• Sparky Anderson

    1934 - 2010

    Sparky Anderson (1934 - 2010)

    Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Manager. For twenty-six seasons (1970 to 1995), he served as manager of the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers. Born George Lee Anderson, he moved to Los Angeles with his family as a child, and was a star baseball player at Dorsey High School. He was signed as an amateur […]

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  • Speck Rhodes

    1915 - 2000

    Speck Rhodes (1915 - 2000)

    Speck Rhodes was a country music comedian and entertainer. Rhodes was best known for his appearances on the Porter Wagoner television show. He came from a musical family and with his two brothers and sister, were known as Speck, Slim, Bea, and Dusty. 1934 they were touring the RKO vaudeville circuit as the Log Cabin […]

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  • Spencer Charters

    1875 - 1943

    Spencer Charters (1875 - 1943)

    Prolific character actor of the 1920s through the 1940s. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Spouse:  Irene Myers Charters (1889 – 1941)* *Calculated relationshipCause of death: Suicide

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  • Spencer Dewey Adams

    1898 - 1970

    Spencer Dewey Adams (1898 - 1970)

    Major League Baseball Player. He played Major League baseball as an infielder for four seasons (1923, 1935 to 1927), each one with a different team (Pittsburgh Pirates in 1923, Washington Senators in 1925, New York Yankees in 1926, and St. Louis Browns in 1927). Although his brief Major League career totaled only 180 games and […]

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  • Spencer Fullerton Baird

    1823 - 1887

    Spencer Fullerton Baird (1823 - 1887)

    Spencer Fullerton Baird was born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1823. He became a self-trained naturalist as a young man, learning about the field from his brother, William, who was a birder, and the likes of John James Audubon, who instructed Baird on how to draw scientific illustrations of birds. His father was also a big […]

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  • Spencer Garbett

    1969 - 1997

    Spencer Garbett (1969 - 1997)

    Actor. Appeared as ‘Road Warrior’ in the 1990s TV series “Breakfast Time.” Earlier, he was a six-time “Star Search” winner in the ‘Male Spokesperson’ category. (bio by: A.J. Marik) Cause of death: Suicide by gunshot

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  • Spencer Gordon Bennet

    1893 - 1987

    Spencer Gordon Bennet (1893 - 1987)

    Spencer Gordon Bennet (January 5, 1893 – October 8, 1987) was an American film producer and director. Known as the “King of Serial Directors”, he directed more film serials than any other director. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Spencer Gordon Bennet first entered show business as a stunt man, when he answered a newspaper ad to […]

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  • Spencer Penrose

    1865 - 1939

    Spencer Penrose (1865 - 1939)

    Philanthropist, builder of the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort in west Colorado Springs. Visionary developer of the Pike’s Peak Region in El Paso and Teller Counties, Colorado. A Harvard graduate and native of Philadelphia, Penrose arrived in Colorado in 1892 to join his fellow Philly native and business partner Charles L. Tutt. Penrose made his vast […]

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  • Spencer Tracy

    1900 - 1967

    Spencer Tracy (1900 - 1967)

    Spencer Bonaventure Tracy (April 5, 1900 – June 10, 1967) was an American actor, noted for his natural style and versatility. One of the major stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Spencer Tracy was nominated for nine Academy Awards for Best Actor and won two, sharing the record for nominations in that category with Laurence Olivier. Tracy […]

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  • Spike Jones

    1911 - 1965

    Spike Jones (1911 - 1965)

    Spike Jones Lindley Armstrong Jones was a musical genius. In the wild and woolly days before multi-track recording, MTV, and certainly digital entertainment content, Spike Jones put together a top-flight musical organization that the world has not seen the likes of since. Known as the City Slickers, the emphasis was on comedy, primarily doing dead-on […]

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  • Spike Milligan

    1918 - 2002

    Spike Milligan (1918 - 2002)

