• Steve Ripley

    1950 - 2019

    Steve Ripley (1950 - 2019)

    Steve Ripley Steve Ripley, leader of Grammy-nominated country-rock band the Tractors, died Thursday at his home in Pawnee, Oklahoma, following a battle with cancer. He was 69. With Ripley as frontman, the Tractors scored their biggest hit with their rollicking debut single, “Baby Likes to Rock It,” in 1994, attracting critical attention and rapidly earning […]

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  • Earl Thomas Conley

    1941 - 2019

    Earl Thomas Conley (1941 - 2019)

    Earl Thomas Conley Country singer Earl Thomas Conley, who scored hits such as “Holding Her and Loving You,” and “Right From the Start,” died on Wednesday at the age of 77. His brother Fred Conley confirmed Earl’s passing to the Nashville Tennessean on Wednesday, stating that his brother suffered from a condition similar to dementia […]

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  • Katherine Helmond

    1929 - 2019

    Katherine Helmond (1929 - 2019)

    Katherine Helmond Katherine Helmond, who played the ditsy Tate matriarch on the groundbreaking 1970s comedy Soap and later starred on Who’s the Boss?, among many other roles, died February 28 of Alzheimer’s complications at her home in Los Angeles. She was 89. APA announced the news. Helmond is best known for her roles as the flighty Jessica […]

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  • King Kong Bundy

    1955 - 2019

    King Kong Bundy (1955 - 2019)

    King Kong Bundy Former WWE legend King Kong Bundy has died, the wrestling company announced Tuesday. He was 61. The New Jersey native, whose real name is Christopher Pallies, was known for his enormous stature inside the ring. He was 6-foot-4 and weighed 458 pounds. People called him the “walking condominium.” Part of his gimmick was having referees count […]

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  • Jan Michael Vincent

    1945 - 2019

    Jan Michael Vincent (1945 - 2019)

    Jan Michael Vincent In one of Jan-Michael Vincent’s most recent photos, taken in 2016 by photographer Joe Arce of HollywoodChicago.com, the ex-heart throb actor is revealed as a man who lived his life hard to the end. Vincent died last month in Asheville, North Carolina, on February 10th, 2019. He was 73. Jan-Michael Vincent was […]

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  • Luke Perry

    1966 - 2019

    Luke Perry (1966 - 2019)

    Luke Perry Beverly Hills, 90210 and Riverdale star Luke Perry died Monday morning at the age of 52 after suffering a stroke. “He was surrounded by his children Jack and Sophie, fiancé Wendy Madison Bauer, ex-wife Minnie Sharp, mother Ann Bennett, step-father Steve Bennett, brother Tom Perry, sister Amy Coder, and other close family and friends,” Perry’s spokesperson […]

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  • Peter Tork

    1942 - 2019

    Peter Tork (1942 - 2019)

    Peter Tork Peter Tork, a struggling musician who became an overnight teenage idol in the 1960s with the Monkees, died on Thursday at a family home in eastern Connecticut. He was 77. His son, Ivan Iannoli, said the cause was complications from a rare form of cancer that was first diagnosed in 2009. Mr. Tork, who […]

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  • Tony Joe White

    1943 - 2018

    Tony Joe White (1943 - 2018)

    Tony Joe White Singer-songwriter Tony Joe White, a prolific tunesmith whose swamp-soaked 1968 pop hit “Polk Salad Annie,” reflected his Louisiana upbringing, died yesterday, Wednesday, October 24th, of natural causes at his home in Leipers Fork, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. He was 75. White, who had a Top Ten record with “Polk Salad Annie,” also […]

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  • George Klein

    1935 - 2019

    George Klein (1935 - 2019)

    George Klein George Klein, the deep-voiced radio personality who became friends with Elvis Presley in high school and stayed close to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll throughout his career, has died. He was 83. Presley’s former wife, Priscilla Presley, told The Associated Press that Klein died Tuesday at hospice in Memphis, Tennessee. Priscilla Presley […]

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  • XXX Tentacion

    1998 - 2018

    XXX Tentacion (1998 - 2018)

