Soupy Sales (Milton Supman)

Soupy Sales

Soupy Sales

Born Milton Supman, Soupy Sales was an early children’s television show icon whose trademark was a cream pie to the face. With his two puppets White Fang, the meanest dog in the United States, and Black Tooth, the nicest dog in the United States, he used his skill of rubber faced improvisational style to entertain children from 1959 until 1966. He was so popular and recognizable that he couldn’t go anywhere without being approached for an autograph. He always graciously obliged any fan. His show was not without controversy. Angry that he was forced to work on New Years day in 1965, he instructed all of the children watching his show to get in their parents wallets and purses and mail him the funny green paper with president’s faces. Many of the young viewers obliged him. There was such an outrage from the parents that the network was forced to suspend him for two weeks. Young viewers picketed the studio and his popularity increased even more. So popular was his show that many big named stars gladly appeared on his show to also receive a pie in the face. Following his stint with children’s television he appeared through the mid-1970’s on numerous game shows. During the 1980’s Sales had a daily radio show that followed Don Imus in the morning and preceded shock jock Howard Stern in the afternoon. Imus and Stern went out of their way to make life miserable for Soupy. He continued to make public appearances and do one man shows in his later years. Soupy Sales died in hospice care after battling many illnesses.

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  • January, 08, 1926
  • Franklinton, North Carolina


  • October, 22, 2009
  • Bronx, New York

Cause of Death

  • cancer


  • Kensico Cemetery
  • Valhalla, N.Y.

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