• Ken Howard

    1944 - 2016

    Ken Howard (1944 - 2016)

    Ken Howard  Ken Howard, the current national president of SAG-AFTRA who came to fame as the supportive inner-city high school basketball coach on the 1970s CBS drama The White Shadow, died Wednesday. He was 71. Howard, who got laughs as Hank Hooper, the CEO of Kabletown, the cable company that buys NBC from General Electric, […]

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  • Ken Hubbs

    1941 - 1964

    Ken Hubbs (1941 - 1964)

    Kenneth Douglass Hubbs (December 23, 1941 – February 13, 1964) was an American professional baseball player. He played in Major League Baseball as a second baseman for the Chicago Cubs from 1961 to 1963. He was killed in a plane crash near Provo, Utah prior to the 1964 season. In his short big-league career, Hubbs was […]

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  • Ken Hudson

    1970 - 1970

    Ken Hudson (1970 - 1970)

    Ken Hudson, the first full-time African American referee for the NBA, died on May 9 in Atlanta, Ga. Mr. Hudson became a pioneering NBA referee, officiating in the league from 1968 to 1972. During this phase of his career, he interacted with such notable players as Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Julius (Dr. J) Erving, Walt […]

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  • Ken Lynch

    1910 - 1990

    Ken Lynch (1910 - 1990)

    Kenneth E. “Ken” Lynch (July 15, 1910 – February 13, 1990) was a Cleveland, Ohio-born American radio, film, and TV actor credited with more than 180 credits to his name. He was generally known for portraying law enforcement officers and detectives. He may have been best known for his starring role as ‘the Lieutenant’ on […]

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  • Ken Norton

    1943 - 2013

    Ken Norton (1943 - 2013)

    Ken Norton Norton was an outstanding athlete at Jacksonville High School. He was a member of the state championship football team and was selected to the all-state team on defense as a senior in 1960. His track coach entered him in eight events, and Norton placed first in seven of them. As a result, the […]

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  • Ken Price

    1935 - 2012

    Ken Price (1935 - 2012)

    Price was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Price’s earliest aspirations were to be an artist, “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be an artist. Even when I was a kid I would make drawings and little books, and cartoons..,” he states. Price enrolled in his first art ceramics […]

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  • Ken Stabler

    1945 - 2015

    Ken Stabler (1945 - 2015)

    Ken Stabler Stabler first showed his professional chops in a 1972 playoff game best known for the Immaculate Reception. Mostly forgotten was that Stabler replaced starter Daryle Lamonica and led the Raiders to what seemed to be the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter — until Franco Harris’ spectacular catch and run won the game […]

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  • Ken Venturi

    1931 - 2013

    Ken Venturi (1931 - 2013)

    Born in San Francisco, California, Venturi learned to play golf at an early age, and developed his game at Harding Park Golf Course and other public courses in the Bay Area. In the early 1950s, he was a pupil of Byron Nelson, and was also influenced by playing partner Ben Hogan. Venturi won the California […]

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  • Ken Weatherwax

    1955 - 2014

    Ken Weatherwax (1955 - 2014)

    Kenneth Patrick Weatherwax (September 29, 1955 – December 7, 2014) was an American child actor. Billed as Ken and nicknamed Kenny, Weatherwax was best known for having played Pugsley Addams on the original The Addams Family black-and-white television series and reprised the role in the television movie Halloween with the New Addams Family. Ken Weatherwax, who […]

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  • Kenji Goto

    1967 - 2015

    Kenji Goto (1967 - 2015)

    Kenji Goto was born on 23 October 1967 in the city of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Hosei University in Tokyo in 1991, he worked for a media production company before establishing Independent Press in 1996. He also worked with U.N. organizations including UNICEF and the U.N. Refugee Agency. Reporting from war-torn countries around […]

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  • Kenne Duncan

    1903 - 1972

    Kenne Duncan (1903 - 1972)

