• Del Reisman

    1924 - 2011

    Del Reisman (1924 - 2011)

    Del Reisman Was an American television producer, story editor and screenwriter whose lengthy credits included The Twilight Zone and The Untouchables. Riesman served as the President of the Writers Guild of America, West from 1991 to 1993. He also served on the board of directors of the Writings Guild of American from 1979 until 1987 […]

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  • Del Wood

    1920 - 1989

    Del Wood (1920 - 1989)

    Del Wood A lifelong resident of Nashville, Del Wood is recognized as being the most successful female country solo instrumentalist. From 1953 until her death in 1989 she was a fixture at the Grand Ole Opry, playing rollicking piano instrumentals from the days of ragtime jazz. Her stage name was created by combining part of […]

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  • Delbert Mann

    1920 - 2007

    Delbert Mann (1920 - 2007)

    Delbert Martin Mann, Jr. (January 30, 1920 – November 11, 2007) was an American television and film director. Delbert Mann won the Palme d’Or (Golden Palm) at the Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Award for Best Director for the film Marty. It was the first Best Picture winner to be based on a television […]

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  • Delia Akeley

    1869 - 1970

    Delia Akeley (1869 - 1970)

    Delia Akeley was born in 1869, although over the years, whether due to Delia’s own misrepresentation or that of others, her birth date has been given as 1875. Mickie ran away from home in her late teens and made her way to Milwaukee, where she married Arthur Reiss, a barber, in 1889. She was just […]

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  • Delia Del Carril

    1884 - 1989

    Delia Del Carril (1884 - 1989)

    Argentinian Painter. She studied in Paris with Léger and André Lothe. Her paintings were influenced by expressionism and Mexican muralism. In 1934, she met Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and began a relationship that spanned twenty years. They were married in 1943. Among her works “Cantar de los Cantares,” “Caballo y Luna” and “Señora Yegua.” (bio […]

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  • Delia Garcés

    1919 - 2001

    Delia Garcés (1919 - 2001)

    Actress. He was born and died in Buenos Aires. Her real name was Delia Amadora García. She triumphed on stage with plays such as “El Jardín de los Cerezos,” “Living Room” and “El Cantar de los Cantares.” On screen, she is best remembered in Luis Buñuel film “Él” (1953). She also appeared in “¡Segundos Afuera! […]

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  • Delia Salter Bacon

    1811 - 1859

    Delia Salter Bacon (1811 - 1859)

    Author. She became convinced that works attributed to William Shakespeare were actually written by Francis Bacon, Edmund Spenser, and Sir Walter Raleigh, who, for political reasons, credited them to an obscure actor named William Shakespeare. She published “The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespeare Unfolded” in 1857, but became insane immediately after. Her theories have […]

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  • Delia Scala

    1929 - 2004

    Delia Scala (1929 - 2004)

    Delia Scala (25 September 1929 – 15 January 2004) was an Italian ballerina and actress. Born Odette Bedogni in Bracciano, Lazio, Italy, as a young girl the family moved to Milan where she studied ballet at “La Scala” Ballet School for seven years. She performed in numerous ballets until World War II, after which she began […]

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  • Della Reese

    1931 - 2017

    Della Reese (1931 - 2017)

    Della Reese Della Reese, the husky-voiced singer and actress who spent almost a decade playing a down-to-earth heavenly messenger on the CBS series “Touched by an Angel” and became an ordained minister in real life, died on Sunday night at her home in Encino, Calif. She was 86. Her death was confirmed by her manager, […]

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  • Delmer Daves

    1904 - 1977

    Delmer Daves (1904 - 1977)

    Born in San Francisco, Delmer Daves first pursued a career as a lawyer. While attending Stanford University, he became interested in the burgeoning film industry, first working as a prop boy on the Western The Covered Wagon (1923) and serving as a technical advisor on a number of films. After finishing his education in law, […]

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  • Delmira Agustini

    1886 - 1914

    Delmira Agustini (1886 - 1914)

