• Cass Gilbert

    1859 - 1934

    Cass Gilbert (1859 - 1934)

    Noted American architect and “Skyscraper Pioneer.” He was the son of Samuel Augustus Gilbert and Elizabeth Fulton (Wheeler) Gilbert. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, 1878-1879. Gilbert exercised enormous influence on the development of architecture in the United States. He is perhaps best known for his gothic skyscraper, the Woolworth Building, which was […]

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  • Cassandra Butts

    1965 - 2016

    Cassandra Butts (1965 - 2016)

    During her time as Deputy White House Counsel, Cassandra Butts focused most on judicial nominations. Records later showed that in the days after Associate Justice David Souter announced his retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court, Butts was in frequent contact with President Obama’s eventual nominee to replace Souter, Sonia Sotomayor. Butts also had been rumored in […]

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  • Cassandra Harris

    1952 - 1991

    Cassandra Harris (1952 - 1991)

    Actress. Harris was born Sandra Colleen Waites in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on December 15, 1952. She appeared in the films, “For Yor Eyes Only” (1981), as ‘Countess Lisl Von Schlaf,’ “Rough Cut” (1980), as ‘Mrs. Lloyd Palmer,’ and “The Greek Tycoon” (1978), as ‘Cassandra.’ She also appeared in the television shows, “Space: 1999” […]

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  • Cassie Bernall

    1981 - 1999

    Cassie Bernall (1981 - 1999)

    Cassie Bernall (November 6, 1981 – April 20, 1999) was a student killed in the Columbine High School massacre at age 17. Initial reports suggested that Eric Harris asked if Bernall believed in God moments before she was fatally shot. She was reported to have answered “Yes”. This story led to Bernall being presented as a […]

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  • Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

    1844 - 1934

    Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (1844 - 1934)

    Artist. Coolidge was a drugstore owner, painter, bank owner and inventor. He painted the famous Dogs Playing Poker, started the first bank in Antwerp, New York along with invented carnival “cut-outs,” wood props with painted figures on them that you can stick your face through. Coolidge married Gertrude Kimmell in 1909 at the age of […]

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  • Catfish Hunter

    1946 - 1999

    Catfish Hunter (1946 - 1999)

    Finley gave Hunter the nickname “Catfish” in 1965 because he thought his 19-year-old pitcher needed a flashy nickname. A story circulated that Hunter’s family gave him the nickname as a child when he went missing and was later found with a string of catfish; there is no truth to that explanation. Hunter never played in […]

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  • Catherine Dale Owen

    1900 - 1965

    Catherine Dale Owen (1900 - 1965)

    Actress. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1925, she was acclaimed as one of the world’s ten most beautiful women. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and first appeared on Broadway in “Little Women” in 1920. She made her big screen debut in “The Forbidden Woman” (1927), followed by “His Glorious Night” (1929). […]

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  • Catherine Drinker Bowen

    1897 - 1973

    Catherine Drinker Bowen (1897 - 1973)

    Author. Born in Haverford, Pennsylvania, she was best known for writing biographies about noted figures in history. Her earliest biographies were about musicians when she wrote “Beloved Friend: The Story of Tchaikowsky and Nadejda Von Meck” (1937). Her works included “Free Artist: The story of Anton and Nicholas Rubinstein” (1939), “Yankee from Olympus: Justice Holmes […]

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  • Catherine E. Coulson

    1943 - 2015

    Catherine E. Coulson (1943 - 2015)

    American Actress. Coulson, who worked as a camera assistant on director David Lynch’s 1977 debut film, the cult-classic ‘Eraserhead’, will best be remembered for playing the “Log Lady” on the ‘Twin Peaks’ television show (1990-1991), as well as the movie ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me’ (1992). It was during the filming of ‘Eraserhead’ that […]

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  • Catherine Hessling

    1900 - 1979

    Catherine Hessling (1900 - 1979)

    Catherine Hessling, born in Champagne-Ardennes, had sought refuge in Nice during World War I. Her paternal ancestors came from Alsace but moved to Champagne-Ardennes when Alsace transferred to Germany. In 1917, her beauty came to the attention of Henri Matisse, who sent her to fellow artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir as he thought she looked like a […]

