• Sid Melton

    1917 - 2011

    Sid Melton (1917 - 2011)

    Born in Brooklyn, New York as Sidney Meltzer, he was the son of Isidor Meltzer, a Yiddish theater comedian, and the brother of screenwriter Lewis Meltzer. He made his stage debut in a 1939 touring production of See My Lawyer and in 1941 was cast as Fingers in Shadow of the Thin Man. During World […]

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  • Sid Vicious

    1957 - 1979

    Sid Vicious (1957 - 1979)

    Sid Vicious Sid Vicious, born John Simon Ritchie, later named John Beverley (10 May 1957 – 2 February 1979), was an English bass guitarist and vocalist, most famous as a member of the influential punk group the Sex Pistols, and notorious for the murder of Nancy Spungen. Vicious joined the Sex Pistols in early 1977, […]

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  • Sidney B. Factor

    1916 - 2005

    Sidney B. Factor (1916 - 2005)

    Businessman. Son of Max Factor Sr., he helped build the cosmetics firm his father founded into the internationally market known as Max Factor & Company. Through the 1950s, he expanded the company into Canada, Australia, Japan, Latin America and South America. He retired in 1962 as executive vice president in charge of international markets, with […]

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  • Sidney Bernstein

    1899 - 1993

    Sidney Bernstein (1899 - 1993)

    Lord Sidney Bernstein of Leigh, founder of Granada Television. He was also a film producer, most notably Hitchcock’s “Rope”(1948). (bio by: Kieran Smith)

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  • Sidney Blackmer

    1895 - 1973

    Sidney Blackmer (1895 - 1973)

    Sidney Blackmer was born and raised in Salisbury, North Carolina, the son of Clara Deroulhac (née Alderman) and Walter Steele Blackmer. He started off in an insurance and financial business but gave up on it. While working as a builder’s laborer on a new building, he saw a Pearl White serial being filmed and immediately […]

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  • Sidney Burbank

    1807 - 1882

    Sidney Burbank (1807 - 1882)

    Sidney Burbank was born in Lexington, Massachusetts in October 1807, the son of Lt. Col. Sullivan Burbank, an officer in the US Army since the War of 1812. Sidney Burbank attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, graduating 17th in a class of 46 in 1829. Burbank was assigned to the […]

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  • Sidney Carroll

    1913 - 1988

    Sidney Carroll (1913 - 1988)

    Motion Picture and Television Writer. Wrote screenplay for films from the 1940s to the 1980s. Wrote the 1961 drama “The Hustler,” for which he won the Writers Guild of America award for Best Written American Drama. Married to actress June Carroll. (bio by: A.J. Marik)

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  • Sidney Clute

    1916 - 1985

    Sidney Clute (1916 - 1985)

    American motion picture and television actor of the 1950s through the 1980s. Familiar in many character roles, he appeared in classic TV series such as “Bewitched,” “Hogan’s Heroes,” “Mission: Impossible,” and “All in the Family.” (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Inscription:There Is No DeathWhat Seems So Is TransitionBeloved Son, Brother, UncleMentor And Friend

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  • Sidney Fox

    1907 - 1942

    Sidney Fox (1907 - 1942)

    Actress. She was in several movies with Humphrey Bogart in the early 1930s, including The Bad Sister. She was in Murders in the Rue Morgue with Bela Lugosi. Married to Charles Beahan. Died as a result of overdose of sleeping pills at age 34. (bio by: nevermore)  Inscription:OUR BELOVED DAUGHTER

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  • Sidney Gilliat

    1908 - 1994

    Sidney Gilliat (1908 - 1994)

    Sidney Gilliat (15 February 1908 – 31 May 1994) was a British film director, producer and writer. He was the son of George Gilliat, Editor of the Evening Standard, born in the district of Edgeley in Stockport, Cheshire. In the 1930s Sidney Gilliat worked as a scriptwriter, most notably with Frank Launder on The Lady Vanishes […]

