• Kenny Baker

    1912 - 1985

    Kenny Baker (1912 - 1985)

    Actor. Born Kenneth Laurence Baker, he first gained notice in the 1930s as the featured singer on “The Jack Benny Program” radio show. He appeared in seventeen film musicals including “The King and Chorus Girl” (1937), “52nd Street” (1937), “Hit Parade of 1941” (1940) and “Calendar Girl” (1947). After retiring from performing in the early […]

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  • Kenny Delmar

    1910 - 1984

    Kenny Delmar (1910 - 1984)

    Kenny Delmar was born September 5, 1910, in Boston, but moved to New York City in infancy after the separation of his parents. His mother, Evelyn Delmar, was a vaudevillian who toured the country with her sister. Kenny Delmar was on the stage from age seven. His first screen appearance was in the D. W. […]

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  • Kenny Everett

    1944 - 1995

    Kenny Everett (1944 - 1995)

    Popular and innovative comic actor and writer. Famed for his extrovert characters and equally crazy outbursts, he was popular both on BBC Radio and television. He was fired from his BBC Radio 1 slot for telling a joke about the Minister of Transport’s wife’s driving test making the comment that the driving instructor may have […]

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  • Kenny Rogers

    1938 - 2020

    Kenny Rogers (1938 - 2020)

    Kenny Rogers Kenny Rogers GRAMMY Award-winning country superstar has enjoyed great success during his storied career of nearly six decades. The enduring Country Music Hall of Fame member and pop superstar has endeared music lovers around the globe with his amazing songs, heartfelt performances, distinctive voice, gift for storytelling and universal appeal, and in 2016, […]

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  • Kenny Wharram

    1933 - 2017

    Kenny Wharram (1933 - 2017)

    Kenny Wharram started his hockey career with his hometown team the North Bay Black Hawks in 1949 before switching the next season to the Galt Black Hawks for whom he played three seasons. He played one match for the Galt team’s parent club the Chicago Black Hawks in 1951 before returning for another season to […]

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  • Kent Andersson

    1933 - 2005

    Kent Andersson (1933 - 2005)

    Actor, Writer. He had his breakthrough in the 1960´s with three plays, co-written with writer/director Bengt Bratt, “Flotten”, “Hemmet” and “Sandlådan”. Since then he became a highly respected and beloved actor and playwright for the Swedish people, often seen in films and TV-series, besides his theatre acting and revue performances. In 1996 he took over […]

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  • Kerwin Mathews

    1926 - 2007

    Kerwin Mathews (1926 - 2007)

    Mathews was born in Seattle, Washington and was two years old when he moved with his divorced mother to Janesville, Wisconsin. He attended Janesville High School, graduating in 1943. Mathews said that “a kind high school teacher put me in a play, and that changed my life.” According to a classmate, he was a “handsome […]

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  • Kevin Coughlin

    1945 - 1976

    Kevin Coughlin (1945 - 1976)

    Actor. Born John Kevin Barry Coughlin, his parents and sister would soon move to Rye New York.  He appeared on stage in the Frogs of Spring, Life with Mother, The King and I and the Square Root of Wonderful.  His TV credits are vast. He appeared in episodes of Bonanza, Dragnet, The Virginian, Gunsmoke, The […]

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  • Kevin Dobson

    1943 - 2020

    Kevin Dobson (1943 - 2020)

    Kevin Dobson Kevin Dobson, the actor best known for playing Telly Savalas’s protégé on “Kojak” and Michelle Lee’s love interest on the prime-time soap opera “Knots Landing,” died on Sept. 6 at a hospital in French Camp, Calif. He was 77. His brother Brian said the cause was complications of an autoimmune deficiency that led […]

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  • Kevin Duckworth

    1964 - 2008

    Kevin Duckworth (1964 - 2008)

    Kevin Duckworth was the ninth pick in the 2nd round of the 1986 NBA draft, chosen by the San Antonio Spurs. Later that season, he was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers for rookie Walter Berry. His rookie season was unspectacular, as Duckworth came off the bench to back up center Steve Johnson (who in turn […]