    Kenne Duncan (February 17, 1903 – February 5, 1972) was a Canadian-born B-movie character actor. Hyped professionally as “The Meanest Man in the Movies,” the vast majority of his over 250 appearances on camera were Westerns, but he also did occasional forays into horror, crime drama, and science fiction. He also appeared in over a […]

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  • Kenneth Albert Hendricks

    1941 - 2007

    Kenneth Albert Hendricks (1941 - 2007)

    Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of ABC Supply, the largest wholesale distributor of roofing and siding supplies in the United States. With a net worth of $3.5 billion he was one of America’s richest people,  ranking 91st in Forbes Magazine’s list for 2007. In his youth he dropped out of school and learned the roofing business […]

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  • Kenneth Arrow

    1921 - 2017

    Kenneth Arrow (1921 - 2017)

    From 1946 to 1949 Kenneth Arrow spent his time partly as a graduate student at Columbia and partly as a research associate at the Cowles Commission for Research in Economics at the University of Chicago. During that time he also held the rank of Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Chicago and worked […]

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  • Kenneth Battelle

    1927 - 2013

    Kenneth Battelle (1927 - 2013)

    Kenneth Everette Battelle was born in Syracuse, New York, the eldest son with four younger sisters. His father was a shoe salesman, who divorced his mother when Kenneth was 12, leaving their son to support his family through cooking and washing dishes, selling beer and working as an elevator operator. Aged 17, he joined the […]

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  • Kenneth Biros

    1958 - 2009

    Kenneth Biros (1958 - 2009)

    Kenneth Biros Biros admitted to killing 22 year old Tami Engstrom during February 1991 in a fit of rage. Biros then cut up the body and spread numerous parts over a wide territory encompassing portions of northeast Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania.  Biros was convicted of aggravated murder, attempted rape, aggravated robbery and felonious sexual penetration […]

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  • Kenneth Connor

    1918 - 1993

    Kenneth Connor (1918 - 1993)

    Born in Islington, London, the son of a naval petty officer who organised concert parties, Kenneth Connor first appeared on the stage at the age of two as an organ-grinder’s monkey in one of his father’s shows, in Portsmouth. By 11 years old, he had his own act. He attended the Central School of Speech […]

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  • Kenneth Eugene Lyon

    1933 - 2004

    Kenneth Eugene Lyon (1933 - 2004)

    Police Officer. Born in Dallas, Texas. Kenneth was a US Army veteran, serving in the Korean War. He also served in the US Coast Guard. Kenneth was a career police officer, retiring after thirty years from the Dallas Police Department as a Lieutenant. Kenneth was a Dallas plain-clothes police officer who helped apprehend Lee Harvey […]

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  • Kenneth Fearing

    1902 - 1961

    Kenneth Fearing (1902 - 1961)

    Kenneth Fearing was born in Oak Park, Illinois, the son of Harry Lester Fearing, a successful Chicago attorney, and Olive Flexner Fearing. His parents divorced when he was a year old, and he was raised mainly by his aunt, Eva Fearing Scholl. He went to school at Oak Park and River Forest High School, and […]

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  • Kenneth Gilbert

    1931 - 2015

    Kenneth Gilbert (1931 - 2015)

    Actor. He was well-known for his various roles on television from the 1950s to 2011. He began his professional stage career with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1950s and then progressed into television.  Gilbert became a well-known face for his different roles through the years starting with “The Heir of Skipton” in 1953 and […]

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  • Kenneth Grahame

    1859 - 1932

    Kenneth Grahame (1859 - 1932)

    Kenneth Grahame wanted to attend Oxford University, but was not allowed to do so by his guardian on grounds of cost. Instead he was sent to work at the Bank of England in 1879, and rose through the ranks until retiring as its Secretary in 1908 due to ill health, which may have been precipitated […]

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  • Kenneth Griffith

    1921 - 2006

    Kenneth Griffith (1921 - 2006)

