• Grete Mosheim

    1905 - 1986

    Grete Mosheim (1905 - 1986)

    Grete Mosheim was born in Berlin, Germany on 8 January 1905, the daughter of Markus Mosheim (1868-1956) and his wife Clara Mosheim née Hilger (1875-1970). Her sister was actress Lore Mosheim, who appeared in at least nine movies. Mosheim started her acting career at the age of 17 and was a member of Deutsches Theater, Berlin […]

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  • Grete Natzler

    1906 - 1999

    Grete Natzler (1906 - 1999)

    Austrian-born stage and motion picture actress of the 1920s and 30s. She played the featured role of ‘Anna Albert’ in the 1938 Laurel & Hardy film “Swiss Miss” (credited as Della Lind). Married to composer Franz Steininger. (bio by: A.J. Marik)

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  • Griff Barnett

    1884 - 1958

    Griff Barnett (1884 - 1958)

    Actor. Born in Blue Ridge, Texas, he was noted for his solid supporting roles most often as judges or doctors. He made his screen debut in “The Lone Ranger” (1938) and went on to appear in over 80 films. His credits included “Arizona” (1940), “Danger Woman” (1946), “Possessed” (1947), “Tap Roots” (1948), “Crossfire” (1949) and […]

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  • Grigori Alexandrov

    1903 - 1983

    Grigori Alexandrov (1903 - 1983)

    Aleksandrov was born Grigori Vasilyevich Mormonenko in Ekaterinburg, Russia in 1903. Starting at age nine, Aleksandrov worked odd jobs at the Ekaterinburg Opera Theater, eventually making his way to assistant director. He also pursued a musical education, studying violin at the Ekaterinburg Musical School, from which he graduated in 1917. Aleksandrov came to Moscow after […]

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  • Grinling Gibbons

    1648 - 1721

    Grinling Gibbons (1648 - 1721)

    Sculptor and Wood Carver. Very little is known about his early life. He was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He moved to Deptford, England around 1667, and by 1693 had accepted commissions from the royal family and had been appointed as a master carver. By 1680 he was already known as the “King’s Carver”, and carried […]

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  • Grover Cleveland

    1837 - 1908

    Grover Cleveland (1837 - 1908)

    Grover Cleveland 22nd and 24th United States President, New York Governor. A Democrat, he was first elected President in 1884, defeated in 1888, and reelected in 1892, becoming the only United States President to serve two non-consecutive terms. One of nine children of a Presbyterian minister, he was raised in upstate New York, becoming a […]

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  • Grover Cleveland “Pete” Alexander

    1887 - 1950

    Grover Cleveland “Pete” Alexander (1887 - 1950)

    Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player. He played Major League Baseball for 20 seasons (1911 to 1930) with the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. Considered one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game, he broke in with the Phillies in 1911, and immediately established himself as a premier player, […]

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  • Grover Cleveland Alexander

    1887 - 1950

    Grover Cleveland Alexander (1887 - 1950)

    Alexander was born in Elba, Nebraska, in the first term of President Grover Cleveland and was one of thirteen children. He played semi-professional baseball in his youth, signing his first professional contract at age 20 in 1907 for $50 per month. In 1909 he played for the Galesburg Boosters in the Class D Illinois–Missouri League […]

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  • Guadalupe Muñoz Sampedro

    1895 - 1975

    Guadalupe Muñoz Sampedro (1895 - 1975)

    Actress. She was born and died in Madrid (Spain). She was sister of actresses Matilde and Mercedes Muñoz Sampedro and the pianist Natividad. She began her career on stage in plays such as “Bendita Seas” (1926), “Madre, el Drama Padre” (1941), “Soledad y la Difunta” (1962) or “La Vidente” (1965), with stock companys of Lola […]

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  • Guarino Moretti

    1894 - 1951

    Guarino Moretti (1894 - 1951)