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  • Sidney Glazier

    1916 - 2002

    Sidney Glazier (1916 - 2002)

    Motion Picture Producer. He is best known as the producer of the classic 1968 comedy “The Producers”. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1916, he worked in a local movie theater before serving in World War II. Later finding success as a salesman of State of Israel bonds, that job lead directly to a position as […]

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  • Sidney Gross

    1921 - 1969

    Sidney Gross (1921 - 1969)

    Noted Artist. His works have been in many solo exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the National Academy of Design. He is represented in the collections of the museums such as the Corcoran Gallery, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. He developed a range of styles, from realism in the 1930s, and […]

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  • Sidney Howard Barnsley

    1865 - 1926

    Sidney Howard Barnsley (1865 - 1926)

    British Architect. He was born in Birmingham, West Midlands, England. He trained under Norman Shaw. He and his brother, Ernest, established a Guild Crafts Workshop in Pinsbury Park and at Daneway in Sapperton, Gloucestershire with Ernest Gimson. His works include St. Sophia’s in Surrey, Beechanger in Sapperton, Gyde Almshourses in Painswick, and blocks of cottages […]

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  • Sidney Howard Barnsley

    1865 - 1926

    Sidney Howard Barnsley (1865 - 1926)

    British Architect. He was born in Birmingham, West Midlands, England. He trained under Norman Shaw. He and his brother, Ernest, established a Guild Crafts Workshop in Pinsbury Park and at Daneway in Sapperton, Gloucestershire with Ernest Gimson. His works include St. Sophia’s in Surrey, Beechanger in Sapperton, Gyde Almshourses in Painswick, and blocks of cottages […]

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  • Sidney Luft

    1915 - 2005

    Sidney Luft (1915 - 2005)

    He was born Michael Sidney Luft in New York City, to Jewish immigrants from Russia and Germany. His family moved to Westchester County, where he grew up. Luft was once an amateur boxer and bar-room brawler and had the nickname “One-Punch Luft.” He was a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force and in the early […]

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  • Sidney Lumet

    1924 - 2011

    Sidney Lumet (1924 - 2011)

    Sidney Lumet (/luːˈmɛt/ loo-met; June 25, 1924 – April 9, 2011) was an American director, producer and screenwriter with over 50 films to his credit. He was nominated for the Academy Award as Best Director for 12 Angry Men (1957), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Network (1976) and The Verdict (1982). He did not win an […]

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  • Sidney Miles

    1970 - 1952

    Sidney Miles (1970 - 1952)

    Murder Victim. He was the Police Constable who was shot by Christopher Craig, in the case which led to the execution of Derek Bentley. He was born at Eastry, near Sandwich in Kent, and had worked as a gardener before serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps between 1926 and 1929, when he joined the […]

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  • Sidney Roy Korshak

    1907 - 1996

    Sidney Roy Korshak (1907 - 1996)

    Lawyer. Known as a ‘fixer’ for businessmen, also the Chicago mob. He never had a criminal conviction or even an indictment, and the FBI named him the most powerful lawyer in the world. His practice mingled with the likes of Al Capone, Frank Nitti, Sam Giancana, Tony Accardo and others.  His Hollywood friends included Lew […]

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  • Sidney Salkow

    1911 - 2000

    Sidney Salkow (1911 - 2000)

    Sidney Salkow (June 16, 1911 – October 18, 2000) was an American film director (more than 50 motion pictures), screenwriter, and television director. Salkow was educated at the City College of New York, Columbia University and Harvard Law School. After school he returned to New York City and became an assistant director of theater and […]

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  • Sidney Torch

    1908 - 1990

    Sidney Torch (1908 - 1990)

    Sidney Torch MBE (5 June 1908 – 16 July 1990) was a British pianist, cinema organist, conductor, orchestral arranger and a composer of light music. Born Sidney Torchinsky of a Ukrainian father and an Estonian mother in London, Torch learned the rudiments of music very quickly from his father, an orchestral trombonist, who used to sit […]

