• Dave Berg

    1920 - 2002

    Dave Berg (1920 - 2002)

    Cartoonist. Working for “Mad Magazine” for forty years, he originated and illustrated “The Lighter side of….”. His illustrations were featured in several other publications, and he fashioned his monthly sitiations from his own life and experiences and his characters from family and friends. The cause of death was cancer.  Family links:  Spouse:  Vivian L Berg […]

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  • Dave Brockie

    1963 - 2014

    Dave Brockie (1963 - 2014)

    Dave Brockie Brockie portrayed Oderus Urungus, Gwar’s lead singer, from Gwar’s inception in 1982 until his death. Oderus appeared as an intergalactic humanoid barbarian with devil horns and a meaty-looking face, and carried a long sword named “Unt Lick” and a cuttlefish around his loins.  In 1990, Brockie was arrested by police for “obscenity” after […]

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  • Dave Brubeck

    1920 - 2012

    Dave Brubeck (1920 - 2012)

    David Warren “Dave” Brubeck (December 6, 1920 – December 5, 2012) was an American jazz pianist and composer, considered to be one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz. He wrote a number of jazz standards, including “In Your Own Sweet Way” and “The Duke”. Brubeck’s style ranged from refined to bombastic, reflecting his mother’s […]

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  • Dave Chasen

    1898 - 1973

    Dave Chasen (1898 - 1973)

    Restaurateur.  Founder of Chasen’s,  which in classic Hollywood fashion rose from humble beginnings to become the quintessential Beverly Hills restaurant.  Chasen was born in Odessa,  Ukraine,  and came to the US as a child. He started out as a vaudeville entertainer and from 1923 played the stooge to headlining comedian Joe Cook.  Cook went solo […]

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  • Dave Fleischer

    1894 - 1979

    Dave Fleischer (1894 - 1979)

    Dave Fleischer was the youngest of five brothers and grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn, a poor Jewish ghetto. By the time Dave was born, his father has lost his means of livelihood due to The Industrial Revolution and the mass production of garments. Dave worked as an Usher at the famous Palace Theater on Broadway, […]

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  • Dave Garroway

    1913 - 1982

    Dave Garroway (1913 - 1982)

    Born in Schenectady, New York, Garroway was 14 and had moved with his family thirteen times before settling in St. Louis, Missouri, where he attended University City High School and Washington University in St. Louis, from which he earned a degree in abnormal psychology. Before going into broadcasting, Garroway worked as a Harvard University lab […]

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  • Dave Gavitt

    1937 - 2011

    Dave Gavitt (1937 - 2011)

    Born in Westerly, Rhode Island, Dave Gavitt graduated from Dartmouth College in 1959, where he was a member of the 1959-1960 varsity basketball team, the last Dartmouth basketball team to win the Ivy League championship. He spent two years as an assistant basketball coach at Worcester Academy before becoming an assistant coach at Providence under […]

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  • Dave King

    1970 - 1929

    Dave King (1970 - 1929)

    Born David Kingshott in Twickenham, Middlesex, England, King left school at 12 and joined the Morton Fraser Harmonica Gang at 15. He did his National Service in the RAF and was in the unit’s repertory company, returning to variety on demob and later becoming a solo act. An appearance on Television Music Hall led to […]

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  • Dave Madden

    1931 - 2014

    Dave Madden (1931 - 2014)

    Dave Madden David Joseph “Dave” Madden (December 17, 1931 – January 16, 2014) was a Canadian-born American actor. His most famous role came in the 1970s sitcom The Partridge Family, in which he played the group’s manager, Reuben Kincaid, opposite Shirley Jones’s character. Madden later had a recurring role as diner customer Earl Hicks on […]

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  • Dave Rowland

    1944 - 2018

    Dave Rowland (1944 - 2018)

    Dave Rowland Dave Rowland, who was best-known as the lead singer of the pop-country trio Dave & Sugar, has died after suffering a stroke. According to a press release, Rowland died on Thursday (Nov. 1) in Nashville of complications from a stroke. He was 74 years old. Rowland shot to fame in the 1970s as […]

