• William Afflis

    1929 - 1991

    William Afflis (1929 - 1991)

    William Afflis started his career in Chicago in 1955 under the Bruiser moniker where he faced Verne Gagne and Lou Thesz. From there into the late 1950s, Dick the Bruiser wrestled live every Thursday on TV in the Detroit area. His typical opponent was “an up and coming young (unknown) wrestler” who would be pulverized […]

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  • Alexander Afinogenov

    1904 - 1941

    Alexander Afinogenov (1904 - 1941)

    Playwright. One of the more talented Soviet playwrights to emerge in the years before World War II, he managed to retain his individuality in the face of Stalinist repression. Alexander Nikolayevich Afinogenov was born in Skopin, Russia, and raised in Yaroslavl. He had an early interest in literature, turning out three books of poetry while […]

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  • Fred L. “Freddie” Agabashian

    1913 - 1989

    Fred L. “Freddie” Agabashian (1913 - 1989)

    Auto Race Car Driver. He was an 11-time veteran of the Indianapolis 500 who is best remembered as the winner of the pole position for the 1952 Classic driving the Cummins Diesel Special. After retiring from competition, he assisted Sid Collins as a color commentator for the race for many years. (bio by: Warrick L. […]

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  • John Agar

    1921 - 2002

    John Agar (1921 - 2002)

    Agar was born in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Lillian (née Rogers) and John Agar, Sr., a meat packer. He was educated at the Harvard School for Boys in Chicago and Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, Illinois. He graduated from Trinity-Pawling Preparatory School in Pawling, New York, but did not attend college. He and […]

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  • Aarthi Agarwal

    1984 - 2015

    Aarthi Agarwal (1984 - 2015)

    Aarthi Agarwal (March 5, 1984 – June 6, 2015) was an Indian-American actress who primarily worked in Telugu cinema, also known as Tollywood. Aarthi Agarwal was born on March 5, 1984, to a Gujarati family. Her father, Shashank, is in the hotel business and her mother, Veema, is a homemaker. She has two siblings. At around […]

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  • Alex Agase

    1922 - 2007

    Alex Agase (1922 - 2007)

    Agase was born in Chicago, Illinois to an Assyrian father and an Armenian mother. He attended Evanston Township High School, but only played on the school’s varsity football team in his senior year. After graduating, he attended the University of Illinois and played college football there as a right guard in 1941 and 1942. In […]

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  • Elizabeth Cary Agassiz

    1822 - 1907

    Elizabeth Cary Agassiz (1822 - 1907)

    Elizabeth Cary Agassiz Elizabeth Cary was born in 1822 into a Boston Brahmin family of New England Ancestry. She was born on December 5, 1822 in Boston, Massachusetts at the house of her grandfather, Colonel Perkins, on Pearl Street. She was born to Mary Ann Cushing Perkins Cary and Thomas Graves Cary (who was a […]

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  • Louis Agassiz

    1807 - 1873

    Louis Agassiz (1807 - 1873)

    Louis Agassiz was born in Môtier (now part of Haut-Vully) in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. Educated first at home, then spending four years of secondary school in Bienne, he completed his elementary studies in Lausanne. Having adopted medicine as his profession, he studied successively at the universities of Zürich, Heidelberg and Munich; while there […]

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  • Agathon

    1970 - 1970

    Agathon (1970 - 1970)

    Playwright, Composer. A master of Ancient Greek tragedy, he lived from approximately 448 BC to 400 BC. Agathon was once mentioned with the “Big Three” of that genre,  Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, but virtually all of his work is lost. We learn of his importance in the development of drama through the writings of others, […]

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  • Agathon

    1970 - 1970

    Agathon (1970 - 1970)

    Playwright, Composer. A master of Ancient Greek tragedy, he lived from approximately 448 BC to 400 BC. Agathon was once mentioned with the “Big Three” of that genre,  Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, but virtually all of his work is lost. We learn of his importance in the development of drama through the writings of others, […]

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  • James Agee

    1909 - 1955

    James Agee (1909 - 1955)

