Sigrid Holmquist (Sigrid Holmquist)

Sigrid Holmquist

Actress. Swedish born, she made her American screen debut as ‘Essie Birdsong’ in “Just Around the Corner.” (1922) A severe case “Klieg-eyes,” a common malaise caused by the extremely bright arc lights used to illuminate movie sets, forced her to retire in 1925. She finished on a high note, however, co-starring in two comedies with Johnny Hines: “The Early Bird” and “The Crackerjack.” In 1936, she was reported to be out of work and penniless, but by 1941, she had re-married and resettled in Sydney, Australia, where apparently she became a successful business woman. (bio by: MC) Cause of death: Cerebral thrombosis


  • February, 21, 1899


  • July, 07, 1970

Cause of Death

  • Cerebral thrombosis


  • Cremated

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