Guarino Moretti (Guarino Moretti)

Guarino Moretti

Organized Crime Figure. He was the Underboss of Frank Costello (1936-1951). A close friend of Lucky Luciano and Joe Bonanno, he ruled illegal gambling in the New Jersey area. By 1950, he was in the latter stages of syphilis which began to affect his mind. Fearing that he would talk too much the Mafia commission (of which Joe Bonanno was a member) ordered his murder. Willie Moretti was shot to death in a Cliffside Park, New Jersey restaurant in October 1951. After his death Vito Genovese (who would become boss of the Costello family in 1957, and change the name to the Genovese Family) became Underboss of The Costello Family.

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  • May, 18, 1894


  • October, 04, 1951
  • USA
  • New Jersey

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