• Lillian Lorraine

    1892 - 1955

    Lillian Lorraine (1892 - 1955)

    Born in San Francisco, California, Lillian Lorraine began her career on stage in 1906 at the age of 14. An entertainer of limited talent but charismatic stage presence and beauty, in 1907 she was 15 years old and a minor performer in a Shubert production, The Tourists, when she was discovered by Florenz Ziegfeld. He […]

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  • Lillian Lux Burstein

    1918 - 2005

    Lillian Lux Burstein (1918 - 2005)

    Lillian Lux Burstein Lillian Lux, the matriarch of a celebrated Yiddish theatrical family who performed for decades as an actress and singer in New York and around the world, died on Saturday at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. She was 86 and lived in Manhattan. The cause was congestive heart failure, her son, Mike Burstyn, […]

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  • Lillian M. Morehouse

    1906 - 1994

    Lillian M. Morehouse (1906 - 1994)

    Actress. Born in Hartford, Connecticut , she was a fashion model when she started performing in the theatre. She was most noted for being a popular Broadway performer and a part of the Earl Carroll’s Vanities ensemble of the 1920s. She died of natural causes at age 88. (bio by: John “J-Cat” Griffith)

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  • Lillian McMurray

    1908 - 1953

    Lillian McMurray (1908 - 1953)

    Actress. Born Lillian MacMurray, she was a theatre performer when she entered films in the silent era appearing in “Vanity Fair” (1921) and “The Gold Rush” (1925). She was also the mother of actress Lita Grey. (bio by: John “J-Cat” Griffith)  Family links:  Spouse:  Fred MacMurray (1908 – 1991)

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  • Lillian Ngoyi

    1911 - 1980

    Lillian Ngoyi (1911 - 1980)

    Lillian Ngoyi joined the ANC Women’s League in 1952; she was at that stage a widow with two children and an elderly mother to support, and worked as a seamstress. A year later she was elected as President of the Women’s League. On 9 August 1956, Ngoyi led a women’s march along with Helen Joseph, […]

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  • Lillian Randolph

    1898 - 1980

    Lillian Randolph (1898 - 1980)

    Born Castello Randolph in Knoxville, Tennessee, she was the younger sister of actress Amanda Randolph. Another member of this talented family is Steve Gibson, brother to Lillian and Amanda, with his Rhythm and Blues group, The Five Red Caps. However, new research shows that, although the preceding statement is widely quoted and believed, it isn’t […]

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  • Lillian Rich

    1900 - 1954

    Lillian Rich (1900 - 1954)

    Actress. Rich played in a number of Jack Hoxie Westerns before she found her way into a DeMille picture and from there went to play society women. Actress in 66 films from 1919 to 1940 including: “The Man From Wyoming” (silent), “Ship of Souls” (silent), “Once a Lady,” “Riptide,” “Dangerous Intrigue,” and “Dr. Kildare’s Crisis.” […]

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  • Lillian Russell

    1860 - 1922

    Lillian Russell (1860 - 1922)

    American singer and actress in light comedies who represented the feminine ideal of her generation. She was as famous for her flamboyant lifestyle as she was for her beauty and voice. (bio by:  EJD) Cause of death: Complications from a fall aboard a ship

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  • Lillian Zuckerman

    1916 - 2004

    Lillian Zuckerman (1916 - 2004)

    Actress. A longtime character actress Zuckerman appeared in many films that were set in or had something to do with Florida. Among her films are, “Lenny” (1974), “Deadbeat” (1976), “Nobody’s Perfekt” (1981), “The Mean Season” (1985), and Making Mr. Right” (1987). Zuckerman also was a model, voice actress, and also appeared in commercials, and episodes […]

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  • Lillie Langtry

    1853 - 1929

    Lillie Langtry (1853 - 1929)

    Stage Actress. She was the daughter of the dean of Jersey. In 1874 she married Edward Langtry, who died in 1897, and in 1899 she married Hugo de Bathe, who became a baronet in 1907. In 1881 she caused a sensation by being the first society woman to go on the stage, making her first […]

