Lily Cahill (Lily Cahill)

Lily Cahill

Broadway and Movie Actress. She was a star on the stage in New York and London. She also appeared in movies, first in silent films and then in talkies. Ms. Cahill appeared on Broadway in “The Road to Arcady” (1912), “A Man’s Friends” (1913), “Under Cover” (1914), “The Melody of Youth” (1916), “In for the Night” (1917), “Good Morning, Rosamond” (1917), “Over Here” (1918), “The Marquis de Priola” (1919), “The Purple Mask” (1920), “Opportunity” (1920), “So This Is London” (1922), “Lovely Lady” (1925), “Caprice” (1928), “The Tyrant” (1930), “As Husbands Go” (1931), “Chrysalis” (1932), “Alien Corn” (1933), “And Be My Love” (1934), “Rain From Heaven” (1935), “First Lady” (1936), and “Life With Father” (1939-1947). She also appeared in films “The Masher” (1910), “The Message of the Violin” (1910), “The Passing of a Grouch” (1910), “The Fugitive” (1910), “A Plain Song” (1910), “A Child’s Stratagem” (1910), “A Victim of Circumstances” (1911), “The Failure” (1911), “Colonel Carter of Cartersville” (1915), “My Sin” (1931) and “So This Is London” (1940). She appeared on television on “The Philco Television Playhouse” (“Expectant Relations” episode, 1953). Cahill was briefly married to actor Brandon Tynan, with whom she frequently performed on Broadway. Lily Cahill was a grand-daughter of John Jacob Myers, a famous soldier who was a Colonel in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Lily Cahill was born was born in Lockhart, Caldwell County, Texas, USA, on July 17, some sources say in 1880 and some say in 1885.

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  • July, 17, 1889


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  • Cremated, Ashes given to family or friend. Cremated in San Antonio, Texas.

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