    Milligan was born in Ahmednagar, India, on 16 April 1918, the son of an Irish father, Captain Leo Alphonso Milligan, MSM, RA (1890–1969), who was serving in the British Indian Army. His mother, Florence Mary Winifred Kettleband (1893–1990), was English. He spent his childhood in Poona (India) and later in Rangoon, capital of British Burma. […]

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  • Spiro Agnew

    1918 - 1996

    Spiro Agnew (1918 - 1996)

    Spiro Agnew Spiro Agnew, Governor of Maryland, US Vice President. A member of the Republican Party, he served a Maryland’s 55th governor from January 1967 Until January 1969 and then as US Vice President under President Richard M. Nixon from January 1969 until October 1973. Spiro Agnew  is remembered as having to resign the vice […]

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  • Spottiswoode Aitken

    1868 - 1933

    Spottiswoode Aitken (1868 - 1933)

    Actor. Born Frank Spottiswoode Aitken in Edinburgh, Scotland, he made his theater stage debut at age 13 and spent nearly 20 years touring the United States in stock companies.  During a 1907 road production of “Pocahontas” he met actor and future director  D.W. Griffith,  who later invited him to join the Biograph studio.  Onscreen Aitken […]

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  • Spring Byington

    1886 - 1971

    Spring Byington (1886 - 1971)

    Spring Byington was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the daughter of Helene Maud (née Cleghorn 1862-1907) a doctor, and Edwin Lee Byington (1852–1891), an educator and Superintendent of schools in Colorado. Byington had one sibling, a younger sister, Helene Kimball Byington. After Edwin Lee died, their mother decided to send her younger daughter, Helene, to […]

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  • St Joe’s catholic church

    1970 - 1970

    St Joe’s catholic church (1970 - 1970)

    Owner w&w disposal the latter owned Red Carpet in Turtle Lake Wisconsin.

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  • Stafford Repp

    1918 - 1974

    Stafford Repp (1918 - 1974)

    Born and raised in California, Stafford Repp was educated at Lowell High School, in San Francisco, California. Soon after the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, Repp served a stint in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II. After military service, he began his acting career in mid-life. He was first […]

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  • Stan Barstow

    1928 - 2011

    Stan Barstow (1928 - 2011)

    Author, Screenwriter. Best remembered for his novel “A Kind of Loving” (1960), which was made into a 1962 motion picture adaptation. The son of a coal miner, he dropped out of grammar school at age sixteen to work as a draftsman with a local engineering company. After marrying and beginning his family, he initiated his […]

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  • Stan Berenstain

    1923 - 2005

    Stan Berenstain (1923 - 2005)

    Author. Born in Philadelphia  he trained in the fine arts at the city’s Museum School of Industrial Art, now the University of the Arts. He met Janice Grant in 1941 on the first day of drawing class. Stan became a cartoonist during World War II, when he spent more than three years in the US […]

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  • Stan Chambers

    1923 - 2015

    Stan Chambers (1923 - 2015)

    Stanley Holroyd “Stan” Chambers (August 11, 1923 – February 13, 2015) was an American television reporter who worked for KTLA in Los Angeles from 1947 to 2010. Stan Chambers was born in Los Angeles. His career began shortly after KTLA became the first commercially licensed TV station in the western United States. His April 1949 on-scene […]

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  • Stan Freberg

    1926 - 2015

    Stan Freberg (1926 - 2015)

    Voice Actor, Comedian, Author. He was a composer, singer, actor, author, comedian and advertising executive whose career spanned eight decades. In 1944, he went to work at Warner Brothers doing voices in a cartoon called ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fala’. Often teamed with Mel Blanc, they performed in pairs and Freberg did solo voice […]

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  • Stan Getz

    1927 - 1991

    Stan Getz (1927 - 1991)

    Stan Getz’s reputation was greatly enhanced by his featured status on Johnny Smith’s 1952 album Moonlight in Vermont, that year’s top jazz album. The single of the title tune became a hit that stayed on the charts for months. In the mid to late 1950s working from Scandinavia, Getz became popular playing cool jazz with Horace […]

