• Solveig Dommartin

    1961 - 2007

    Solveig Dommartin (1961 - 2007)

    Actress. Born in Paris, France, she appeared mainly in international films is best known for her roles in the Wim Wenders movies “Wings of Desire”, (1987), “Until the End of the World”, (1991) and “Faraway, So Close”, (1993). She also had a memorable performance in the films “The Prisoner of St. Petersburg”, (1989) and “I […]

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  • Sondra Locke

    1944 - 2018

    Sondra Locke (1944 - 2018)

    Sondra Locke Sondra Locke, who has died aged 74 after suffering from cancer, was closely associated with the film star and director Clint Eastwood: they made six films together and had a 13-year relationship, which ended acrimoniously. But it was not Eastwood who made her a star. Eight years before they met, she had already […]

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  • Sonia Furió

    1937 - 1996

    Sonia Furió (1937 - 1996)

    Actress. Born in Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, Furió developed a prolific career on stage, screen, radio and television. During the Spanish Civil War her family moved to Mexico, where Furió studied acting. Her films include “El Seductor” (1955), “Pensión de Artistas” (1956), “The Lovers” (1956), “La Sombra del Otro” (1957), “Ay…Calypso no te Rajes! (1958), […]

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  • Sonia Holm

    1922 - 1974

    Sonia Holm (1922 - 1974)

    British Actress. She was born in Sutton, Surrey, England. Film and television creidts include “The Crowded Day,” “Radio Cab Murder,” “13 East Street,” “The Bad Lord Byron,” “Broken Journey,” “Miranda,” “The Calendar,” “Warning to Wantons,” “The Loves of Joanna Godden,” and “When the Bough Breaks. She was married to actor, Patrick Holt from 1947 to […]

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  • Sonia Martínez

    1963 - 1994

    Sonia Martínez (1963 - 1994)

    Actress. She began her career in television as the presenter of the programme “3,2,1… Contacto”. Later she gained fame in children’s television show “Dabadabadá”, along with the entertainer Torrebruno. Sonia made her 1984 cinema debut in Gonzalo Suárez’s film “Epílogo”.  Her credits also include “Violines y Trompetas” (1984), “Perras Callejeras” (1985), “Segunda Enseñanza” and “Los […]

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  • Sonja Henie

    1912 - 1969

    Sonja Henie (1912 - 1969)

    Olympic Figure Skater and Actress. Considered by many as one of the greatest figure skaters in history, she is probably best remembered for winning the gold medal for Women’s’ Figure Skating at the 1928, 1932, and 1936 Winter Olympic Games in the Ladies’ singles category as well as winning an unprecedented ten consecutive World Championship […]

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  • Sonny Bono

    1935 - 1998

    Sonny Bono (1935 - 1998)

    Sonny Bono Entertainer, US Congressman. Until the early 1960s, he had a job delivering meat along the Sunset Strip in California. He became an A&R Man for Phil Spector. Working with people such as Sam Cooke, and Chubby Checker, and writing songs such as ‘Baby Don’t Go’, and ‘Don’t Laugh At Me’ Bono achieved his […]

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  • Sonny Bupp

    1928 - 2007

    Sonny Bupp (1928 - 2007)

    Actor. Bupp is widely remembered for his role in the classic film “Citizen Kane.” Born in New York City, Moyer MacClaren Bupp (his full name) first did mostly bit parts on cinema, often with his brother Tommy. Bupp appeared in two Our Gang comedies and in the 1937 Three Stooges short “Cash and Carry,” becoming […]

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  • Sonny Burgess

    1929 - 2017

    Sonny Burgess (1929 - 2017)

    Sonny Burgess was born on a farm near Newport, Arkansas to Albert and Esta Burgess. He graduated from Newport High School in 1948. In the early 1950s, Burgess played boogie woogie music in dance halls and bars around Newport. Burgess, Kern Kennedy, Johnny Ray Hubbard, and Gerald Jackson formed a boogie-woogie band they called the Rocky […]

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  • Sonny Carter

    1947 - 1991

    Sonny Carter (1947 - 1991)

    Sonny Carter was born in Macon, Georgia, but considered Warner Robins, Georgia, to be his hometown. He graduated from Lanier High School in Macon in 1965, and during his high school years was involved actively in Macon-based Troop 19 of the Boy Scouts of America, where he also served a term as Senior Patrol Leader, […]

