• Wilford Brimley

    1934 - 2020

    Wilford Brimley (1934 - 2020)

    Wilford Brimley Wilford Brimley, who worked his way up from   MOVIE stunt rider to an indelible character Actor, who brought gruff charm, and sometimes menace, to a range of films that included “Cocoon,” “The Natural” and “The Firm,” has Died,He was 85. Brimley’s manager Lynda Bensky said the actor died Saturday morning in a Utah hospital. He […]

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  • Chadwick Boseman

    1976 - 2020

    Chadwick Boseman (1976 - 2020)

    Chadwick Boseman Chadwick Boseman was an American actor best known for playing Jackie Robinson in the flick 42 and the R&B singer James Brown in the movie Get on Up. He was also known for appearing as Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film franchise surrounding the character, including Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther. He was born as the only child of […]

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  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    1933 - 2020

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933 - 2020)

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Ruth Joan Bader was born March 15, 1933, to Nathan and Cecelia (Amster) Bader in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother was a role model in Ruth’s life at a time when women had to fight for the privileges and rights that men took for granted. “I pray that I may be all […]

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  • Charlie Daniels

    1936 - 2020

    Charlie Daniels (1936 - 2020)

    Charlie Daniels From his Dove Award winning gospel albums to his genre-defining Southern rock anthems and his CMA Award-winning country hits, few artists have left a more indelible mark on America’s musical landscape than Charlie Daniels.  An outspoken patriot, beloved mentor to young artists and still a road warrior at age 81, Charlie has parlayed […]

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  • Shelley Morrison

    1936 - 2019

    Shelley Morrison (1936 - 2019)

    Shelley Morrison Shelley Morrison is an experienced educator, coach, trainer and facilitator. Her firm, Shelley Morrison Associates (SMA), provides consulting and training in marketing, negotiations, communications and intercultural relations for corporate, non-profit and higher education clients. Shelley specializes in working with global virtual teams and teachers other trainers how to effectively deliver their programs virtually. […]

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  • Bill Withers

    1938 - 2020

    Bill Withers (1938 - 2020)

    Bill Withers Songwriter/singer/guitarist Bill Withers is best remembered for the classic “Lean on Me” and his other million-selling singles “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Use Me,” but he has a sizable cache of great songs to his credit. Al Jarreau recorded an entire CD of Withers‘ songs on Tribute to Bill Withers (Culture Press, 1998). His popular radio-aired LP track from Still Bill, “Who […]

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  • Claudette Nevins

    1937 - 2020

    Claudette Nevins (1937 - 2020)

    Claudette Nevins Nevins is a daughter of merchant Joseph Weintraub and tailor Anna Lander. Nevins is a 1959 graduate of New York University. Nevins began acting on the theatrical stage off-Broadway in 1959 in the play Major Barbara in Washington, D.C.. She made her Broadway debut with George C. Scott in The Wall, the play […]

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  • Jeanne Evert

    1957 - 2020

    Jeanne Evert (1957 - 2020)

    Jeanne Evert Jeanne Evert Dubin, a former world-ranked professional tennis player and a younger sister of 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert, has died. She was 62. Evert Dubin died Thursday after a 2½-year struggle with ovarian cancer, according to an online obituary posted by Lorne & Sons Funeral Home in Delray Beach, where she […]

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  • Pop Smoke

    1999 - 2020

    Pop Smoke (1999 - 2020)

    Pop Smoke Pop Smoke was born with the name Bashar Barakah Jackson on 20 July 1999 in New York City, U.S,. and died on 19 February 2020 in Los Angeles, California, the U.S. He was 20 years old before his death and had the birth sign of Cancer. He was American by nationality and belonged […]

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  • Ross Martin

    1920 - 1981

    Ross Martin (1920 - 1981)

    Ross Martin Born Martin Rosenblatt in Grodek, Poland, Ross emigrated to New York when he was only a few months old. He spent his childhood on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and spoke only Yiddish, Polish and Russian before adding English at the age of five. He later became fluent in French, Spanish, and […]