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  • Catherine Lacey

    1904 - 1979

    Catherine Lacey (1904 - 1979)

    Catherine Lacey made her stage debut, playing opposite Mrs Patrick Campbell, in The Thirteenth Chair at the West Pier Brighton on 13 April 1925. Her first West End appearance followed in July 1926, in Cock o’ the Roost at the Garrick Theatre. Among her other West End credits were The Beetle (Strand Theatre 1928), The Venetian […]

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  • Catherine Ladd

    1809 - 1899

    Catherine Ladd (1809 - 1899)

    Educator. Wrote and contributed poems, news-letters, and articles on education and art to southern journals and magazines. In Winnsborough, South Carolina, she successfully conducted a large boarding school until the Civil War began. She also published in the “Floral Wreath” and other periodicals tales, essays, and poems under the pen-names “Minnie Mayflower,” “Arcturus,” “Alida,” and […]

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  • Catherine McLeod

    1921 - 1997

    Catherine McLeod (1921 - 1997)

    Actress. Born Catherine Frances McLeod in Santa Monica, California, she made over sixty television and movie appearances between 1944 and 1976. Her film credits included “I’ve Always Loved You” (1946), “Forever Yours” (1945), “The Harvey Girls” (1946), “A Blueprint for Murder” (1953), “Tammy Tell Me True” (1961) and “Lipstick” (1976). For television, she appeared in […]

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  • Catherine Moylan Singleton

    1904 - 1969

    Catherine Moylan Singleton (1904 - 1969)

    Actress. Born in Dallas, Texas, she began her career as a performer in the Ziegfeld Follies. In 1920s, she entered in beauty contests and was named Miss Universe in 1926. Signing with MGM Studios, she appeared in several silent films before having roles in “Love On The Run” (1930) and “Our Blushing Brides” (1930). (bio […]

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  • Catherine of Aragon

    1485 - 1536

    Catherine of Aragon (1485 - 1536)

    Catherine of Aragon (Castilian: Catalina; also spelled Katherine of Aragon, 16 December 1485 – 7 January 1536) was Queen of England from 1509 until 1533 as the first wife of King Henry VIII; she was previously Princess of Wales as the wife of Prince Arthur.  The daughter of Queen Isabella I of Castile and King […]

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  • Catherine of Valois

    1401 - 1437

    Catherine of Valois (1401 - 1437)

    Catherine of Valois was the youngest daughter of King Charles VI of France and his wife Isabeau of Bavaria. She was born at the Hôtel Saint-Pol (a royal palace in Paris) on 27 October 1401. Early on, there had been a discussion of marrying her to the prince of Wales, son of Henry IV of […]

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  • Catherine Owen

    1900 - 1965

    Catherine Owen (1900 - 1965)

    First discovered by Laura MacGillivray, the wife of Actors Equity president Frank Gillmore, Catherine Owen appeared on Broadway in the 1920s through early 1930s in productions including The Mountain Man, The Whole Town’s Talking, Trelawny of the Wells, The Love City and The Play’s the Thing. In 1925, Owen was acclaimed as one of the […]

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  • Catherine the Great

    1729 - 1796

    Catherine the Great (1729 - 1796)

    Catherine the Great Yekaterina Alexeevna or Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great (Russian: Екатерина II Великая, Yekaterina II Velikaya; 2 May 1729 – 17 November 1796), was the most renowned and the longest-ruling female leader of Russia, reigning from 9 July 1762 until her death in 1796 at the age of 67. Her […]

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  • Cathryn Damon

    1930 - 1987

    Cathryn Damon (1930 - 1987)

    Actress. Born Cathryn Lee Damon in Seattle, Washington she studied dance from an early age, moving to New York City at the age of sixteen in hope of pursuing a career in ballet. She debuted on Broadway as an ensemble dancer in the musical comedy ‘By the Beautiful Sea’ in April 1954. She emerged from […]

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  • Cathy Downs

    1924 - 1976

    Cathy Downs (1924 - 1976)

    Cathy Downs was born in Port Jefferson, New York. She was the daughter of James Nelson Downs and Edna Elizabeth Newman. A former Vogue cover model, she was brought to Hollywood in 1944 by a 20th Century-Fox talent scout. Downs began her film career with a small roles in State Fair (1945) and The Dolly Sisters […]

