Odon Von Horvath (Edmund Josef Von Horvath)

Odon Von Horvath

Author. He was born in Susak, a suburb of Fiume, Austria. In 1931 he was awarded, along with Erik Reger, the Kleist Prize. When Hilter come to power, he moved to Vienna, and after the annexation, to Paris. There, Horvath who lived in fear of being struck by lightning all his life, was hit by a falling branch and killed during a thunderstorm on the Champs Élysées, opposite the Théâtre Marigny. Formerly, he was buried in Saint-Ouen cemetery in north Paris but his remains were moved to Vienna in 1988 on the 50th anniversary of his death. He is fondly remembered for his books “Italien Night (Tales from Vienna Woods),” “Jugend ohne Gott,” “Sladek, A Sexual Congress,” “Don Juan Comes Back From the War,” “Kasimir und Karoline,” “Der jüngste Tag” and “Pompeji. Komödie eines Erdbebens.”

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  • December, 09, 1901
  • Croatia


  • June, 01, 1938
  • Paris, France

Cause of Death

  • hit by a falling branch from a tree and killed during a thunderstorm


  • Heiligenstadter Friedhof (Wien)
  • Austria

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