Griff Barnett (Griff Barnett)

Griff Barnett

Actor. Born in Blue Ridge, Texas, he was noted for his solid supporting roles most often as judges or doctors. He made his screen debut in “The Lone Ranger” (1938) and went on to appear in over 80 films. His credits included “Arizona” (1940), “Danger Woman” (1946), “Possessed” (1947), “Tap Roots” (1948), “Crossfire” (1949) and “Sierra” (1950). He retired from performing in 1955, three years before his death at the age of 73 in El Monte, California. (bio by: John “J-Cat” Griffith)  Family links:  Parents:  James G. Griffith  Hettie Barnett GriffithCause of death: Heart condition & pneumonia


  • November, 12, 1884
  • USA


  • January, 01, 1958
  • USA

Cause of Death

  • Heart condition & pneumonia


  • Rose Hills Memorial Park
  • California
  • USA

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