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  • Sonny Greer

    1895 - 1982

    Sonny Greer (1895 - 1982)

    Sonny Greer (December 13, 1895 – March 23, 1982) was an American jazz drummer and vocalist, best known for his work with Duke Ellington. Greer was born in Long Branch, New Jersey, and played with Elmer Snowden’s band and the Howard Theatre’s orchestra in Washington, D.C., before joining Duke Ellington, whom he met in 1919. He […]

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  • Sonny James

    1928 - 2016

    Sonny James (1928 - 2016)

    Sonny James Sonny James, the Southern Gentleman, used the popular Nashville sound of the ’60s to countrify pop hits of the past into a form accessible to many, broadening country music’s appeal across the nation. James even moved over to the pop charts for a time in the late ’50s but found the secret of […]

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  • Sonny Liston

    1932 - 1970

    Sonny Liston (1932 - 1970)

    Sonny Liston Sonny Liston was born in 1932 to an immense family of 25 brothers and sisters. In his youth he was arrested for Armed Robbery and learned how to box in prison. He was paroled in 1952 and had a short amateur career winning the St. Louis, Midwest, National, and International Golden Gloves titles. […]

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  • Sonny Tufts

    1911 - 1970

    Sonny Tufts (1911 - 1970)

    Bowen Charlton Tufts III (nicknamed “Sonny”) was born in Boston, Massachusetts into a prominent banking family. The Tufts family patriarch, Peter Tufts, sailed to America from Wilby, Norfolk, England in 1638. His great uncle was businessman and philanthropist Charles Tufts, for whom Tufts University is named. Sonny Tufts attended the Phillips Exeter Academy and later broke […]

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  • Sonny West

    1937 - 2017

    Sonny West (1937 - 2017)

    Sonny West Sonny West has died in Nashville after a long illness. He was 79 years old. He had been suffering lung cancer.Sonny was a member of Elvis Presley’s entourage and met him for the first time in 1958 before Elvis left for his military service in Germany. Later he came to work for Elvis, […]

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  • Sophia Dorothea of Celle

    1666 - 1726

    Sophia Dorothea of Celle (1666 - 1726)

    Sophia Dorothea was born on 15 September 1666, the only child of George William, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg by his long term mistress, Eleonore d’Esmier d’Olbreuse (1639–1722), Countess of Williamsburg, a Huguenot lady, the daughter of Alexander II d’Esmiers, Marquess of Olbreuse. George William eventually married his daughter’s mother officially in 1676 (they had been married […]

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  • Sophia of Hanover

    1630 - 1714

    Sophia of Hanover (1630 - 1714)

    Before her marriage, Sophia, as the daughter of Frederick V, Elector Palatine of the Rhine, was referred to as Sophie, Princess Palatine of the Rhine, or as Sophia of the Palatinate. The Electors of the Palatinate were the Calvinist senior branch of House of Wittelsbach, whose Catholic branch ruled the Electorate of Bavaria.  On 30 […]

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  • Sophie Alexandrine Croizette

    1970 - 1901

    Sophie Alexandrine Croizette (1970 - 1901)

    Actress.  Born in St. Petersburg,  Russia to French parents,  Croizette was raised in Paris and debuted at the Comedie-Francaise in 1868,  where she was one of the company’s reigning divas for a dozen years.  For a time she was considered a fierce rival of Sarah Bernhardt but the latter denied this in her autobiography,  claiming […]

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  • Sophie Alexandrine Croizette

    1970 - 1901

    Sophie Alexandrine Croizette (1970 - 1901)

    Actress.  Born in St. Petersburg,  Russia to French parents,  Croizette was raised in Paris and debuted at the Comedie-Francaise in 1868,  where she was one of the company’s reigning divas for a dozen years.  For a time she was considered a fierce rival of Sarah Bernhardt but the latter denied this in her autobiography,  claiming […]

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  • Sophie Cubbison

    1890 - 1982

    Sophie Cubbison (1890 - 1982)

    Businesswoman. Long before women became regulars in the corporate world, Mrs. Cubbison — Sophie Huchting Cubbison — parlayed her knack for baking and her home economics degree into a successful company that still bears her name. “Mrs. Cubbison’s” pre-packaged stuffing and dressing mixes are a fixture in grocery stores throughout the western United States. Cubbison, […]

