• Louisa May Alcott

    1832 - 1888

    Louisa May Alcott (1832 - 1888)

    Author. She is best known as the author of the novel “Little Women”, which was published in 1869. Born in Germantown, Pennsylvania, she grew up in Boston and Concord, Massachusetts, where her father, A. Bronson Alcott, was a noted educator and leader of a philosophical movement called transcendentalism. Her family friends and neighbors included the […]

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  • Louisa Moritz

    1936 - 2019

    Louisa Moritz (1936 - 2019)

    Louisa Moritz One of the first seven women to come forward and accuse Bill Cosby of rape, actress, television personality and producer Louisa Moritz has died of natural causes in Los Angeles. She was 72. Moritz was born Louisa Castro in 1946 in Havana, Cuba. After moving to America in the 1950s, she saw the St. Moritz hotel in […]

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  • Louise “Lou” Arnold

    1923 - 2010

    Louise “Lou” Arnold (1923 - 2010)

    Professional Baseball Player. A pitcher, she spent four seasons with the South Bend Blue Sox of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). Raised in Pawtuckett, Rhode Island, she was a stand-out athlete in high school and was signed by the AAGPBL in 1948 at the point when the league was switching to overhand pitching. […]

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  • Louise “Lou” Gish

    1967 - 2006

    Louise “Lou” Gish (1967 - 2006)

    British Actress of stage, movies and television.  Raised in a theatrical family (she was the daughter of actress Sheila Gish), she originally studied art, and took a BA Honours degree from Chamberwell School of Art.  For a time she considered journalism as a career, and even won a prize for an article in “Harpers”.  However, […]

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  • Louise “The Muse” Colet

    1810 - 1876

    Louise “The Muse” Colet (1810 - 1876)

    Author. Born in the Aix-en Province of France, she was a pioneer feminist literary, known to her contemporaries as the Muse. A flamboyant populist, she wrote her first poetry novel “Fleurs du Midi,” in 1836. Her Paris salon became a meeting place for many noted literary writers such as Gustave Flaubert who had strong affections […]

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  • Louise Allbritton

    1920 - 1979

    Louise Allbritton (1920 - 1979)

    Actress.  Pearl Louise Allbritton was the youngest child born to Pearl Caroline Greer and Lawrence Leonard Allbritton, Sr.  When she was a baby, the family relocated to Wichita Falls, Texas. Her mother died when she was 16 years-old leaving her father to be only parent while managing a 100,000 acre ranch and a business. For […]

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  • Louise Beavers

    1902 - 1962

    Louise Beavers (1902 - 1962)

    Actress.  A plump,  mournful-eyed character player in Hollywood films,  she was almost always cast as a maid,  mammy,  or housekeeper,  a shameful waste of her talent.  Beavers is best remembered for her wrenching performance in “Imitation of Life” (1934),  as an Aunt Jemima-like pancake maker whose light-skinned daughter abandons her to pass for white in […]

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  • Louise Bechtel

    1894 - 1985

    Louise Bechtel (1894 - 1985)

    Noted Children’s Author. Spent many years of devotion to editing, writing and lecturing about children’s books. Winner of three Newberry Medals. Best known for her books “The Brave Bantum” and “Mr. Peck’s Pets.” (bio by: Laurie)

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  • Louise Blanchard Bethune

    1856 - 1913

    Louise Blanchard Bethune (1856 - 1913)

    Architect. She was the first American woman known to have worked as a professional architect. She was born in Waterloo, New York. Blanchard worked primarily in Buffalo, New York and partnered with her husband at Bethune, Bethune & Fuchs. Her work includes the Hotel Lafayette. The Buffalo Meter Company Building was renamed Bethune Hall in […]

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  • Louise Bourgeois

    1911 - 2010

    Louise Bourgeois (1911 - 2010)

    Artist. As a painter and more notably as a sculptor, she created a long series of semi-abstract yet expressive works that many consider erotic or disturbing. Bourgeois was raised in Paris by a well-off family that sold and repaired tapestries, and with whom she had conflicted relations that were to be manifested in her work. […]