    Organized Crime Figure. He was the Underboss of Frank Costello (1936-1951). A close friend of Lucky Luciano and Joe Bonanno, he ruled illegal gambling in the New Jersey area. By 1950, he was in the latter stages of syphilis which began to affect his mind. Fearing that he would talk too much the Mafia commission […]

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  • Gudrun Brost

    1910 - 1993

    Gudrun Brost (1910 - 1993)

    Actress. Born Gudrun Lisa Johanna, she was a talented character performer appearing in more than 40 films, (1936-86). Some of her most memorable credits included “The Andersson Family” (1937), “The Heavenly Play” (1942), “Stardust and Tinsel” (1953), “The Virgin Spring” (1960), “Hour of the Wolf” (1968) and “Taboo” (1977). For Swedish Television, she appeared on […]

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  • Guido Deiro

    1886 - 1950

    Guido Deiro (1886 - 1950)

    Guido Deiro left his home to avoid an arranged marriage, and defying his father’s wishes that he manage the family businesses, he became a professional entertainer and took engagements in France and Germany playing the chromatic accordion. His success as a performer led the Ronco-Vercelli accordion company in Italy to ask him to demonstrate their […]

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  • Guido Herman Fridolin Verbeck

    1830 - 1970

    Guido Herman Fridolin Verbeck (1830 - 1970)

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  • Guido Pfister

    1818 - 1889

    Guido Pfister (1818 - 1889)

    He established the famous Pfister hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He made a fortune in  tanning, and then turned his focus on building a hotel that would be at the heart of Milwaukee. His son Charles Pfister finished building the hotel which opened in 1893, and it is said that Guido haunts the halls,  making sure […]

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  • Guillaume Apollinaire

    1880 - 1918

    Guillaume Apollinaire (1880 - 1918)

    Poet.  A leader of the Paris avant-garde before and during World War I,  his impact on poetry was similar to that of his friend Pablo Picasso on painting.  His two major books of poetry are classics of French Literature.  “Alcools” (1913) combined traditional verse forms with modern imagery and used snatches of overheard conversation,  slang, […]

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  • Guillaume Depardieu

    1971 - 2008

    Guillaume Depardieu (1971 - 2008)

    French Actor. Birth name Guillaume Jean Maxime Antoine Depardieu. Son of French actor Gérard Depardieu and Elisabeth Guignot Depardieu.

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  • Guillaume Dubuffe

    1853 - 1970

    Guillaume Dubuffe (1853 - 1970)

    Artist. Born Guillaume Édouard Marie Dubufe, he was an illustrator and painter, well known for his lavish portraits. He painted scenes of his home and a series of paintings featuring the Virgin Mary, which were displayed at Paris galleries (1888-90). During the 1890s, he decorated the ceilings of the Lobau Gallery at the Hotel de […]

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  • Guillermo Battaglia

    1899 - 1988

    Guillermo Battaglia (1899 - 1988)

    Actor. He participated in 96 movies throughout his long career. (bio by: 380W)

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  • Gummo Marx

    1892 - 1977

    Gummo Marx (1892 - 1977)

    Gummo Marx was born in Manhattan, New York City on October 23, 1892. His parents were Sam Marx (called “Frenchie” throughout his life), and his wife, Minnie Schoenberg Marx. Marx’s family was Jewish. His mother was from Dornum in East Frisia, and his father was a native of Alsace and worked as a tailor. Although the […]

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  • Gump Worsley

    1929 - 2007

    Gump Worsley (1929 - 2007)

    At the outset of his career, Gump Worsley played four years in the minor leagues, most notably for the New York Rovers of the Eastern Hockey League (EHL), the St. Paul Saints of the United States Hockey League (USHL), and the Saskatoon Quakers of the Western Hockey League (WHL). For three straight seasons between 1950 […]

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  • Gunn Wållgren

    1913 - 1983

    Gunn Wållgren (1913 - 1983)

