• Linda Gary

    1944 - 1995

    Linda Gary (1944 - 1995)

    Linda Gary Voice Actress. Best known as the voices of ‘Teela’, ‘Sorceress’ and ‘Evil-Lyn’ on the cartoon “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” (1983). Other cartoons she did voice work for include “The Smurfs” (1981), “Transformers” (1984), “She-Ra: Princess of Power” (1985), “The Land Before Time” and “Spider-Man” (1994). Linda Gary was born on […]

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  • Linda Griffiths

    1953 - 2014

    Linda Griffiths (1953 - 2014)

    Linda Griffiths was born in Montreal, Quebec. Following her studies at St. Thomas High School, she attended Dawson College, the National Theatre School for one year, and McGill University. She is best known for her 1980 one-woman play Maggie and Pierre, cowritten with Paul Thompson, in which she played both Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau […]

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  • Linda Loredo

    1907 - 1931

    Linda Loredo (1907 - 1931)

    Actress.  An Arizona native of Mexican descent,  she was a dancer in Los Angeles nightclubs and played one in her first films,  the silents “Heroes of the Wild” (1927) and “After the Storm” (1928).  She owes her present notoriety to a brief,  curious phase in Hollywood history.  At the beginning of the talkie era,  before […]

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  • Linda Thelma

    1970 - 1939

    Linda Thelma (1970 - 1939)

    Actress, Singer. She was the first female tango singer in Argentina. (bio by: Guada)

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  • Linda Watkins

    1908 - 1976

    Linda Watkins (1908 - 1976)

    At the age of sixteen Linda Watkins’ parents sent her to study at the Theatre Guild. After six months she began to appear with the guild’s summer repertory program in Scarborough, New York. Instead of finishing her studies at the guild, she pursued a job at the office of Charles Hopkins. When he asked Watkins […]

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  • Lindsay Anderson

    1923 - 1994

    Lindsay Anderson (1923 - 1994)

    Of Scottish parentage, Anderson was the son of a British Army officer. He was born in Bangalore, South India, and educated at Saint Ronan’s School in Worthing, West Sussex, and at Cheltenham College, where he met his lifelong friend and biographer, the screenwriter and novelist Gavin Lambert; and at Wadham College, Oxford, where he studied […]

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  • Lindsay Crosby

    1938 - 1989

    Lindsay Crosby (1938 - 1989)

    Lindsay Crosby, Sr. (January 5, 1938 – December 11, 1989) was an American actor and singer. Lindsay Crosby, son of Bing Crosby and Dixie Lee, was born in California and named for his father’s closest friend and horse racing partner, Lindsay Howard. He was educated at Loyola High School, Los Angeles. He was remembered by his […]

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  • Lindsay Tuckett

    1919 - 2016

    Lindsay Tuckett (1919 - 2016)

    Lindsay Tuckett (6 February 1919 – 5 September 2016) was a South African cricketer who played in nine Tests from 1947 to 1949. He was born in Durban, Natal. The son of one Test player, Len Tuckett, and the nephew of another, Joe Cox, Lindsay Tuckett was just a month past his 16th birthday when he […]

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  • Lindy Boggs

    1916 - 2013

    Lindy Boggs (1916 - 2013)

    Boggs was born on the Brunswick Plantation near New Roads in Pointe Coupee Parish in South Louisiana. She attended Newcomb College at Tulane University in New Orleans. She was a second cousin of deLesseps Story “Chep” Morrison, Sr., the former mayor of New Orleans, Ambassador to the Organization of American States, and three-time candidate for […]

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  • Linus Pauling

    1901 - 1994

    Linus Pauling (1901 - 1994)

    Linus Carl Pauling (February 28, 1901 – August 19, 1994) was an American chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author, and educator. He published more than 1,200 papers and books, of which about 850 dealt with scientific topics. New Scientist called him one of the 20 greatest scientists of all time, and as of 2000, he was […]

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  • Lionel Atwill

    1885 - 1946

    Lionel Atwill (1885 - 1946)