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  • Robert Conrad

    1935 - 2020

    Robert Conrad (1935 - 2020)

    Robert Conrad Robert Conrad was a graduate of Northwestern University, spending his first few years out of school supporting himself and his family by driving a milk truck and singing in a Chicago cabaret. Conrad befriended up-and-coming actor Nick Adams during this period, and it was Adams who helped Conrad get his first Hollywood work […]

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  • Kobe Bryant

    1978 - 2020

    Kobe Bryant (1978 - 2020)

    Kobe Bryant Professional Basketball Player, Olympic Games Gold Medalist Athlete. A perennial National Basketball League All Star, he played his entire career for the Los Angeles Lakers. During his 20-year career, he won five national championships, was named to the All-Star team 18 times, was a 15-time member of the All-NBA Team, a 12-time member […]

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  • Paula Kelly

    1942 - 2020

    Paula Kelly (1942 - 2020)

    Paula Kelly

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  • Alfred Worden

    1932 - 2020

    Alfred Worden (1932 - 2020)

    Alfred Worden Alfred M. Worden, who orbited the moon for three solitary days in the summer of 1971, piloting the Apollo 15 command module and taking detailed pictures of the lunar surface as his fellow astronauts drove a rover far below, died March 17 or 18 at an assisted-living center in Sugar Land, Tex. He […]

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  • Julie Felix

    1938 - 2020

    Julie Felix (1938 - 2020)

    Julie Felix Julie Felix an American-born, British-based folk recording artist who achieved success, particularly on British television in the late 1960s and early 1970s. She later performed and released albums on her own record label. Born in Santa Barbara, California, United States, Felix graduated in 1956 from high school in Westchester, Los Angeles. In 1964, the same year that […]

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  • Forrest Compton

    1925 - 2020

    Forrest Compton (1925 - 2020)

    Forrest Compton Compton was born on September 15, 1925, in Reading, Pennsylvania. He served with the 103rd Infantry Division in France during World War II and then went on to enroll in Swarthmore College where he studied pre-law and Political Science before shifting gears to English. He then started to act in school theater productions […]

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  • Alan Merrill

    1951 - 2020

    Alan Merrill (1951 - 2020)

    Alan Merrill Alan Merrill who was born as Allan Preston Sachs on February 19, 1951, was an American vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, actor, and model. Singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Alan Merrill, passed away on Sunday, March 29, 2020. Alan was always there for the people he loved and his gentle and joyful soul will live on […]

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  • Jan Howard

    1929 - 2020

    Jan Howard (1929 - 2020)

    Jan Howard Country singer and songwriter Jan Howard — a beloved member of the Grand Ole Opry for nearly 50 years — died Saturday at age 91. A press release issued by the Opry says Howard “passed away peacefully” in Gallatin, Tennessee. Howard officially joined the Opry in 1971, and was the oldest living member […]

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  • Joe Diffie

    1958 - 2020

    Joe Diffie (1958 - 2020)

    Joe Diffie he beauty of country music is its ability to reflect the lives of its listeners, and few artists have celebrated life’s challenges and triumphs with more heartfelt eloquence than Joe Diffie. Whether singing about untarnished love in the enduring hit “John Deere Green,” the perennial appeal of “Pickup Man” or the heartbreak of […]

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  • Kenny Rogers

    1938 - 2020

    Kenny Rogers (1938 - 2020)

    Kenny Rogers Kenny Rogers GRAMMY Award-winning country superstar has enjoyed great success during his storied career of nearly six decades. The enduring Country Music Hall of Fame member and pop superstar has endeared music lovers around the globe with his amazing songs, heartfelt performances, distinctive voice, gift for storytelling and universal appeal, and in 2016, […]

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  • Doris Day

    1922 - 2019

    Doris Day (1922 - 2019)