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  • Dave Semenko

    1957 - 2017

    Dave Semenko (1957 - 2017)

    Dave Semenko played junior hockey for the Brandon Wheat Kings. He was originally selected 25th overall in 1977 by the Minnesota North Stars of the National Hockey League and the Houston Aeros of the World Hockey Association. The Aeros traded Semenko to the Oilers just before their 1977–78 season. He spent his first two professional […]

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  • Dave Thomas

    1932 - 2002

    Dave Thomas (1932 - 2002)

    Dave Thomas was born on July 2, 1932 in Atlantic City, New Jersey to a young unmarried woman he never knew. He was adopted at 6 weeks by Rex and Auleva Thomas,[2] and as an adult became a well-known advocate for adoption, founding the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. After his adoptive mother’s death when […]

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  • Dave Willock

    1909 - 1990

    Dave Willock (1909 - 1990)

    Dave Willock (August 13, 1909 – November 12, 1990) was an American character actor. Willock appeared in 181 films and television series from 1939 to 1989. He is probably most familiar to modern audiences from his performance as Baby Jane Hudson’s father in the opening scenes of the cult classic What Ever Happened to Baby […]

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  • Davey Allison

    1961 - 1993

    Davey Allison (1961 - 1993)

    Davey Allison Though 1992 had been a heartbreaking year for Davey Allison and the Robert Yates Racing team in more ways than one, they had to be encouraged by their run for the championship. But 1993 opened on a sour note with Allison finishing 28th at Daytona. That finish was followed by a 16th at […]

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  • Davey Carl Allison

    1961 - 1993

    Davey Carl Allison (1961 - 1993)

    Auto Race Care Driver. Born in Hollywood, Florida, David “Davey” Allison was born the son of NASCAR series champion Bobby Allison and the nephew of NASCAR driver Donnie Allison. Having grown up in the racing world, Davey would naturally begin to race as well. After racing in numerous series and rising through the ranks, Davey […]

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  • Davey Moore

    1933 - 1963

    Davey Moore (1933 - 1963)

    Davey Moore  Davey Moore, the 29-year-old coloured boxer who lost his featherweight championship on Thursday in the city where he won it, lost his life today in White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles. Governor Brown of California renewed his pledge today to seek a referendum in the State Legislature to ban all boxing in California. In […]

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  • Davey Moore

    1959 - 1970

    Davey Moore (1959 - 1970)

    Davey Moore One of Moore’s early wins was in June 1981 over Kevin Rooney, who would later train Mike Tyson. Moore entered the fight with a 6-0 record, while Rooney was 15-0. Moore won by a TKO in the seventh round of an eight round fight. After winning eight professional fights, five by knockout, the […]

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  • David “Stringbean” Akeman

    1916 - 1973

    David “Stringbean” Akeman (1916 - 1973)

    Comedian, Country Musician. One of the top musical stars of Nashville, Tennessee’ Grand Old Opry during his career, he is best known for being one of the original members the comedy and country music television variety show “Hee Haw”, which he starred in from 1969 until his murder in 1973. He and his wife were […]

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  • David Abel

    1883 - 1973

    David Abel (1883 - 1973)

    Motion Picture Cinematographer.  Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands of Russian parents,  he came to the United States as a child and worked as a portrait photographer before entering films with the Flying A studio in 1913.  A solid craftsman,  he was considered particularly good with complex action scenes.  At RKO Radio studios during the 1930s,  Abel […]

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  • David Adler

    1882 - 1949

    David Adler (1882 - 1949)

    David Adler was born on January 3, 1882 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to a German Jewish family. He was the only son to Isaac David Adler, a prosperous wholesale manufacturer of men’s clothing, and Therese Hyman Adler. David Adler had one sister, Frances, who would go on to become a prominent interior designer. He also had […]

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  • David Akeman

    1916 - 1973

    David Akeman (1916 - 1973)

