• Gus Elen

    1970 - 1940

    Gus Elen (1970 - 1940)

    Entertainer. Born in Pimlico, London, Gus Elen is remembered as the greatest of the ‘coster’ comedians (from ‘costermonger’, or street-trader). This type of traditional ‘cockney’ humor was one of the mainstays of the British music hall scene in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Elen started out in entertainment in the 1880’s in The […]

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  • Gus Glassmire

    1879 - 1946

    Gus Glassmire (1879 - 1946)

    Actor. Born Augustine J. Glassmire in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he appeared in 66 films from 1937 to 1946. His credits include “Woman Doctor” (1939), “Our Leading Citizen” (1939), “Frisco Lil” (1942), “The Mad Ghoul” (1943) and “She Wrote the Book” (1946). He died at the age of 66 in Los Angeles, California. (bio by: John “J-Cat” […]

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  • Gus Grissom

    1926 - 1967

    Gus Grissom (1926 - 1967)

    Grissom was born in Mitchell, Indiana, on April 3, 1926, the second child of Dennis David Grissom (1903–1994) and Cecile King Grissom (1901–1995). His father was a signalman for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and his mother a homemaker. His older sister died shortly before his birth, and he was followed by three younger siblings, […]

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  • Gus Hardin

    1970 - 1996

    Gus Hardin (1970 - 1996)

    Gus Hardin One of the more interesting singers of the 1980s was a female singer who went by the name Gus Hardin. While never a big star, she had one of the more distinctive female voices and enjoyed at least a modicum of recording success. Her voice was hard to describe, although some listeners said […]

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  • Gus Wickie

    1885 - 1947

    Gus Wickie (1885 - 1947)

    Gus Wicke was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States with his father, also named August Wicke. He became a U.S. citizen when his father was naturalized before the younger Wicke reached the age of majority. He was living in West New York, New Jersey, when he registered for the World War I […]

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  • Gussie Moran

    1923 - 2013

    Gussie Moran (1923 - 2013)

    Moran’s father (who died in 1960) was a sound technician and electrician at Universal Studios, and possibly because of his connections, Moran worked as an extra in a few movies of the 1940s; and her tennis groups occasionally enjoyed weekly Sunday soirees at Charlie Chaplin’s mansion. Their friendship was so close that Chaplin hosted a […]

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  • Gustav Fröhlich

    1902 - 1987

    Gustav Fröhlich (1902 - 1987)

    Actor. He debuted on stage with the name Gustav Geef. In 1922 he made his debut on screen, with “Paganini” in the role of the composer Franz Liszt. But he is best remembered for his role in classic german film of Fritz Lang “Metropolis.” In the 1930s, he appeared in different German version of American […]

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  • Gustav Gründgens

    1899 - 1963

    Gustav Gründgens (1899 - 1963)

    Actor. Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, he was one of his country’s most influential actors of the 20th century, performing Berlin’s leading theatres. He was one of the very few entertainers whose career continued undisturbed through the years of the Nazi regime. His single most notable role was that of Mephistopheles in the play and film […]

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  • Gustav Klimt

    1862 - 1918

    Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918)

    Artist. An Austrian symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement, he is noted for his paintings, murals, sketches, and other objets d’art with a focus on the female body. Born the second of seven children, his father was a gold engraver. He attended the Vienna School of Arts […]

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  • Gustav Klutsis

    1895 - 1938

    Gustav Klutsis (1895 - 1938)

    Artist. A leader of the early Soviet avant-garde, associated with the Constructivist movement. He is best known for his political posters, which made pioneering use of photo montage. While their propaganda content is now terribly dated, Klutsis’ dynamic pictoral sense and imaginative juxtapositions raise his images to the level of art. He often combined photographs […]

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  • Gustav Mahler

    1860 - 1911

    Gustav Mahler (1860 - 1911)

    Gustav Mahler (German: [ˈmaːlɐ]; 7 July 1860, Kaliště, Bohemia, now Czech Republic – 18 May 1911, Vienna, Austria-Hungary) was an Austrian late-Romantic composer, and one of the leading conductors of his generation. As a composer he acted as a bridge between the 19th century Austro-German tradition and the modernism of the early 20th century. While […]

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  • Gustave Caillebotte

    1848 - 1894

    Gustave Caillebotte (1848 - 1894)

    Artist. Born to a wealthy family who had made their money in textiles and real estate during the redevelopment of Paris in the 1860s, Gustave Caillebotte was an engineer by profession, but also attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He met Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, and Pierre Auguste Renoir in 1874 and helped organize […]

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  • Gustave Doré

    1832 - 1883

    Gustave Doré (1832 - 1883)

    Artist. Born in Strausbourg, he is considered by many to be one of the greatest illustrators of all time. His first major success in Paris came in 1861, when his edition of Dante’s “Inferno” (prohibitively priced at 100 francs) became an unexpected bestseller, eventually going through over 200 editions.  Doré’s best-known work is his edition […]

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  • Gustave Eiffel

    1832 - 1923

    Gustave Eiffel (1832 - 1923)

    French Civil Engineer and Architect. He is best remembered for his world-famous Eiffel Tower, built for the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris, France. During his life he designed nearly 70 buildings, structures, bridges, and viaducts. Born Alexander Gustave Bonickhausen (he would later change his surname to Eiffel), his father was a descendant of German immigrants […]

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  • Gustave Flaubert

    1821 - 1880

    Gustave Flaubert (1821 - 1880)