    Actor. He is probably best remembered for his horror films of the 1930s and 1940s. He was born Lionel Alfred William Atwell in Corydon, London, England into a wealthy family, and was educated at London’s prestigious Mercer School to become an architect, but his interest turned to the stage. He worked his way progressively into […]

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  • Lionel Barrymore

    1878 - 1954

    Lionel Barrymore (1878 - 1954)

    Lionel Barrymore Born on April 12, 1878 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as Lionel Herbert Blythe. He was the oldest child of stage perfomer Maurice Blythe who had gained fame as Maurice Barrymore and his wife Georgina Drew the daughter of celebrated actor John Drew. Lionel along with his sister Ethel and brother John, all aspired for […]

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  • Lionel Belmore

    1867 - 1953

    Lionel Belmore (1867 - 1953)

    Director and Actor. Lionel was on Broadway from 1899 and in American films by 1914. He was the director of 9 films between 1914 and 1920. During the 1930’s, Lionel was employed in Hollywood as English butlers, innkeepers, lairds, burgomasters and town elders. He acted in over 171 films. He was notable as the huffy-puffy […]

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  • Lionel Conacher

    1900 - 1954

    Lionel Conacher (1900 - 1954)

    Lionel Pretoria Conacher, MP (/ˈkɒnəkər/; May 24, 1900 – May 26, 1954), nicknamed “The Big Train”, was a Canadian athlete and politician. Voted the country’s top athlete of the first half of the 20th century, he won championships in numerous sports. His first passion was football; he was a member of the 1921 Grey Cup […]

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  • Lionel Davidson

    1922 - 2009

    Lionel Davidson (1922 - 2009)

    Author. A writer of mystery and adventure novels, he was a three-time recipient of the Golden Dagger Award from the Crime Writers Association for “The Night of Wenceslas” (1960), “A Long Way to Shiloh” (1966) and “The Chelsea Murders” (1978). He was born in Hull, Yorkshire, England to Lithuanian-Jewish parents. While a youth, he worked […]

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  • Lionel Jeffries

    1926 - 2010

    Lionel Jeffries (1926 - 2010)

    Jeffries attended the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wimborne Minster, Dorset. In 1945, he received a commission in the Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. After his World War II service, for which he was awarded the Burma Star, he trained at RADA. He entered repertory at the David Garrick Theatre, Lichfield, Staffordshire for two years and […]

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  • Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald

    1890 - 1956

    Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald (1890 - 1956)

    Artist.  A loner and shy person, he spent almost his whole life in Winnipeg painting, drawing and sketching quiet contemplative scenes.  He spent his childhood summers on his grandmother’s Manitoba farm where he developed a deep love for Canada’s prairies.  He studied art in Winnipeg, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and then in New York City, New York […]

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  • Lionel Newman

    1916 - 1989

    Lionel Newman (1916 - 1989)

    After serving an apprenticeship conducting and orchestrating live shows, Lionel Newman joined 20th Century Fox as a rehearsal pianist under the guidance of his brother, Alfred Newman, and by 1959, he had been promoted to Musical Director for Television there. This opened the doors to feature films. He was soon made vice president in charge […]

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  • Lionel Pretoria “Big Train” Conacher

    1900 - 1954

    Lionel Pretoria “Big Train” Conacher (1900 - 1954)

    Hall of Fame Professional Hockey Player. A native of Toronto, Ontario, Conacher played the position of Defense for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1925 to 1927, New York Americans from 1926 to 1930, and the Montreal Maroons from 1930 to 1933, and 1934 to 1937. From 1929 to 1930 he was also Head Coach of the […]

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  • Lisa Blount

    1957 - 2010

    Lisa Blount (1957 - 2010)

    Lisa Blount was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas to Glen Roscoe Blount and Margaret Louise Martin, and raised in Jacksonville, Arkansas. After graduating from Jacksonville High School and studying theatre at Valdosta State University in Georgia, she landed several small television roles. She played Lynette Pomeroy in An Officer and a Gentleman. Another memorable role was that […]

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  • Lisa Blount

    1957 - 2010

    Lisa Blount (1957 - 2010)