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  • Kevin Grantz

    1956 - 2015

    Kevin Grantz (1956 - 2015)

    Actor, Director. A distinguished veteran of stage and screen, he shall probably be remembered for his virtually definitive portrayals of George Washington. Raised in the itinerant lifestyle of a ‘military brat’, he eventually settled with his family in Fredericksburg, Virginia where he graduated from high school before attending Richmond’s Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) as a […]

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  • Kevin Hagen

    1928 - 2005

    Kevin Hagen (1928 - 2005)

    Born in Chicago, Illinois, to professional ballroom dancers, Haakon Olaf Hagen and the former Marvel Lucile Wadsworth. When Haakon Hagen deserted his family, young Hagen was reared by his mother, grandmother, and aunts. As a 15-year-old, he relocated to Portland, Oregon, where one of his aunts had taken a teaching job. His family returned to […]

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  • Kevin Peter Hall

    1955 - 1991

    Kevin Peter Hall (1955 - 1991)

    Actor. He played basketball in high school and won a scholarship to George Washington University in Washington D.C. After graduation he played basketball in Venezuela, but lost interest and moved to Los Angeles to become an actor.He started his career by appearing in a couple of monster films:”Prophecy”(1979) and “Without Warning”(1980). He was often cast […]

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  • Kevin Sharp

    1970 - 2014

    Kevin Sharp (1970 - 2014)

    Kevin Sharp Kevin Sharp was born in 1970 in Redding, California. When he was seven years old, his family moved to Weiser, Idaho to open a restaurant. Sharp performed in local musicals in high school, and stayed active in music after his family moved back to California in 1985. Starting in 1989, he began to […]

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  • Keye Luke

    1904 - 1991

    Keye Luke (1904 - 1991)

    Luke was born in Canton, China, to a father who owned an art shop, but grew up in Seattle. He was part of the Luke family, a relative of Wing Luke, for whom Seattle’s Wing Luke Asian Museum was named. He had four siblings who all emigrated from China to California during the Depression. His […]

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  • Keyes Beech

    1913 - 1990

    Keyes Beech (1913 - 1990)

    Journalist. Born in Pulaski, Tennessee, he was a foreign correspondent in Asia and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1951, for his reporting on the Korean War. During World War II, he served as a Sergeant in the 2nd Marine Division, US Marines, in the Pacific. He was with his unit when they landed at Tarawa […]

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  • Khalid al-Mihdhar

    1975 - 2001

    Khalid al-Mihdhar (1975 - 2001)

    Khalid Muhammad Abdallah al-Mihdhar (Arabic: خالد المحضار‎‎, Khālid al-Miḥḍār; also transliterated as Almihdhar) (May 16, 1975 – September 11, 2001) was one of five hijackers of American Airlines Flight 77, which was flown into the Pentagon as part of the September 11 attacks. Khalid al-Mihdhar was born in Saudi Arabia and fought in the Bosnian War […]

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  • Khan Bonfils

    1970 - 2015

    Khan Bonfils (1970 - 2015)

    Actor. Bonfils, who trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts, started out in musical theater and worked as a model before landing his big Hollywood break in 1999 playing a horned Jedi master in the first Star Wars prequel, ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace’, followed by ‘Star Wars: Episode II […]

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  • Khin Yu May

    1937 - 2014

    Khin Yu May (1937 - 2014)

    Actress. A popular singer and film performer, she is remembered for twice capturing the Myanmar Academy Award. Born in what was then British Burma, she took to show business early and made her 1953 recording debut with the song “Khin yu swe”. After making her silver screen bow in 1958’s “A Thet”, she was signed […]

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  • Khoren Abrahamyan

    1930 - 2004

    Khoren Abrahamyan (1930 - 2004)