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  • Lilly Hodácová

    1910 - 1998

    Lilly Hodácová (1910 - 1998)

    Lilly was a Czech actress, writer and painter. She sang the song ‘Lilly Marlene’ in the Czech language. (bio by: Jirka Kostal)

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  • Lilly Pulitzer

    1931 - 2013

    Lilly Pulitzer (1931 - 2013)

    Lillian Lee “Lilly” McKim was born to socialites Robert V. McKim and his wife, Lillian (née Bostwick) in Roslyn, New York in 1931, the middle daughter of three. Her elder sister was named Mary Maude, and her younger sister was Florence Fitch. Her mother, Lillian Bostwick McKim was an heiress to the Standard Oil fortune. […]

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  • Lily Cahill

    1889 - 1955

    Lily Cahill (1889 - 1955)

    Broadway and Movie Actress. She was a star on the stage in New York and London. She also appeared in movies, first in silent films and then in talkies. Ms. Cahill appeared on Broadway in “The Road to Arcady” (1912), “A Man’s Friends” (1913), “Under Cover” (1914), “The Melody of Youth” (1916), “In for the […]

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  • Lily Pons

    1898 - 1976

    Lily Pons (1898 - 1976)

    Lily Pons successfully made her operatic debut in the title role of Léo Delibes’ Lakmé at Mulhouse in 1928 and went on to sing several coloratura roles in French provincial opera houses. She was discovered by the dramatic tenor/impresario Giovanni Zenatello, who took her to New York where she auditioned for Giulio Gatti-Casazza, the general […]

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  • Lilyan Chauvin

    1925 - 2008

    Lilyan Chauvin (1925 - 2008)

    Chauvin began her career working in broadcasting in France. Her mother was French and her father was Italian. While under contract to a French radio station she had her heart set on becoming a lawyer; however her earnings soon exceeded that of her parents and she gave serious consideration to making show business her way […]

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  • Lilyan Tashman

    1896 - 1934

    Lilyan Tashman (1896 - 1934)

    Lilyan Tashman was born the tenth and youngest child of a Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Rose (née Cook), who was born in Germany, and Maurice Tashman, a clothing manufacturer from Bialystok, Poland. She freelanced as a fashion and artist’s model while attending Girl’s High School in Brooklyn and eventually entered […]

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  • Lin Biao

    1907 - 1971

    Lin Biao (1907 - 1971)

    Lin Biao (Chinese: 林彪; December 5, 1907 – September 13, 1971) was a Marshal of the People’s Republic of China who was pivotal in the Communist victory in the Chinese Civil War, especially in Northeast China. Lin was the general who commanded the decisive Liaoshen and Pingjin Campaigns, in which he co-led the Manchurian Field […]

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  • Lina Basquette

    1907 - 1994

    Lina Basquette (1907 - 1994)

    In 1923, Lina Baskette and her mother traveled across the country by train to New York City, so that the girl could audition for John Murray Anderson. Anderson urged her to change the spelling of her surname from “Baskette” to “Basquette”. Producer Charles Dillingham changed the spelling of her first name from “Lena” to “Lina” […]

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  • Lina Cavalieri

    1874 - 1944

    Lina Cavalieri (1874 - 1944)

    Actress/Opera Singer. Cavalieri made her debut as Nedda, from the opera Pagliaci by Leoncavallo at the São Carlos Theatre in Lisbon in 1901. Unceasingly photographed and eternalized in innumerable postcards, Cavalieri conquered, during the years 1902 and 1904, audiences in Italy, Poland and the aristocratic Czarist Russia and, celebrated by her amazing beauty, dazzled the […]

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  • Lina Pagliughi

    1907 - 1980

    Lina Pagliughi (1907 - 1980)

    Lina Pagliughi (May 27, 1907 – October 2, 1980) was an Italian-American opera singer. Based in Italy for the majority of her career, she made a number of recordings and established herself as one of the world’s finest lyric coloratura sopranos of the 1930s and 1940s. Pagliughi was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Italian immigrants. […]