    Actress, Producer. She is best known for her role of Lynette Pomeroy in the hit 1982 picture “An Officer and a Gentleman”, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. Raised in Jacksonville, Arkansas, she attended the University of Arkansas, and landed her first movie part in the film “September 30, 1955” (1977), followed by […]

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  • Lisa Gaye

    1935 - 2016

    Lisa Gaye (1935 - 2016)

    Lisa Gaye was born Leslie Gaye Griffin in Denver, Colorado to Frank Henry Griffin, a painter, and Margaret Griffin, an actress. The Griffin family moved from Denver to Los Angeles, California, in the 1930s to be close to the developing film industry. Her mother, actress Margaret Griffin, was determined that Gaye and her siblings make their […]

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  • Lisa Kelly

    1970 - 2013

    Lisa Kelly (1970 - 2013)

    Lisa Kelly was born and raised in Southington, Connecticut. Her mother’s name is Linda. Kelly made her debut in the 1992 Married… with Children episode “Kelly Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”. She appeared again in 1997 in episodes of Charmed and Silk Stalkings, as well as in direct-to-video and television films such as Amityville Dollhouse, Late Last […]

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  • Lisa Lopes

    1971 - 2002

    Lisa Lopes (1971 - 2002)

    Lisa Lopes On April 25, 2002, in La Ceiba, Honduras, while driving a rented Mitsubishi Pajero around a bend in the road, Lopes swerved to the right slightly then again to the left as she tried to avoid a collision with another vehicle that was in her lane ahead of her (it is not clear […]

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  • Lisa Millican

    1969 - 1982

    Lisa Millican (1969 - 1982)

    On September 25, 1982, Lisa Millican was on a shopping outing at the Riverbend Mall in Rome, Georgia. She was with other residents of the Ethel Harpst Home, a facility for neglected and abused girls and boys located in Cedartown, Georgia. Separated from her group, Millican was coerced from the mall’s gaming arcade by Alvin […]

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  • Lisa Peake

    1935 - 2000

    Lisa Peake (1935 - 2000)

    British Actress and Dancer. She appeared in four films of the early sixties: “Expresso Bongo” (1960) as Chinese Rose, with Laurence Harvey and Cliff Richard; “A Matter of Choice” (1963) as Jane, opposite Ballard Berkeley, who was later to be the Major in “Fawlty Towers”; “She” (1965), based on the story by Sir Henry Rider […]

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  • Lisa Robin Kelly

    1970 - 2013

    Lisa Robin Kelly (1970 - 2013)

    Lisa Robin Kelly was born in Connecticut and raised there in the town of Southington. She made her debut in a 1992 episode of Married… with Children entitled “Kelly Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”. She appeared again in 1997 on episodes of Charmed and Silk Stalkings, as well as in direct-to-video and TV movies, such as […]

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  • Lisa Spoonauer

    1972 - 2017

    Lisa Spoonauer (1972 - 2017)

    Lisa Ann Spoonauer (December 16, 1972 – May 20, 2017) was an American character actress best known for the role of Caitlin Bree in Clerks, which she reprised for an episode in the animated series. Lisa Spoonauer was born in Rahway, New Jersey, and raised in Freehold Township. She attended Brookdale Community College, where she […]

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  • Lisbeth Movin

    1917 - 2011

    Lisbeth Movin (1917 - 2011)

    Actress. A longtime star of the Danish stage and screen, she is remembered as Anne Petersdotter, a pastor’s wife accused of divination in Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1943 classic “Day of Wrath”. Raised in Odense, she originally trained as a laboratory technician then in 1939 was accepted into the Royal Theatre School; admitted to the Theatre’s […]

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  • Lise Delamare

    1913 - 2006

    Lise Delamare (1913 - 2006)

    Actress.  Born in Colombes, France,  her performing career spanned more than 50 years.  Delamare appeared in classic plays such as “Une Nuit d’Automne,” “Madame Sans-Gêne,” “Cyrano de Bergerac,” “Un Caprice,” “La Machine à Ecrire,” “Dialogues de Carmelites,” “La Folle de Chaillot”,  and “Le Misanthrope.” On screen, she is best remembered in “Les Précieuses Ridicules” (1934), […]

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