    David Akeman Born in Annville, Jackson County, Kentucky, Akeman came from a musical family. He was taught to play the banjo by his father, James Roy Akemon. He got his first real banjo when he was 12 years old in exchange for a pair of prize bantam chickens. Akeman began playing at local dances and gained a reputation […]

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  • David Alan Gore

    1951 - 2012

    David Alan Gore (1951 - 2012)

    David Alan Gore was born on August 21, 1953 in Florida. In his youth he had two major obsessions: firearms and women. His obsession for women lead him to lose his first job as a gas station attendant after his boss found a hole that allowed Gore to look into the women’s bathroom.  Fred Waterfield […]

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  • David Angell

    1946 - 2001

    David Angell (1946 - 2001)

    David Angell was born in Providence, Rhode Island, to Henry and Mae (née Cooney) Angell. He received a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Providence College. He entered the U.S. Army upon graduation and served at the Pentagon until 1972. He then moved to Boston and worked as a methods analyst at an engineering company […]

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  • David Anthony Kennedy

    1955 - 1984

    David Anthony Kennedy (1955 - 1984)

    David Anthony Kennedy The Palm Beach County authorities said today that David Anthony Kennedy died of ”multiple ingestion” of three drugs found in his body fluids. They also announced the arrest of two men in connection with his death. Cocaine, Demerol and Mellaril were found in the body of David Anthony Kennedy, the authorities said. […]

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  • David Arkin

    1941 - 1991

    David Arkin (1941 - 1991)

    Arkin had an “introducing” credit in I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (1968) and brief appearances in Valley of the Dolls (1967), All the President’s Men (1976), and Cannonball (1976).  His television credits include Hawaii Five-O, Whitney and the Robot, and a season-long appearance as the character Gabriel Kaye in the CBS television series Storefront […]

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  • David Avadon

    1948 - 2009

    David Avadon (1948 - 2009)

    Magician, Illusionist. For more than 30 years Avadon was known as America’s “premier exhibition pickpocket”. He began practicing magic as a hobby while in elementary school and later studied theater at UCLA. In his 20s he changed his last name from Hutchins to Avadon and began appearing as a professional illusionist at clubs in Hollywood […]

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  • David Bailey

    1933 - 2004

    David Bailey (1933 - 2004)

    Actor. A native of Newark, New Jersey, Bailey is most remembered to television audiences for his more recent role as ‘Alistair Crane’ on the soap opera, “Passions.” The character was first began in July 1999 but was only heard in voice and not seen until September 2004 when Bailey took the part. Bailey also played […]

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  • David Bairstow

    1951 - 1998

    David Bairstow (1951 - 1998)

    Born in Bradford, Yorkshire, David Bairstow excelled at school in several sports, and he played football several times for Bradford City, but eventually he settled on cricket, and played his first county match against Gloucestershire in 1970 after taking an A-level at 6am in order to play. He played for Yorkshire throughout his career, and captained […]

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  • David Barclay

    1970 - 1970

    David Barclay (1970 - 1970)

    Quaker merchant, son of Robert Barclay the ‘apologist’ (as mentioned on his headstone) who wrote an early defence fo the Quaker movement. Began life as a draper and started trading with the West indies and New England. Entered a banking partnership with the Quaker family of Freame, and thus became the founder of Barclays Bank, […]

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  • David Belasco

    1853 - 1931

    David Belasco (1853 - 1931)

    Playwright, Theatrical Producer.  Family links:  Parents:  Abraham Humphrey Belasco (1830 – 1911)  Reyna David Nunes Martines Belasco (1830 – 1899)  Spouse:  Cecilia Loverich Belasco (1858 – 1926)*  Children:  Reina Victoria Belasco Gest (1878 – 1948)*  Augusta Belasco Elliott (1880 – 1911)*  Siblings:  Joseph Belasco (____ – 1863)*  David Belasco (1853 – 1931)  Sarah Belasco Mayer […]

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