    XXXTentacion XXXTentacion was an American rapper known for his raw and daring style of music. He was musically inclined from childhood, but disliked following notes and patterns. As a child, he was influenced by the works of rappers such as Tupac Shakur and bands like Papa Roach. XXXTentacion gained popularity by releasing snippets and full […]

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  • Christine McGuire

    1926 - 2018

    Christine McGuire (1926 - 2018)

    Christine McGuire Christine McGuire, the eldest of the singing McGuire Sisters, who struck gold on the pop charts in the 1950s with “Sincerely,” “Sugartime” and other close-harmony hits that won young American hearts not quite ready for rock ′n’ roll, died on Dec. 28 at her home in Las Vegas. She was 92. Ms. McGuire’s […]

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  • Sitting Bull

    2024 - 1890

    Sitting Bull (2024 - 1890)

    Sitting Bull Sitting Bull was a medicine man, or holy man, of the Hunkpapa Lakota (Sioux), who were being driven from their land in the Black Hills. He took up arms against the white man, refusing to be transported to the Indian Territory. Under his leadership as a war chief, the Lakota tribes united in […]

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  • Sondra Locke

    1944 - 2018

    Sondra Locke (1944 - 2018)

    Sondra Locke Sondra Locke, who has died aged 74 after suffering from cancer, was closely associated with the film star and director Clint Eastwood: they made six films together and had a 13-year relationship, which ended acrimoniously. But it was not Eastwood who made her a star. Eight years before they met, she had already […]

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  • Daryl Dragon

    1942 - 2019

    Daryl Dragon (1942 - 2019)

    Daryl Dragon Daryl Dragon, the musician best known as the Captain from the group The Captain and Tennille, died due to renal failure on Wednesday. He was 76. “He was a brilliant musician with many friends who loved him greatly. I was at my most creative in my life, when I was with him,” said […]

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  • Carol Channing

    1921 - 2019

    Carol Channing (1921 - 2019)

    Carol Channing Carol Channing was born on this date in 1921. She was an African American actress. She was born in Seattle, Washington. When she left home to attend Bennington College, her mother informed her that her father, a journalist whom she had believed was born in Rhode Island, was actually a light-complected African-American born […]

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  • Gene Okerlund

    1942 - 2019

    Gene Okerlund (1942 - 2019)

    Gene Okerlund Gene Okerlund, the most recognizable interviewer in sports-entertainment history, has passed away at age 76. “Mean Gene,” as he was named by fellow Minnesotan, Jesse “The Body” Ventura , first came to prominence as an interviewer in the American Wrestling Association. In 1984, Okerlund made the move to WWE where he became as recognizable as […]

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  • James McLean

    1930 - 1965

    James McLean (1930 - 1965)

    James McLean On September 2, 1961 a group of longshoremen, teamsters, hoodlums and their girls gathered for a party in Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts, a run-down seaside town. After hours of drinking, 22-year-old Georgie McLaughlin was staggering and starting trouble. McLaughlin wasn’t an average drunk though; he was the youngest and wildest member of the McLaughlin […]

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  • Anthony Spilotro

    1938 - 1986

    Anthony Spilotro (1938 - 1986)

    Anthony Spilotro Two bodies recovered from a grave in a northwest Indiana cornfield were identified by the FBI late Monday as Anthony John Spilotro, reputed overseer of the Chicago mob’s interests in California and Las Vegas, and his brother, Michael. The brothers, both of whom were awaiting trial on separate federal charges, had been beaten […]

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  • Danny Greene

    1933 - 1977

    Danny Greene (1933 - 1977)

    Danny Greene After flirting with violence and dodging assassination attempts for more than a decade, Daniel J. (Danny) Greene, described by police as the king of Cleveland racketeering, was killed yesterday. Greene died when a bomb hidden in a car parked next to the late-model Continental he was entering was detonated by someone watching nearby, […]

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  • Jerry Chesnut

    1931 - 2018

    Jerry Chesnut (1931 - 2018)

    Jerry Chesnut Jerry Chesnut, the writer of such hits as Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Another Place, Another Time,” Faron Young’s “It’s Four in the Morning” and George Jones’ “A Good Year for the Roses,” died Saturday (Dec. 15) at the age of 87. Born in the Eastern Kentucky coal-mining town of Loyall on May 7, 1931, […]