    Author, Motion Picture Screenwriter. He wrote the books, “A Death In The Family” (1957), which was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1958 and adapted for the stage as “All The Way Home” (1960), and “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.” He wrote the film scripts for the motion pictures “Face To Face” (1952), “The […]

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  • Mel Agee

    1968 - 2008

    Mel Agee (1968 - 2008)

    Melvin “Mel” Agee (November 22, 1968 – June 15, 2008) was a professional American football defensive lineman who played in the National Football League, NFL Europe, and the Arena Football League. In his 10-year professional career he played for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts (1991–1992) and Atlanta Falcons (1993–1995); NFL Europe’s Frankfurt Galaxy (1998); and the […]

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  • Philip Burnett Franklin Agee

    1935 - 2008

    Philip Burnett Franklin Agee (1935 - 2008)

    Author, American Intelligence Agent. A former Central Intelligence Agency field agent, he is best known for his 1975 book “Inside the Company: CIA Diary”. He left the CIA after twelve years in 1969, disenchanted with the Agency and how it was being operated. In 1973, he went to the Soviet Union’s embassy in Mexico City, […]

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  • Harry Agganis

    1929 - 1955

    Harry Agganis (1929 - 1955)

    Agganis’ family origins were from Longanikos near Sparta, Greece. Born in Lynn, Massachusetts from a large Greek family which includes four brothers and two sisters. He was a star football and baseball player at Lynn Classical High School as well as a strong student, being named as “All-Scholastic” from the state of Massachusetts. Aggainis enrolled […]

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  • Giovanni Agnelli

    1866 - 1945

    Giovanni Agnelli (1866 - 1945)

    Industrialist. He was the founder of the Fiat automobile company. Born in Villar Perosa, a small town near Pinerolo, Italy, his father, the mayor of Villar Perosa, died at age 40, when Giovanni was just five. He studied at the Collegio San Giuseppe in Turin; then embarked on a military career until 1893 when he […]

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  • Umberto Agnelli

    1934 - 2004

    Umberto Agnelli (1934 - 2004)

    Industrialist. He was the Chairman of Italy’s largest industrial group, Fiat, and one of Italy’s richest men, who lived for years in the shadow of his flamboyant brother, Giovanni (Gianni) Agnelli. Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, he endured a series of tragedies that began with the loss of his father when he was an infant, his […]

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  • Susanna Agnelli

    1922 - 2009

    Susanna Agnelli (1922 - 2009)

    Born in Turin, Susanna Agnelli was the daughter of Edoardo Agnelli and Donna Virginia Bourbon del Monte, a daughter of the Prince di San Faustino and his Kentucky-born wife Jane Campbell. Her brother, Gianni Agnelli, was the head of Fiat until 1996; members of the Agnelli family are still the controlling shareholders of the company. In […]

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  • David Hayes Agnew

    1818 - 1892

    David Hayes Agnew (1818 - 1892)

    David Hayes Agnew He was born on November 24, 1818 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1838, and a few years later set up in practice at Philadelphia and became a lecturer at the Philadelphia School of Anatomy. He married Margaret Irwin in 1841. He […]

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  • Samuel Lester Agnew

    1887 - 1951

    Samuel Lester Agnew (1887 - 1951)

    Samuel Lester (Slam) Agnew (April 12, 1887 – July 19, 1951) was a catcher in Major League Baseball. From 1913 through 1919, he played for the St. Louis Browns (1913–15), Boston Red Sox (1916–18) and Washington Senators (1919). Agnew batted and threw right-handed. He was born in Farmington, Missouri.  Agnew debuted with the St. Louis […]

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  • Spiro Agnew

    1918 - 1996

    Spiro Agnew (1918 - 1996)

    Spiro Agnew Spiro Agnew, Governor of Maryland, US Vice President. A member of the Republican Party, he served a Maryland’s 55th governor from January 1967 Until January 1969 and then as US Vice President under President Richard M. Nixon from January 1969 until October 1973. Spiro Agnew  is remembered as having to resign the vice […]

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  • Harold Agnew

    1921 - 2013

    Harold Agnew (1921 - 2013)