    Gustave Flaubert was born on 12 December 1821, in Rouen, in the Seine-Maritime department of Upper Normandy, in northern France. His first finished work was November, a novella, which was completed in 1842. In September 1849, Gustave Flaubert completed the first version of a novel, The Temptation of Saint Anthony. He read the novel aloud to Louis […]

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  • Gustave Jundt

    1830 - 1884

    Gustave Jundt (1830 - 1884)


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  • Gustave Jundt

    1830 - 1884

    Gustave Jundt (1830 - 1884)


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  • Gustave Jundt

    1830 - 1884

    Gustave Jundt (1830 - 1884)


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  • Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

    1836 - 1870

    Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (1836 - 1870)

    Spanish-born writer of romanticism. He is remembered for his books “Rimas,” “Leyendas,” and “Cartas Desde mi Celda,” published after his death. He is buried in Capilla de la Universidad de Sevilla. (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)  Family links:  Spouse:  Casta Esteban Navarro (1841 – 1885)*  Children:  Emilio Eusebio Bécquer (1868 – 1874)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Gustinus Ambrosi

    1893 - 1975

    Gustinus Ambrosi (1893 - 1975)

    Artist, Poet. Born August Arthur Ambrosi, he was an accomplished musician, but it was his sculptures that brought him early recognition, and he is now considered one of Austria’s greatest sculptors. He specialized in portraits; his work includes, among hundreds of others, busts of Richard Wagner, Gerhard Hauptmann, Friedrich Nietzsche, Benito Mussolini, Anton Wildgans, Stefan […]

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  • Gustl Bayrhammer

    1922 - 1993

    Gustl Bayrhammer (1922 - 1993)

    Actor. Known as ‘Meister Eder’ from television series “Pumuckl.” Cause of death: Heart attack

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  • Gutzon Borglum

    1867 - 1941

    Gutzon Borglum (1867 - 1941)

    Artist. Best known for being the Mount Rushmore sculptor. He was born John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum in Idaho to a Danish immigrant who embraced the Mormon religion and immediately acquired two wives who were sisters.  When Borglum was 4, his father, a frontier doctor, left the church, discarding young Borglum’s mother so he […]

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  • Guusje Nederhorst

    1969 - 2004

    Guusje Nederhorst (1969 - 2004)

    Dutch Actress. Guusje played Roos Alberts-de Jager in the Dutch TV series “GTST” and Angela Bolhuys in “Onderweg,” she also appeared as herself in the movie “All Stars” which dealt with an amateur soccer team. Gussje was a popular sex-symbol among fans, and was voted as one of the sexiest women in many dutch magazines. […]

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  • Guy Boothby

    1867 - 1905

    Guy Boothby (1867 - 1905)

    Author. He was born as Guy Newell Boothby in Adelaide, Australia. In 1890 he wrote the libretto for a comic opera, “Sylvia” and in 1891 appeared “The Jonquil: an Opera.” About this time, he was private secretary to the mayor of Adelaide. In 1894 he published “On the Wallaby or Through the East and Across […]

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  • Guy Carawan

    1927 - 2015

    Guy Carawan (1927 - 2015)

    Guy Carawan was born in California in 1927, to Southern parents. His mother, from Charleston, South Carolina, was the resident poet at Winthrop College (now Winthrop University) in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and his father, a veteran of World War I from North Carolina, worked as an asbestos contractor. He earned a bachelor’s degree in […]

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  • Guy Clark

    1941 - 2016

    Guy Clark (1941 - 2016)

    Guy Clark was an accomplished luthier and often played his own guitars. He achieved success as a songwriter with Jerry Jeff Walker’s recordings of “L.A. Freeway” and “Desperados Waiting for a Train”. Artists such as Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Steve Wariner, Hayes Carll, Brad Paisley, John Denver, Alan Jackson, Rodney […]

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  • Guy Dawber

    1970 - 1938

    Guy Dawber (1970 - 1938)

    Leading British architect in the 20th century. Mainly famed for his work on the restoration and conservation of some of Britains finest country homes, he also built several buildings of note including the main gate and reptile house at London Zoo and several homes in the Cotswolds. (bio by: Kieran Smith)

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  • Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess

    1911 - 1963

    Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess (1911 - 1963)

    Cold War Soviet Spy. Despite being a flamboyant drunk and open, notorious homosexual, he proved to be one of the Soviet Union’s best spies at the beginning of the Cold War. Born in Davenport, England, his father was an high-ranking officer in the Royal Navy, and his mother an aristocrat.  His wealthy, upper middle class […]

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  • Guy Madison

    1922 - 1996

    Guy Madison (1922 - 1996)

    Guy Madison Mr. Madison, who changed his name from Robert Moseley when he became an actor, was born in Pumpkin Center, Calif., and reared in nearby Bakersfield. His father was a machinist on the Santa Fe Railroad. He attended Bakersfield Junior College for two years, majoring in animal husbandry, and worked briefly as a telephone […]

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  • Guy Stockwell

    1934 - 2002

    Guy Stockwell (1934 - 2002)

    Guy Harry Stockwell (November 16, 1934 – February 6, 2002) was an American actor who appeared in nearly 30 movies and 250 television series episodes. Stockwell was born in Hollywood, California, the son of Nina Olivette (née Elizabeth Margaret Veronica), an actress and dancer, and Harry Bayless Stockwell, or Harry Stockwell, an actor and singer. His […]

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