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  • Cathy O’Donnell

    1923 - 1970

    Cathy O’Donnell (1923 - 1970)

    Actress. Began her film career with a role in ‘The Best Years of Our Lives’ (1946). Went on to be featured in several film-noir movies of the 1940s and 50s. One of her more notable roles was that of Ben-Hur’s sister in the 1959 version of Ben-Hur. She was married to film director Robert Wyler […]

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  • Catya Sassoon

    1968 - 2002

    Catya Sassoon (1968 - 2002)

    Actress and model. Catya was the daughter of Vidal Sassoon. She began her career in 1982 as model with the Prestige Agency in Beverly Hills, California. She later appeared in films including “Tuff Turf” (1985), “Modern Girls” (1986), “Inside Out” (1986), “Dance With Death” (1991), “Secret Games” (1992), “Inside Out IV” (1992), “Bloodfist IV: Die […]

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  • Cayle Chernin

    1947 - 2011

    Cayle Chernin (1947 - 2011)

    Actress. A writer and producer as well as performer in around two dozen film and television features and, she is best remembered for her 1970 screen debut as Selina in Donald Shebib’s classic drama “Goin’ Down the Road”. A native of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, she was 22 when she portrayed the girlfriend of […]

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  • Cecil B. DeMille

    1881 - 1959

    Cecil B. DeMille (1881 - 1959)

    Legendary Movie Producer, Director. Born in Ashfield, Massachusetts, he was renowned for flamboyance and showmanship in his movies for both silent and sound films. He began his career as an actor on the Broadway stage in 1900, began directing films in 1913 and made his first production for Paramount Studios with “Squaw Man” (1914). With […]

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  • Cecil Barker

    1916 - 1966

    Cecil Barker (1916 - 1966)

    Motion Picture Director. World War II army veteran. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Parents:  Cecil Winfred Barker (1888 – 1967)  Willie Ann Barker (1889 – 1969)

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  • Cecil Beaton

    1904 - 1980

    Cecil Beaton (1904 - 1980)

    English society photographer, artist and film/theatre designer. Academy awards: Best Costume 1958 (‘Gigi’), 1964 (‘My Fair Lady’). (bio by: Dominic Druce) Cause of death: stroke

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  • Cecil Cunningham

    1888 - 1959

    Cecil Cunningham (1888 - 1959)

    Actress. She appeared in 84 films, including “Mata Hari,” “Blonde Venus,” “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town,” “Come and Get It,” “The Awful Truth,” “Lillian Russell,” “New Moon,” “Du Barry Was a Lady,” and “The Horn Blows At Midnight.” She was married to writer Jean C. Havez. (bio by: TLS)  Family links:  Spouse:  Jean C. Havez […]

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  • Cecil Cunningham

    1888 - 1959

    Cecil Cunningham (1888 - 1959)

    Actress. She appeared in 84 films, including “Mata Hari,” “Blonde Venus,” “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town,” “Come and Get It,” “The Awful Truth,” “Lillian Russell,” “New Moon,” “Du Barry Was a Lady,” and “The Horn Blows At Midnight.” She was married to writer Jean C. Havez. (bio by: TLS)  Family links:  Spouse:  Jean C. Havez […]

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  • Cecil Day-Lewis

    1904 - 1972

    Cecil Day-Lewis (1904 - 1972)

    Day-Lewis was born in Ballintubbert, Athy/Stradbally border, Queen’s County (now known as County Laois), Ireland. He was the son of the Reverend Frank Cecil Day-Lewis (died 29 July 1937) and Kathleen Blake (née Squires; died 1906). Some of his family was from England (Hertfordshire and Canterbury). His father took on the surname “Day-Lewis” as a […]

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  • Cecil Frances Alexander

    1818 - 1895

    Cecil Frances Alexander (1818 - 1895)

    Alexander was born in Dublin, the third child and second daughter of Major John Humphreys (of Norfolk, land-agent to 4th Earl of Wicklow and later to the second Marquess of Abercorn), and Elizabeth (née Reed). She began writing verse in her childhood, being strongly influenced by Dr Walter Hook, Dean of Chichester. Her subsequent religious […]

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