    Actor. Born in Tenby, Wales,  he appeared in more than 100 films and television shows. Griffith is best-known for his roles in “Four Weddings and a Funeral” (1994) and “The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain” (1995). His other feature credits include “The Farmer’s Wife” (1941), “Forbidden” (1948), “Waterfront” (1950), […]

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  • Kenneth Harlan

    1895 - 1967

    Kenneth Harlan (1895 - 1967)

    Actor. Prolific stage and motion picture actor of the 1910s thru 1940s. He appeared as a leading man in many silents including “The Law That Divides” (1918), “Poisoned Paradise” (1924), “Twinkletoes” (1926), “The Penalty” (1920), “The Primitive Lover” (1922), and “Little Church Around The Corner” (1923). Upon the advent of sound, he played a multitude […]

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  • Kenneth I. Sawyer

    1884 - 1944

    Kenneth I. Sawyer (1884 - 1944)

    Few men have made such wide ranging contributions to highway betterment in Michigan, and throughout the world, as Kenneth I. Sawyer. Born on November 30, 1884 in Menominee, Michigan, he was graduated from high school in 1903 and from the University of Michigan with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering in 1907. He […]

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  • Kenneth L. Kling

    1895 - 1970

    Kenneth L. Kling (1895 - 1970)

    Cartoonist.  He was the artist of the newspaper strip ‘Joe and Asbestos’, about horse racing. The strip earned Ken quite a living, because newspapers were paying Bell Syndicate a fortune to get the exclusive rights to publish the strip in a region. The readers thought Ken was giving handy racing tips in his cartoon, but […]

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  • Kenneth Lee Boyd

    1948 - 2005

    Kenneth Lee Boyd (1948 - 2005)

    After leaving school in the ninth grade, Boyd later joined the United States Army and volunteered for a tour of duty in Vietnam in 1967. Two years later he received an honorable discharge. After his first marriage had ended in divorce, he married Julie. This second marriage, which resulted in three boys, had a series […]

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  • Kenneth Luther Green

    1907 - 1969

    Kenneth Luther Green (1907 - 1969)

    Actor. He appeared in the film, “Penrod” (1922).  Family links:  Spouse:  Lettie L. Green (1908 – 1994)

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  • Kenneth MacDonald

    1901 - 1972

    Kenneth MacDonald (1901 - 1972)

    MacDonald began his career as a stage actor, and came to Hollywood in the early 1930’s. He found a few bit parts at first, finally finding steady work in westerns and serials at Columbia Pictures. MacDonald perfected a cool, debonair demeanor, which usually masked an evil side as a con man, outlaw, or thief. His […]

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  • Kenneth Tobey

    1917 - 2002

    Kenneth Tobey (1917 - 2002)

    Born in Oakland, California, Tobey was headed for a law career when he first dabbled in acting at the University of California Little Theater. That experience led to a year-and-a-half of study at New York’s Neighborhood Playhouse, where his classmates included fellow University of California at Berkeley alumnus Gregory Peck, Eli Wallach, and Tony Randall. […]

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  • Kenneth W. “Ken” Monfort

    1928 - 2001

    Kenneth W. “Ken” Monfort (1928 - 2001)

    Renown Western Cattleman, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Born in Greeley, Weld County, Colorado. Ken Monfort became the CEO of the family owned, Monfort Beef Company in 1970 and remained in that position until the sale of the company to ConAgra Red Meat Companies in 1998. Monfort was also known for his philanthropic generosity. He supported several causes; […]

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  • Kenneth W. Self

    1916 - 2003

    Kenneth W. Self (1916 - 2003)

    Business Magnate. A mechanic by trade, Kenneth Self started working in the maintenance shop of Consolidated Freightway’s Corporation in 1940. By 1947 CE founder Leland James promoted Ken Self to production manager in the Portland office. Design changes that Ken Self directed included the first 90 degree tilting cab, the first double trailer truck. A […]

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