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  • Sophie Daumier

    1934 - 2003

    Sophie Daumier (1934 - 2003)

    Actress, Singer, Comedienne. A sexy blonde performer of the 1960s and 1970s, she is remembered for her appearances in roughly 30 feature films. Born Elisabeth Simone Juliette Clemence Hugon, the daughter of composer Georges Hugon, she was raised in the show business milieu, trained in classical ballet at Chatelet, Paris, and at 16 began touring […]

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  • Sophie Heathcote

    1972 - 2006

    Sophie Heathcote (1972 - 2006)

    Actress. A native of Melbourne, Australia, she is best remembered for her television roles. She played ‘Stephanie “Stevie” Brennan’ in “A Country Practice” from 1990 to 1991, ‘Peggy’ in “Bordertown” in 1995, ‘Lottie Gunther’ in “Sun Of The Stubble” from 1996 to 2001, ‘Sam Kezerko’ on “Raw FM” in 1997, ‘Constable Fiona Cassidy’ in “Water […]

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  • Sophie Lancaster

    1986 - 2007

    Sophie Lancaster (1986 - 2007)

    Sophie Lancaster (born 26 November 1986) was a former pupil at Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School, Haslingden High School and a gap year student planning to attend Accrington and Rossendale College to do an English degree. She had been dating Maltby, a 21-year-old art student at Manchester, for three years, and they both had a […]

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  • Sophie Scholl

    1921 - 1943

    Sophie Scholl (1921 - 1943)

    Sophie Scholl was brought up a Lutheran. She entered junior or grade school at the age of seven, learned easily, and had a carefree childhood. In 1930, the family moved to Ludwigsburg and then two years later to Ulm where her father had a business consulting office. In 1932, Scholl started attending a secondary school for […]

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  • Sophiya Haque

    1971 - 2013

    Sophiya Haque (1971 - 2013)

    Actress, Singer. A popular performer of both England and India, she shall perhaps be best remembered as the barmaid Poppy Morales of ITV’s classic series “Coronation Street”. Initially raised by her single mother, she studied dance then after moving with her father to London trained at the Arts Educational Schools. In 1988 Sophiya landed a […]

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  • Sorrell Booke

    1930 - 1994

    Sorrell Booke (1930 - 1994)

    Booke was born in Buffalo, New York, a cousin of Max Yasgur of Woodstock fame. Fluent in five languages including Russian and Japanese, Booke earned degrees from both Columbia and Yale universities. He served in the Korean War as a counterintelligence officer. Booke was married to the former Miranda Knickerbocker (the daughter of Hubert Renfro […]

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  • Sosthenes Behn

    1884 - 1957

    Sosthenes Behn (1884 - 1957)

    Businessman. His first name was Greek for “life strength,” and he was born in St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands. He and his brother Hernand was educated at St. Thomas, Ajaccio, Corsica, St. Barbe and Paris, France. His father was Danish and his mother French-Italian. In 1906, Behn and his brother took over a sugar business […]

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  • Soupy Sales

    1926 - 2009

    Soupy Sales (1926 - 2009)

    Soupy Sales Born Milton Supman, Soupy Sales was an early children’s television show icon whose trademark was a cream pie to the face. With his two puppets White Fang, the meanest dog in the United States, and Black Tooth, the nicest dog in the United States, he used his skill of rubber faced improvisational style […]

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  • Spade Cooley

    1910 - 1969

    Spade Cooley (1910 - 1969)

    Spade Cooley One of the groups which played at the Venice Pier Ballroom in Venice, California, was led by Jimmy Wakely with Spade Cooley on fiddle. Several thousand dancers would turn out on Saturday night to swing and hop. “The hoards (sic) of people and jitterbuggers loved him.” When Wakely got a movie contract at […]

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  • Spalding Gray

    1941 - 2004

    Spalding Gray (1941 - 2004)

    Gray was born in Providence, Rhode Island, to Rockwell Gray, Sr., the treasurer of Brown & Sharpe, and Margaret Elizabeth “Betty” Horton, a homemaker. He was the middle-born of three sons: Rockwell, Jr., Spalding, and Channing. He was raised in the Christian Scientist faith and grew up in Barrington, Rhode Island, spending summers at his […]

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