawa

    1889 - 1973

    Sessue Hayakawa (1889 - 1973)

    Sessue Hayakawa (早川 雪洲? Hayakawa Sesshū, June 10, 1889 – November 23, 1973) was a Japanese actor who starred in Japanese, American, French, German, and British films. Hayakawa was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood during the silent era of the 1910s and 1920s. He was the first actor of Asian descent to find […]

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  • Sesto Bruscantini

    1919 - 2003

    Sesto Bruscantini (1919 - 2003)

    Sesto Bruscantini was born in Civitanova Marche, Marche, Italy. After obtaining a law degree, he turned to vocal studies in Rome, with Luigi Ricci at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. He won a vocal contest organized by RAI in 1947 and made his debut at La Scala in Milan in 1949, as Geronimo in […]

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