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  • Louise Brooks

    1906 - 1985

    Louise Brooks (1906 - 1985)

    Louise Brooks Born Mary Louise Brooks on november 14, 1906 in Cherryvale, Kansas. She was the second of four children. At age 4, Louise made her first public appearance, playing a pint-sized bride in a church benefit production of Tom Thumb’s Wedding. She was however, a very normal child. She loved making mud pies and […]

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  • Louise Campbell McMahon

    1911 - 1997

    Louise Campbell McMahon (1911 - 1997)

    Actress. Born Louise Weisbecker in Chicago, Illinois, she studied dramatic arts at De Paul University and attended the Chicago School of Expression. Campbell supported herself working as a dental assistant, while performing in several stage stock companies. She then made the decision to relocate to Hollywood in 1937. She was quickly contracted by Paramount Pictures […]

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  • Louise Carver

    1869 - 1956

    Louise Carver (1869 - 1956)

    Actor. She appeared in 66 films from 1906 to 1941 including: “Romeo & Juliet” (silent), “Wedding Bells” (silent), “The Sap,” (silent), “Hallelujah,” “Roman Scandals,” “Kid Millions,” “Dizzy Doctors,” and “Some More of Samoa.” Married to actor Tom Murray (bio by: TLS)  Family links:  Spouse:  Thomas Henderson Murray (1874 – 1935)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Louise Chapman Wallace

    1881 - 1962

    Louise Chapman Wallace (1881 - 1962)

    American film actress. Wife of actor Morgan Wallace. (bio by: A.J. Marik)

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  • Louise Currie

    1913 - 2013

    Louise Currie (1913 - 2013)

    Actress. Born Louise Gunter, her father was a banker, she enjoyed growing up in high social status and attended an all-girls school in Washington, DC. While studying at Sarah Lawrence College, she developed an interesting in acting and later moved to Hollywood in pursuit of a career in entertainment. She studied at Max Reinhardt’s School […]

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  • Louise Dresser

    1878 - 1965

    Louise Dresser (1878 - 1965)

    Louise Dresser (October 17, 1878 – April 24, 1965) was an American actress. Born Louise Josephine Kerlin in Evansville, Indiana. Her father was a train conductor who died when she was fifteen years old. She starred in several films in the silent era. She had acted on the stage previously, being a Vaudeville singer at age fifteen […]

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  • Louise Dumont-Lindemann

    1862 - 1932

    Louise Dumont-Lindemann (1862 - 1932)

    Actress. Founded DŸsseldorf theatre and museum of performing arts. Monument by Ernst Barlach.

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  • Louise Duprey

    1970 - 2000

    Louise Duprey (1970 - 2000)

    Actress. Appeared in “September Song,” and played ‘Amy Nelson’ on “Coronation Street.” After quitting ‘The Street,’ she became a virtual recluse, and her body was found after being deceased for a number of days. The cause of death was ruled as being a drug overdose.  (bio by: Jeff J)

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  • Louise Emmons

    1970 - 1935

    Louise Emmons (1970 - 1935)

    Actress. She is best remembered for her role as a headmistress in “Milk and Mush,” she frightened generations of ‘Little Rascal’ fans. Louise appeared in 53 films throughout her career including “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalpyse” (1921), “The Ten Commandments” (1923), “Resurrection” (1931), “King Kong” (1933), and “Mark of the Vampire” (1935). (bio by: […]

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  • Louise Fazenda

    1895 - 1962

    Louise Fazenda (1895 - 1962)

    Of Portuguese ancestry, Louise Fazenda was born in Lafayette, Indiana. Her father, Joseph Fazenda, was a merchandise broker. After moving west Louise attended Los Angeles High School and St. Mary’s Convent. Before trying motion pictures, she worked for a dentist, a candy store owner, and a tax collector and on stage. Louise Fazenda got her start […]

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  • Louise Glaum

    1888 - 1970

    Louise Glaum (1888 - 1970)