    Born in Montevideo, the daughter of Italian immigrants, Agustini was a precocious child. In addition to beginning to write poetry when she was 10 years old, she studied French, music and painting.  She wrote for the magazine La Alborada (The Dawn). She formed part of the Generation of 1900, along with Julio Herrera y Reissig, […]

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  • Delmira Agustini

    1886 - 1914

    Delmira Agustini (1886 - 1914)

    Poet. A major Latin American author of the early 20th Century. Her verse expressed intense erotic yearning with bold, dense imagery.  Many view her as a proto-feminist because she saw sex as empowering for women, much to the  outrage of her predominately male critics. Agustini’s most provocative work is the poem cycle “The Rosary of […]

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  • Delos Thurman Bligh

    1823 - 1890

    Delos Thurman Bligh (1823 - 1890)

    Lawman. Known as “Yankee” Bligh, he was a contemporary of famed detective Allan Pinkerton. He was heavily involved in the pursuit of the James-Younger Gang, so much so that in 1875 Jesse James wrote letter to newspapers in Louisville, Kentucky, St. Louis, Missouri and Nashville, Tennessee denouncing Bligh. He gained an international reputation for his […]

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  • Delphine Seyrig

    1932 - 1990

    Delphine Seyrig (1932 - 1990)

    French Film Actress and Film Director, she is best remembered for her role of Helene Aughain in “Muriel” (1963), and in the role of Colette de Montpelier in “The Day of the Jackal” (1973). Born Delphine Claire Belriane Seyrig in Beirut, Lebanon, to a French Archeologist and his wife.  She studied acting at the Comedie […]

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  • Delroy Wilson

    1948 - 1995

    Delroy Wilson (1948 - 1995)

    Delroy Wilson began his recording career at the age of thirteen, while still a pupil at Boys Town Primary School. Wilson released his first single “Emy Lou” in 1962 for record producer, Clement “Coxsone” Dodd. His early years with Coxsone yielded a number of ska hits, the biggest of which, the Lee Perry-written “Joe Liges” […]

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  • demo post

    1970 - 1970

    demo post (1970 - 1970)

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  • Demyan Bedny

    1883 - 1945

    Demyan Bedny (1883 - 1945)

    Poet. Largely forgotten today, Demyan Bedny once ranked among the Soviet Union’s most famous authors. His simple, song-like topical verses, filled with slapstick wit and satire,  were widely read in the 1920s and 1930s.  Boris Pasternak claimed he saw “the spirit of the people” in his work.  Born Yefim Alekseyevich Pridvorov in Gubovka,  Ukraine,  he […]

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  • Den Fujita

    1926 - 2004

    Den Fujita (1926 - 2004)

    Noted Japanese Businessman. Born in Osaka Japan, while attending the University of Tokyo, he founded Fujita Shoten, an importer of high-quality general merchandise. In 1971 he founded and became president of McDonald’s Japan Company, Ltd. Under his leadership over the years, the burger chain grew to more than 3,000 stores nationwide and the largest McDonald […]

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  • Denholm Elliott

    1922 - 1992

    Denholm Elliott (1922 - 1992)

    Elliott was born in London, the son of Nina (née Mitchell) and Myles Laymen Farr Elliott, a barrister. He attended Malvern College and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He was asked to leave RADA after one term. As Elliott later recalled: “They wrote to my mother and said, ‘Much as […]

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  • Denis Drouin

    1916 - 1978

    Denis Drouin (1916 - 1978)

    French-Canadian actor. He appeared in the films, “J.A. Martin, Photographer” (1977), “Je suis lein de toi mignonne” (1976), “Parlez-nous d’Amour” (1976), “Once Upon In The East” (1974), “The Little One’s Coming Fast” (1972), “Straight To The Heart” (1969), “John A. MacDonald: The Impossible Idea” (1961), “dubois et fils” (1961), “Que Dieu vous seit en aide” […]

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  • Denise Borino Borino-Quinn

    1964 - 2010

    Denise Borino Borino-Quinn (1964 - 2010)