    Actor. Born in Yerevan, Armenia, he graduated from the Acting Department of Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute in 1951. He was renowned as one of the Soviet Union’s most popular performers, being featured in many leading roles in both theatre and cinema. Later in his career, he was the executive director of the Sundukyan […]

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  • Kickham Scanlan

    1864 - 1955

    Kickham Scanlan (1864 - 1955)

    Lifelong Republican Judge Scanlan, a lifelong Republican, had been a judge of the Circuit court since his first election in 1909. He had been reelected in 1915, 1921, 1927, 1933, 1939, and 1945. By appointment of the Illinois Supreme court he had sat in the Appellate court for many years. Mr. Scanlan was born in […]

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  • Kid Cann

    1900 - 1981

    Kid Cann (1900 - 1981)

    With the onset of Prohibition, Kid Cann and his brothers were transformed from small time hoods into major figures in the American Mafia. His ties to the Chicago Outfit and New York’s Genovese crime family date back to the Prohibition period. According to a later trial, they would legally import industrial grade alcohol from Canada, ostensibly […]

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  • Kid Gavilán

    1926 - 2003

    Kid Gavilán (1926 - 2003)

    Kid Gavilán Cuban professional boxer and world welterweight champion who was known for his “bolo punch,” a combination of a hook and an uppercut. Gavilan said that cutting sugarcane during his youth in Cuba helped him to perfect his punching technique. He was a flashy fighter and a skillful boxer who began his professional career […]

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  • Kido Washizu

    1970 - 1970

    Kido Washizu (1970 - 1970)

    Scholar of classical Chinese. (bio by: Warrick L. Barrett)

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  • Kiel Martin

    1944 - 1990

    Kiel Martin (1944 - 1990)

    Kiel Urban Mueller (July 26, 1944, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—December 28, 1990, Rancho Mirage, California), professionally known as Kiel Martin, was an American actor best known for his role as lovable rogue Detective John “J.D.” La Rue on the 1980s television drama Hill Street Blues. Martin was married twice, first to Claudia Martin (1944–2001), who was actor/crooner Dean […]

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  • Kieron Moore

    1924 - 2007

    Kieron Moore (1924 - 2007)

    Kieron Moore grew up in County Cork in an Irish-speaking household. His father, Peadar Ó hAnnracháin (born 1873) (also known as Peter/Peadar Hourihane and Peadar O’Hourihane) was a writer and poet, and a staunch supporter of the Irish language. Peadar, a son of Seaghan Ó hAnnracháin (born 1834) and Máire Ní Dhonabháin (also born 1834) […]

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  • Kihachiro Okura

    1837 - 1928

    Kihachiro Okura (1837 - 1928)

    Business Magnate. In 1873, he established the “Okura-gumi Shokai,” which later became the Okura business conglomerate, specializing in coal and iron mining in Korea and, later, mining in China and the construction of public works. (bio by: Warrick L. Barrett)

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  • Kim Hunter

    1922 - 2002

    Kim Hunter (1922 - 2002)

    Hunter was born Janet Cole in Detroit, Michigan, the daughter of Grace Lind, who was trained as a concert pianist, and Donald Cole, a refrigeration engineer. She attended Miami Beach High School. Hunter’s first film role was in the 1943 film noir, The Seventh Victim. In 1947, she performed in the original Broadway production of A […]

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  • Kim Stanley

    1925 - 2001

    Kim Stanley (1925 - 2001)

    Stanley was born Patricia Reid in Tularosa, New Mexico, the daughter of Ann (née Miller), an interior decorator, and J. T. Reid, a professor of philosophy and education at the University of New Mexico, located in Albuquerque. Her father was of Irish or Scottish descent, born and raised in Texas, where he met her mother […]

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  • Kim Sun-il

    1970 - 2004

    Kim Sun-il (1970 - 2004)

    Kim Sun-il was fluent in Arabic, holding a graduate degree in that language from Seoul’s Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in February 2003. He also had degrees in English and theology, and had hoped to become a missionary in the Middle East. Kim arrived in Iraq on June 15, 2003, working for Gana General Trading Company, […]

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