    Doris Day Doris Day, the sunny blond actress and singer whose frothy comedic roles opposite the likes of Rock Hudson and Cary Grant made her one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the 1950s and ’60s and a symbol of wholesome American womanhood, died Monday. She was 97. In more recent years, Day had been an […]

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  • Alex Stewart

    1964 - 2016

    Alex Stewart (1964 - 2016)

    Alex Stewart Born and raised in London, England to Patricia and Alexander Stewart, Alex was one of seven children. When Alex was fifteen the family moved to Jamaica where he attended high school and began to fall in love with sports. He was an all around excellent athlete but primarily enjoyed Rugby and Boxing. He […]

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  • Bert Cooper

    1966 - 2019

    Bert Cooper (1966 - 2019)

    Bert Cooper The stout, strong Cooper made a name for himself in the heavyweight division during the early 1990s. Cooper lost to various heavyweight champions or former champions during that time – most notably Riddick Bowe, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Ray Mercer and Michael Moorer. Cooper, who fought out of Philadelphia and was trained by […]

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  • James Ingram

    1952 - 2019

    James Ingram (1952 - 2019)

    James Ingram James Ingram, whose voice — technically precise, crisp and reserved, yet full of audacious feeling — made him one of the defining singers of R&B in the 1980s, has died. He was 66. The actress and choreographer Debbie Allen, a frequent collaborator with Mr. Ingram on musical theater projects, announced his death on Twitter on […]

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  • Louisa Moritz

    1936 - 2019

    Louisa Moritz (1936 - 2019)

    Louisa Moritz One of the first seven women to come forward and accuse Bill Cosby of rape, actress, television personality and producer Louisa Moritz has died of natural causes in Los Angeles. She was 72. Moritz was born Louisa Castro in 1946 in Havana, Cuba. After moving to America in the 1950s, she saw the St. Moritz hotel in […]

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  • Nipsey Hussle

    1985 - 2019

    Nipsey Hussle (1985 - 2019)

    Nipsey Hussle Nipsey Hussle’s stretch of Slauson Avenue has largely been overlooked by the gentrification boom that has transformed so many neighborhoods of Los Angeles. The lack of investment in the Hyde Park section of South L.A. shows on the faces of distressed buildings, some still etched with the names of bygone businesses that haunt […]

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  • Georgia Engel

    1948 - 2019

    Georgia Engel (1948 - 2019)

    Georgia Engel Georgia Engel, whose distinctive voice and pinpoint comic timing made her a memorable part of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” on which she played Georgette Franklin, girlfriend and eventually wife of the buffoonish TV newsman Ted Baxter, died on Friday in Princeton, N.J. She was 70. John Quilty, her friend and executor, said […]

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  • Tompall Glaser

    1933 - 2013

    Tompall Glaser (1933 - 2013)

    Tompall Glaser Thomas Paul “Tompall” Glaser — a staunchly independent singer, songwriter, studio owner, publisher and recording artist and a central figure in country music’s much-vaunted “Outlaw Movement” of the 1970s — died Tuesday at his Nashville home after a long illness. Glaser, who was featured onWanted! The Outlaws, country music’s first million-selling album, was […]

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  • Jim Glaser

    1937 - 2019

    Jim Glaser (1937 - 2019)

    Jim Glaser Jim Glaser, who began his career as a member of the award-winning trio Tompall & the Glaser Brothers, died at his home on Saturday (April 6). He was 81. Born James William Glaser in Spalding, Nebraska, in 1937, Jim began playing guitar at age four and began performing at local shows with his […]

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  • Randy Scruggs

    1953 - 2018

    Randy Scruggs (1953 - 2018)

    Randy Scruggs Randy Scruggs, son of banjo icon Earl Scruggs and former Flatt & Scruggs manager, Louise Scruggs, died yesterday. He was 64 years of age, and had been ill for a brief period of time. Though all three of the Scruggs boys were musicians, Randy was the most active and prolific in the industry. […]

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