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  • Ken Berry

    1933 - 2018

    Ken Berry (1933 - 2018)

    Ken Berry Ken Berry, the boyish television actor who played nice guys with affable attitudes and a wide range of I.Q.s on three popular sitcoms between 1965 and 1990, died on Saturday in Burbank, Calif. He was 85. The death was confirmed by a spokeswoman at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, The Associated Press said. […]

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  • Jody Williams

    1935 - 2018

    Jody Williams (1935 - 2018)

    Jody Williams Jody Williams, a famed Chicago blues guitarist and Blues Hall of Fame member, has died at the age of 83. Williams succumbed to cancer at the at the Munster Med Inn in Munster, Indiana Saturday night, according to a statement from Alligator Records. Jody Williams—known for a six-string style that evoked sophisticated, jazzy West […]

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  • Penny Marshall

    1943 - 2018

    Penny Marshall (1943 - 2018)

    Penny Marshall Penny Marshall, who starred in “Laverne & Shirley” before becoming one of the top-grossing female directors in Hollywood, has died. She was 75. Mashall’s publicist, Michelle Bega, said Marshall passed away in her Hollywood Hills, Calif., home on Monday due to complications from diabetes. Marshall starred alongside Cindy Williams in the hit ABC […]

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  • Barbara Bush

    1925 - 2018

    Barbara Bush (1925 - 2018)

    Barbara Bush In the days leading up to First Lady Barbara Bush’s death, at the age of 92, news reports about her condition often mentioned that she had Graves’ disease.1-3 Those unfamiliar with this thyroid disorder could have been left with the impression that the disorder might have contributed to her death. That is simply not […]

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  • President George Bush

    1924 - 2018

    President George Bush (1924 - 2018)

    President George Bush George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States and the father of the 43rd, was a steadfast force on the international stage for decades, from his stint as an envoy to Beijing to his eight years as vice president and his one term as commander in chief from 1989 to […]

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  • Joan Crawford

    1904 - 1977

    Joan Crawford (1904 - 1977)

    Joan Crawford From silent star to camp queen, Joan Crawford and her astonishing 45-year film career are the stuff of a Gatsby-esque legend of survival and reinvention. Simultaneously glorious, tragic, tawdry, and hype-filled, her story is the very embodiment of the real version of the American Dream. Logically, Joan Crawford shouldn’t have made it to begin with. She was ignored […]

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  • Madge Bellamy

    1899 - 1990

    Madge Bellamy (1899 - 1990)

    Madge Bellamy The story of the life of movie actress Madge Bellamy has been told and embellished many different times. In an effort to set the record straight near the end of her life she wrote an autobiography entitled “A Darling of the Twenties”. While it told the colorful highlights of her life and a film […]

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  • Owen Hart

    1965 - 1999

    Owen Hart (1965 - 1999)

    Owen Hart Owen Hart died tragically during WWF’s Over The Edge pay-per-view in 1999. Since Owen’s passing, his widow Martha Hart settled out of court with WWE in a wrongful death lawsuit where she was reportedly awarded approximately $18 million. After Owen’s passing, Martha separated herself from a majority of the Hart family and Owen’s name has been kept out […]

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  • Johnny Valentine

    1928 - 2001

    Johnny Valentine (1928 - 2001)

    Johnny Valentine Johnny Valentine was a man’s man and tough as nails. He had been battling and fighting for his life and he had beaten the odds, time and time again. A 1975 plane crash that left him paralysed. Wrestling promoters that had all but forgotten him. A staff of doctors who said they couldn’t […]

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  • Joël Robuchon

    1945 - 2018

    Joël Robuchon (1945 - 2018)

    Joël Robuchon Joël Robuchon, a master chef who shook up the stuffy world of French haute cuisine by emphasizing the delights of the simple mashed potato and giving diners a peek at the kitchen, died Aug. 6 in Geneva. He was 73. A spokeswoman confirmed his death. French media sources reported that he had cancer. Mr. […]

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