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  • Stan Goldberg

    1932 - 2014

    Stan Goldberg (1932 - 2014)

    Comic Book Artist. He was legendary cartoonist best known for his “Archie” comic book character. In 1949, at age 16, he began his career as a staff colorist for Timely Comics and within two years became color department manager for Marvel Comics. With Marvel, he drew the Millie the Model titles, “Kathy”, “My Girl Pearl”, […]

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  • Stan Laurel

    1890 - 1965

    Stan Laurel (1890 - 1965)

    Stan Laurel Comedian. He found his greatest success when paired with Oliver Hardy. Born Arthur Stanley Jefferson in Ulverston, England, the second of five children. His father, A. J. Jefferson managed a number of vaudeville theaters, and his mother was an actress. He lived with his grandparents until age six, then moved in with his […]

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  • Stan Musial

    1920 - 2013

    Stan Musial (1920 - 2013)

    Stanley Frank “Stan” Musial (/ˈmjuːziəl/ or /ˈmjuːʒəl/; born Stanisław Franciszek Musiał; November 21, 1920 – January 19, 2013), nicknamed “Stan the Man”, was an American Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder and first baseman. He spent 22 seasons playing for the St. Louis Cardinals, from 1941 to 1944 and 1946 to 1963. Widely considered to be […]

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  • Stan Smrke

    1928 - 1977

    Stan Smrke (1928 - 1977)

    Professional Hockey Player. A native of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Smrke played the position of Left Wing for teams in the NHL, EHL, QSHL, QHL, and the AHL hockey leagues. At 5’11, and 180lbs, Smrke played for the Copper Cliff Jr. Redmen from 1945 to 1946, Atlantic City-Baltimore from 1947 to 1948, Chicoutimi Volants from 1948 to […]

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  • Stanford Ovshinsky

    1922 - 2012

    Stanford Ovshinsky (1922 - 2012)

    Stanford Robert Ovshinsky (November 24, 1922 – October 17, 2012) was a prolific American inventor and scientist who had been granted well over 400 patents over fifty years, mostly in the areas of energy and information. Many of his inventions have had wide ranging applications. Among the most prominent are: an environmentally friendly nickel-metal hydride […]

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  • Stanley Adams

    1915 - 1977

    Stanley Adams (1915 - 1977)

    Stanley Adams (April 7, 1915 – April 27, 1977) was an American actor and screenwriter. Born in New York City, Adams had his first film role playing the bartender in the movie version of Death of a Salesman (1952). He played another barkeep in The Gene Krupa Story and a safecracker in Roger Corman’s High […]

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  • Stanley Albert Fafara

    1949 - 2003

    Stanley Albert Fafara (1949 - 2003)

    Actor. Fafara is best remembered for his role as ‘Hubert “Whitey” Whitney,’ one of ‘Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver’s’ best friends on the television series, “Leave It To Beaver” from 1957 to 1963. As an actor he also appeared in the films, “The Wonderful World Of The Brothers Grimm” (1962), as ‘Hansel,’ and “Good Morning Miss Dove” […]

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  • Stanley Andrews

    1891 - 1969

    Stanley Andrews (1891 - 1969)

    Actor. Born Stanley Andrzejewski in Chicago, Illinois, he was best remembered for his role as the voice of Daddy Warbucks on the radio program “Little Orphan Annie” (1931-36). A popular character performer, he appeared in more than 250 movies to include “Beau Geste” (1939), “North to the Klondike” (1942), “Trail of Vengeance” (1945), “Road to […]

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  • Stanley Baker

    1928 - 1976

    Stanley Baker (1928 - 1976)

    William Stanley Baker was born in Ferndale, Rhondda Valley, Glamorgan, Wales, the youngest of three children. His father was a coal miner who lost a leg in a pit accident but continued working as a lift operator at the mine until his death. Baker grew up a self-proclaimed “wild kid” interested in only “football and […]

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