    Harold Melvin Agnew was born in Denver, Colorado on March 28, 1921, the only child of a pair of stonecutters. He attended South Denver High School, and entered the University of Denver, where he majored in chemistry. He was a strong athlete who pitched for the university softball that won a championship. He left the […]

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  • Shmuel Yosef Agnon

    1888 - 1970

    Shmuel Yosef Agnon (1888 - 1970)

    Author. He was awarded Nobel Prize for literature in 1966 co-jointly with Swedish poet Nelly Sachs. He wrote such works as “Upon the Handle of the Lock,” “Days of Awe,” and “Bridal Canopy.”  Family links:  Spouse:  Esther Elsa Marx Agnon (1889 – 1973)* *Calculated relationship

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  • John Vernon

    1932 - 2005

    John Vernon (1932 - 2005)

    Vernon was born Adolphus Raymondus Vernon Agopsowicz in Zehner, Saskatchewan, and was baptised at Sacred Heart Catholic parish in the nearby town of Arat. He was one of two sons of Adolf Agopsowicz, a grocer, and his wife Eleonore Krückel (also spelled as Kriekle or Kriekel). Both parents’ families emigrated to the Edenwold district in […]

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  • Perro Aguayo, Jr

    1979 - 2015

    Perro Aguayo, Jr (1979 - 2015)

    Professional Wrestler. A Luchador, a performer known for high-flying ring moves, he shall be remembered as a star of his sport for 20 years. Born Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, he was the son of Hall-of-Fame Lucha Libre competitor Perro Aguayo, Sr. and thus was raised within the wrestling milieu; trained by his father, he made his […]

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  • Henry John “Hank” Aguirre

    1931 - 1994

    Henry John “Hank” Aguirre (1931 - 1994)

    Nicknamed “Mex” because he was of Mexican descent, Aguirre was born on January 31, 1931, in Azusa, California to Jenny Alva and Joseph Aguirre. Joseph was born in Jalisco, Mexico in 1902 and emigrated with his family during the time of the Mexican Revolution. Joseph and Jenny had seven children. Henry (Hank) Aguirre worked in […]

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  • Gianni Agus

    1917 - 1994

    Gianni Agus (1917 - 1994)

    Actor. Born Giovanni Battista, he is best remembered for his roles where he was partnered with famous actors such as Totò, Peppino De Filippo, Erminio Macario and Vittorio De Sica. He appeared in over 80 films including “I due marescialli”, “Il Federale”, “Totò contro i quattro”, “Le Motorizzate”, and in several television variety shows. Agus […]

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  • Delmira Agustini

    1886 - 1914

    Delmira Agustini (1886 - 1914)

    Poet. A major Latin American author of the early 20th Century. Her verse expressed intense erotic yearning with bold, dense imagery.  Many view her as a proto-feminist because she saw sex as empowering for women, much to the  outrage of her predominately male critics. Agustini’s most provocative work is the poem cycle “The Rosary of […]

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  • Delmira Agustini

    1886 - 1914

    Delmira Agustini (1886 - 1914)

    Born in Montevideo, the daughter of Italian immigrants, Agustini was a precocious child. In addition to beginning to write poetry when she was 10 years old, she studied French, music and painting.  She wrote for the magazine La Alborada (The Dawn). She formed part of the Generation of 1900, along with Julio Herrera y Reissig, […]

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  • Brian Aherne

    1902 - 1986

    Brian Aherne (1902 - 1986)

    Actor. he made his debut in British cinema in the motion picture “The Eleventh Commandment” in 1924 and appeared on stage in London, England. He moved to Hollywood, California in the 1930s and appeared in director Rouben Mamoulian’s “Song of Songs” (1933). His other film appearances include “Sylvia Scarlett” (1936), “Juarez” (1939), for which he […]

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  • Per-Olof Ahl

    1919 - 1996

    Per-Olof Ahl (1919 - 1996)

    Businessman, Author. He was the founder of “KappAhl”, one of the leading clothing companies in Scandinavia. he started his successful business in 1953, locating his new firm in a basement in Gothenburg, Sweden, and toured Sweden, selling coats from a bus. His early efforts proved successful, and his business soon grew to one of the […]

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