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  • Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette

    1873 - 1954

    Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (1873 - 1954)

    Colette was born to retired military officer Jules-Joseph Colette and his wife Adèle Eugénie Sidonie “Sido” Colette (nėe Landoy) in Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye, Yonne, in the Burgundy Region of France. She studied piano as a child and received her primary school diploma with high marks in mathematics and dictation. In 1893, at age 20, she married Henry […]

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  • Siegfried Arno

    1895 - 1975

    Siegfried Arno (1895 - 1975)

    Actor. Also known as Sig Arno, he appeared in over 150 films in his career, starting in Germany in the 1920s. He fled Germany in 1933, and left Europe for the U. S. in 1939. He returned to Germany in 1955 to perform in the theater. Most of his films were made in the United […]

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  • Siegfried Breuer

    1906 - 1954

    Siegfried Breuer (1906 - 1954)

    Austrian Actor and Film Director. He appeared in more than 50 film during his career, usually playing a villain. His most famous film appearance is probably his role in the 1949 film The Third Man. He also performed in the theater. (bio by: Rudi Polt)

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  • Sig Arno

    1895 - 1975

    Sig Arno (1895 - 1975)

    Actor. He was born as Siegfried Aron in Hamburg (Germany) and died in Woodland Hills (California). He began his career on stage, but soon he moved to cinema. He worked in Germany, and at the start of the Second World War, he moved to United States, where developed the rest of his work, playing in […]

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  • Sigfred Ann “Siggie” Nordstrom Williams

    1893 - 1980

    Sigfred Ann “Siggie” Nordstrom Williams (1893 - 1980)

    Model, Actress, Singer, Entertainer, she started as a hat model. Named Queen of the Polar Bears when she was the first to break through the ice of Lake Michigan and was caught by the lens of an ambitious photographer in a fetching pose that appeared in the papers all across the country.  She always claimed […]

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  • Signe Hasso

    1915 - 2002

    Signe Hasso (1915 - 2002)

    Signe Eleonora Cecilia Larsson was born in the Kungsholmen parish of Stockholm, Sweden in 1915. She debuted at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in 1927 at the age of 12. In 1933, she made her first film, Tystnadens hus, with German film director/cameraman Harry Hasso, whom she subsequently married. In 1940, she moved to the United States, […]

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  • Sigrid Holmquist

    1899 - 1970

    Sigrid Holmquist (1899 - 1970)

    Actress. Swedish born, she made her American screen debut as ‘Essie Birdsong’ in “Just Around the Corner.” (1922) A severe case “Klieg-eyes,” a common malaise caused by the extremely bright arc lights used to illuminate movie sets, forced her to retire in 1925. She finished on a high note, however, co-starring in two comedies with […]

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  • Sigrid Valdis

    1935 - 2007

    Sigrid Valdis (1935 - 2007)

    Actress.  Best known for her role as Colonel Klink’s secretary “Hilda” on the televsion series “Hogan’s Heroes.”  She married the show’s star Bob Crane on the set in 1970, the couple had two children.  Crane was murdered in 1978.  Though of Swedish decent she was born Patricia Olson in Bakersfield, California.  She grew up in […]

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  • Silas Reese Burns

    1855 - 1940

    Silas Reese Burns (1855 - 1940)

    American Architect. Burns graduated with a degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1875. From 1881 through 1907, he was a partner in the firm of Peters and Burns of Dayton, Ohio, which specialized in institutional and educational buildings. He moved to Los Angeles in 1907 and three years later, formed a partnership with […]

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  • Silk Smitha

    1960 - 1996

    Silk Smitha (1960 - 1996)

    Vijayalakshmi (2 December 1960 – 23 September 1996), better known by her stage name Silk Smitha, was an Indian film artiste who worked predominantly in the South Indian languages. She entered the industry as an extra actress and first got noticed for her role as “Silk” in the 1979 Tamil film Vandichakkaram. She became the […]

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