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  • Lina Romay

    1954 - 2012

    Lina Romay (1954 - 2012)

    Lina Romay Romay was born Rosa Maria Almirall on June 25, 1954, in Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain. Her cinematic pseudonym was taken from a singer/actress in mambo king Xavier Cugat‘s band in the 1940s. Following graduation from high school, Romay studied the arts, married actor/photographer Raymond Hardy (they later divorced), and began acting in stage productions. […]

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  • Lina Yegros

    1913 - 1978

    Lina Yegros (1913 - 1978)

    Actress. She began her career at the age of 17 on stage, but soon moved to cinema, where she was known as “La Dulce Llorona” (“The Sweet Weeper”), because often she played dramatic roles. She become a movie star during Spanish Second Republic. She is best remembered for films such as “La Bien Pagada” (1933), […]

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  • Lincoln Chase

    1926 - 1980

    Lincoln Chase (1926 - 1980)

    Lincoln Chase was born in New York City, the only child of West Indian immigrants. Lorenzo, his father, was born in Cuba and his mother, Edith (or Elizabeth), was a native of the British West Indies. He was raised in New York City. His wife was Monica D. Chase. His children are Alton D Chase, […]

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  • Linda Barrett

    1910 - 1986

    Linda Barrett (1910 - 1986)

    Actress. Appeared in the 1963 cult classic film “Shock Corridor.” Married to actor Victor Sutherland. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Spouse:  Victor Sutherland (1889 – 1968)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Linda Christian

    1923 - 2011

    Linda Christian (1923 - 2011)

    Actress. Born Blanca Rosa Welter, the daughter of a Dutch executive in the oil industry, she grew up in Venezuela, South Africa, Holland, Switzerland and Palestine, learning to speak multiple languages fluently while becoming a model student during her schooling. She worked at the Office of the British Censor during her residence in Palestine and […]

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  • Linda Christian

    1923 - 2011

    Linda Christian (1923 - 2011)

    Actress. Born Blanca Rosa Welter, the daughter of a Dutch executive in the oil industry, she grew up in Venezuela, South Africa, Holland, Switzerland and Palestine, learning to speak multiple languages fluently while becoming a model student during her schooling. She worked at the Office of the British Censor during her residence in Palestine and […]

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  • Linda Christian

    1923 - 2011

    Linda Christian (1923 - 2011)

    Christian was born as Blanca Rosa Welter in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico, a daughter of Dutch engineer and Royal Dutch Shell executive, Gerardus Jacob Welter (1904–1981), and his Mexican-born wife, the former Blanca Rosa Vorhauer (1901-1992), who was of Spanish, German and French descent. The Welter family moved a great deal during Christian’s youth, living everywhere […]

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  • Linda Cordova

    1926 - 1994

    Linda Cordova (1926 - 1994)

    Actress. Born in California, she began her career appearing on television western series such as “Have Gun-Will Travel”, Wanted Dead or Live” and “El Gato” and “Place for Abel Hix”. For feature films, her credits included “Virginia Sacrifice” (1959), “Long Rope” (1961) and “Hombre” (1967). (bio by: John “J-Cat” Griffith)

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  • Linda Dangcil

    1942 - 2009

    Linda Dangcil (1942 - 2009)

    Actress, Dancer. She was best known for her role as Sister Ana, in ABC’s “The Flying Nun”, appearing in 37 episodes from 1967 to 1970. She began her career in the 1950s, in the Broadway version of “Peter Pan”, and was one of the principal dancers in the film “West Side Story” (1961). Her numerous […]

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  • Linda Darnell

    1923 - 1965

    Linda Darnell (1923 - 1965)

    Monetta Eloyse Darnall was born in Dallas, Texas, as one of four children (excluding her mother’s two children from an earlier marriage), to postal clerk Calvin Roy Darnall and the former Pearl Brown. She was the younger sister of Undeen (born March 1918) and the older sister of Monte Maloya (born 1929) and Calvin Roy, […]

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