    Actress. She portrayed overweight mob wife Ginny Sacramone in the hit HBO series “The Sopranos” from 2001 until its conclusion in 2007. A graduate of West Essex High School, she was a legal assistant in New Brunswick, New Jersey, who accompanied a childhood friend to an open casting call for the successful Mafia-themed show; to […]

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  • Denise Borino Borino-Quinn

    1964 - 2010

    Denise Borino Borino-Quinn (1964 - 2010)

    Actress. She portrayed overweight mob wife Ginny Sacramone in the hit HBO series “The Sopranos” from 2001 until its conclusion in 2007. A graduate of West Essex High School, she was a legal assistant in New Brunswick, New Jersey, who accompanied a childhood friend to an open casting call for the successful Mafia-themed show; to […]

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  • Denise Darcel

    1924 - 2011

    Denise Darcel (1924 - 2011)

    Born as Denise Billecard in Paris, she was one of five daughters of a French baker, and she was college educated, studying at the University of Dijon. According to a friend, whom she met in Paris during World War II, she was a passenger in an L-5 Stinson light observation aircraft on VJ Day to […]

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  • Denise Grey

    1896 - 1996

    Denise Grey (1896 - 1996)

    Denise Grey, real name Édouardine Verthuy, was a French actress. Édouardine Grey was born Châtillon, in the Aosta Valley in north-west Italy, close to the French border. The city was almost totally French-speaking at the time. She was naturalized French on July 13, 1922. She started working in the film industry in 1915 in the silent […]

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  • Denise Lor

    1929 - 2015

    Denise Lor (1929 - 2015)

    Denise Lor (May 3, 1929 – September 27, 2015) was an American popular singer and actress. She was a featured artist on The Garry Moore Show. In 1951, she appeared in the short-lived variety show Seven at Eleven. Of French parentage and born Denise Jeanne Briault, in Los Angeles, Denise Lor moved with her mother to […]

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  • Denise Lynne Roberts

    1961 - 2003

    Denise Lynne Roberts (1961 - 2003)

    Actress. She appeared in the films “Stepmonster” (1993), “Body Of Influence” (1993), “Anything That Moves” (1992), “Love Is Like That” (1992), and “Other People’s Money” (1991). She also made television guest appearances on “Renegade” and “Melrose Place.” Also a Hollywood stuntwoman, she did stunts for many films such as “Star Trek: Insurrection” (1998), “The Hunted” […]

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  • Denise Morelle

    1926 - 1984

    Denise Morelle (1926 - 1984)

    Denise Morelle was born in Montreal on 3 December 1926, into a working-class family with seven children. She first appeared on television in 1955 on the television series Beau temps, mauvais temps. Among her most famous roles from her 30-year career was that of Dame Plume from the show La Ribouldingue. On 17 July 1984, Denise […]

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  • Denise Pelletier

    1923 - 1976

    Denise Pelletier (1923 - 1976)

    French-Canadian actress. Pelletier was in the films, “Night Cap” (1974), “Qui perd gagne” (1974), “Bingo” (1974), “There’s Always A Way To Find A Way” (1973), Les Indrogables” (1972) “Rope Against The Neck” (1965), “Needles And Pins” (1955), “Backstage” (1953) and “Tit Coq” (1953). She appeared in the television programs, “Marie-Didace” (1958-1959) and “Le Famille Plouffe” […]

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  • Dennis Cole

    1940 - 2009

    Dennis Cole (1940 - 2009)

    Dennis Cole A performer of mainly television, he is best known for his role as ‘Detective Jim Briggs’ in the police drama “Felony Squad” (1966 to 1969). With his athletic build, the Detroit native was able to find work as a model and later as a Hollywood stuntman, which led to bit acting parts. His […]

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  • Dennis Day

    1916 - 1988

    Dennis Day (1916 - 1988)

    Dennis Day appeared for the first time on Jack Benny’s radio show on October 8, 1939, taking the place of another famed tenor, Kenny Baker. He remained associated with Benny’s radio and television programs until Benny’s death in 1974. He was introduced (with actress Verna Felton playing his mother) as a young (nineteen-year-old), naive boy […]

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