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Kenneth Gilbert (Kenneth Gilbert)

Kenneth Gilbert

Actor. He was well-known for his various roles on television from the 1950s to 2011. He began his professional stage career with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1950s and then progressed into television. ¬†Gilbert became a well-known face for his different roles through the years starting with “The Heir of Skipton” in 1953 and ending with “The Hustle” in 2011. ¬† During his television career he acted in such television series and films as “Doctor Who” (1976), “House of Cards” (1990), “New Scotland Yard” (1972-1973), “Ivanhoe” (1982), “God’s Outlaw” (1986) and “Wolfshead: The Legend of Robin Hood” (1969). (bio by: Mr. Badger Hawkeye)


  • June, 24, 1931
  • England


  • November, 11, 2015


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