    Louise Glaum (September 4, 1888 – November 25, 1970) was an American actress. Known for her role as a femme fatale in silent era motion picture dramas, she was credited with giving one of the best characterizations of a vamp in her early career. Louise Glaum began her acting career on the stage in Los Angeles, […]

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  • Louise Henry

    1911 - 1967

    Louise Henry (1911 - 1967)

    Actress. Born Jessie Louise Hieman, the daughter of Swedish immigrants, she moved to Hollywood in the midst of the “Great Depression” to seek an opportunity for stardom. After landing a job with MGM Studios, she began her training as well as experiencing some screen tests, which led to her film debut in the picture “Paris […]

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  • Louise Latimer

    1913 - 1973

    Louise Latimer (1913 - 1973)

    Actress, Fashion Designer. A Hollywood starlet of the 1930s, she appeared in a dozen films during a brief motion picture career. She made her film debut in the 1934 motion picture “My Mummy’s Arms.” Over the next three years her screen accomplishments would include “There’s Always Tomorrow” (1934), “Two in Revolt” (1936), “Murder on a […]

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  • Louise Lorraine

    1904 - 1981

    Louise Lorraine (1904 - 1981)

    Louise Lorraine (October 1, 1904 – February 2, 1981) was an American film actress. She was born Louise Escovar on October 1, 1904 in San Francisco, California. One day, a photography salesman knocked on the door of the Los Angeles home where Louise Lorraine lived with her widowed mother and five siblings. The door was answered […]

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  • Louise Lovely

    1895 - 1980

    Louise Lovely (1895 - 1980)

    Actress. She was the first Australian silent film actress to find success in America. Born Nellie Louise Alberti to an Italian musical father and a Swiss mother, she made her professional debut at the age of nine as ‘Eva’ in the Harriet Beecher Stowe classic novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” using the stage name of Louise […]

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  • Louise Nevelson

    1899 - 1988

    Louise Nevelson (1899 - 1988)

    Louise Nevelson was born Leah Berliawsky in 1899 in Perislav, Poltava Governorate, Russian Empire, to Minna Sadie and Isaac Berliawsky, a contractor and lumber merchant. Even though the family lived comfortably, Nevelson’s relatives had begun to leave the Russian Empire for America in the 1880s. The Berliawskys had to stay behind, as Isaac, the youngest […]

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  • Louise Peete

    1880 - 1947

    Louise Peete (1880 - 1947)

    Peete’s family was relatively wealthy, and she received an expensive education, but was expelled from school for inappropriate behavior. In 1903, she married a traveling salesman named Henry Bosley; he committed suicide after discovering his wife with another man. She then spent time in Boston, working as a high-class prostitute and stealing from her clients. […]

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  • Louise Platt

    1915 - 2003

    Louise Platt (1915 - 2003)

    Louise Platt (August 3, 1915 – September 6, 2003) was an American theater, film, and TV actress. Platt is best remembered for her role as the officer’s pregnant wife in John Ford’s critically acclaimed Stagecoach (1939). After two years on Broadway, she came to Hollywood in 1938. She returned to the New York stage in 1942 […]

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  • Louise Plowright

    1956 - 2016

    Louise Plowright (1956 - 2016)

    Actress. Her best known role was that of the “abrasive hairdresser” Julie Cooper in the television soap opera “EastEnders” from 1989 to 1990.   She trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and starred in various regional and touring productions of musicals.    She earned a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 2000 for Best […]

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  • Louise Victoria Prussing

    1895 - 1994

    Louise Victoria Prussing (1895 - 1994)

    Actress. Born in Chicago, Illinois, she was a successful Broadway performer when she entered films appearing in “Out Yonder” (1919). Her many other credits included “His Wife’s Money” (1920), “World’s Apart” (1921), “Virgin’s Sacrifice” (1922), “The Thoroughbred” (1928), “The Woman in White” (1929) and “Before Morning” (1933). She died in Los Angeles, California. (bio by: […]

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