    Actress. Renowned Swedish actress who made her theatre debut in 1938. She was concidered one of the finest actresses of her generation by the critics, and made noted roles in plays by Tjechov, Shakespeare, Strindberg, Steinbeck, Goethe and Moliére among others. Her film debut was made in 1941 and one of her most recognoized film […]

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  • Gunnar Asplund

    1885 - 1940

    Gunnar Asplund (1885 - 1940)

    Noted Architect. He was a leader of modern design, whom the magazine “Architectural Review” called “high priest of functionalism in Sweden.” Born in Stockholm he studied there at the Technical High School and the Academy of Art, graduating in 1909.  In the same year he entered an architectural competition for the Swedish Church in Paris. […]

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  • Gunnar Asplund

    1885 - 1940

    Gunnar Asplund (1885 - 1940)

    Noted Architect. He was a leader of modern design, whom the magazine “Architectural Review” called “high priest of functionalism in Sweden.” Born in Stockholm he studied there at the Technical High School and the Academy of Art, graduating in 1909.  In the same year he entered an architectural competition for the Swedish Church in Paris. […]

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  • Gunnar Björnstrand

    1909 - 1986

    Gunnar Björnstrand (1909 - 1986)

    Actor. Educated at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. His first theatre employment was at Svenska Teatern (The Swedish Theatre) in Vasa, Finland. Returning to Sweden his career went idle, and for a period he had great problems with earning his living. He managed to get along with minor roles, and then a number of […]

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  • Gunnar Engellau

    1907 - 1988

    Gunnar Engellau (1907 - 1988)

    Businessman. Succeeded co-founder Assar Gabrielsson as Vice-President for Volvo in 1956. Under his leadership the company developed into a world-wide business, and he entered Volvo into the United States market.  (bio by: Peter Robsahm)

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  • Gunnar Hansen

    1947 - 2015

    Gunnar Hansen (1947 - 2015)

    Actor. He originated the role of ‘Leatherface’ in the 1974 horror film “Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. Born in Iceland, he moved to Maine with his family at the age of 5, and then to Texas, where he studied at the University of Texas, majoring in English and Scandinavian Studies. In 1973, just after finishing graduate […]

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  • Gunnar Myrdal

    1898 - 1987

    Gunnar Myrdal (1898 - 1987)

    Myrdal was born on 6 December 1898 in Gustafs, Sweden, to Karl Adolf Pettersson (1876–1934), a railroad employee, and his wife Anna Sofia Karlsson (1878–1965). He took the name Myrdal in 1914 after his ancestors farm Myr in Dalarna.  There is a possibly apocryphal story about an interaction between him and Gustav Cassel, where Cassel […]

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  • Günter Mast

    1926 - 2011

    Günter Mast (1926 - 2011)

    Entrepreneur. He transformed an obscure German drink called Jägermeister into an international top-selling liquor. He also pioneered soccer (football) jersey sponsorship in Germany. After completing military service, Mast studied economics and then worked in the finance department of his hometown newspaper, the “Braunschweiger Zeitung”. In 1952 he joined the firm of his uncle, Curt Mast, […]

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  • Günther Simon

    1925 - 1972

    Günther Simon (1925 - 1972)

    A bank clerk’s son, Günther Simon attended an acting school already in Gymnasium. At the age of 16, he was sent to a premilitary training camp of the Hitler Youth and then drafted to the Reich Labour Service. He volunteered to join the paratroopers in August 1943. He was captured by American troops near Normandy […]

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  • Gus Arnheim

    1897 - 1955

    Gus Arnheim (1897 - 1955)

    Armheim’s first recorded for OKeh in 1928-1929, when he signed with Victor in 1929 and stayed through 1933. He signed with Brunswick and recorded through 1937. In 1928-31, Arnheim had an extended engagement at the Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles. In 1930, when Paul Whiteman finished filming The King of Jazz for Universal, The Rhythm […]

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