• Carol Adams

    1918 - 2012

    Carol Adams (1918 - 2012)

    Entertainer. Born Lurline Uller within the focal point of the entertainment industry, she caught the attention of a studio executive at the age of five which led to her taking up both dancing and acting lessons. Her experience in films could be traced back to appearances in the Mickey Rooney picture series “Mickey McGuire” which […]

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  • Carol Ann Susi

    1952 - 2014

    Carol Ann Susi (1952 - 2014)

    Carol Ann Susi (February 2, 1952 – November 11, 2014) was an American actress best known for providing the voice of recurring unseen character Mrs. Wolowitz on the television series The Big Bang Theory.  Susi was born in Brooklyn and was of Italian descent. She studied acting at HB Studio in New York City before […]

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  • Carol Bruce

    1919 - 2007

    Carol Bruce (1919 - 2007)

    Actress and Singer. Best known for her role as Lillian “Mama” Carlson on the television series “WKRP in Cincinnati” from 1979-1982 replacing actress Sylvia Sidney. She was born Shirley Levy and started her singing career in a Montréal night club in 1937. In 1940, she made her Broadway debut in the musical comedy “Louisiana Purchase.” […]

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  • Carol Bundy

    1942 - 2003

    Carol Bundy (1942 - 2003)

    Carol Bundy had a troubled childhood. Her mother died when she was young and her father sexually abused her. Then, when her father remarried, he put her in various foster homes. When Bundy was 17 years old, she married a 56-year-old man. By the time she met Clark at the age of 37, she had […]

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  • Carol Burns

    1947 - 2015

    Carol Burns (1947 - 2015)

    Australian Actress. Burns was a very prominent actress in film, television, and on the theatrical stage. She started in the theater at a young age and was a founding member of Queensland Theatre Company where she was a major part of its success.  Burns performed in the other theatrical productions and went into directing in […]

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  • Carol Channing

    1921 - 2019

    Carol Channing (1921 - 2019)

    Carol Channing Carol Channing was born on this date in 1921. She was an African American actress. She was born in Seattle, Washington. When she left home to attend Bennington College, her mother informed her that her father, a journalist whom she had believed was born in Rhode Island, was actually a light-complected African-American born […]

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  • Carol Dempster

    1901 - 1991

    Carol Dempster (1901 - 1991)

    Carol Dempster Carol Dempster was born in Duluth, Minnesota on December 9th, 1901. Her family moved to California when she was a baby. Carol attended Ruth St. Denis’s dancing school and was noticed by D.W. Griffith. She got her first small screen role in his masterpiece “Intolerance” (1916), playing one of the Babylonian dancers. Her […]

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  • Carol Doda

    1937 - 2015

    Carol Doda (1937 - 2015)

    Carol Doda was born August 29, 1937, in Solano County, California, and grew up in San Francisco. Her parents divorced when she was 3. Although private about her personal life, she said she dropped out of school and became a cocktail waitress at age 14. Carol Doda attended the San Francisco Art Institute and worked […]

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  • Carol Grace Marcus Matthau

    1924 - 2003

    Carol Grace Marcus Matthau (1924 - 2003)

    Actress. The wife of the actor Walter Matthau for 41 years. She met him on Broadway when they appeared in “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?” in the 1950s. She was also a successful writer, penning her autobiography “Among the Porcupines” and later wrote a well-received novel “The Secret in the Daisy”. Her daughter from her […]

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  • Carol Haney

    1924 - 1964

    Carol Haney (1924 - 1964)

    Born Carolyn Haney in New Bedford, Massachusetts, she began to dance at age five and opened a dancing school in her teens. After high school, Haney left her home town for Hollywood and landed bit parts in movies until she was spotted by dancer/choreographer Jack Cole, becoming his dance partner and assistant from 1946–48. In […]

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  • Carol Holloway

    1892 - 1979

    Carol Holloway (1892 - 1979)

    Actress. Holloway was one of the more prolific, and athletic queens of the silent era. She appeared in 37 films from 1915 to 1938. Westerns are prominent and others are labeled as comedy, mystery, musicals and drama. Her career progression stopped with the introduction of sound. Her last known appearance was in “Emergency Squad” in […]

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  • Carol Hughes

    1910 - 1995

    Carol Hughes (1910 - 1995)

    Carol Hughes was born Catherine Mabel Hukill on January 17, 1910 in Chicago, Illinois to Charles, an upholsterer, and Mable Hukill (née Stift). Both of her parents were born in Chicago; her mother’s grandparents were from Germany. She was raised in a rented house at 2122 Pearl Court in Chicago along with a cousin, Pearl […]

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  • Carol Marsh

    1926 - 2010

    Carol Marsh (1926 - 2010)

    English Film Actress. She was known for winning the part of Rose in the film Brighton Rock (1947) after thousands auditioned for the part. Other notable roles included Lucy in the Hammer Horror film Dracula (1958), Alice in a film version of Alice in Wonderland (1949), and “Fan” in Scrooge (1951). She trained at the […]

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  • Carol Ohmart

    1927 - 2002

    Carol Ohmart (1927 - 2002)

    Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, into a Mormon family her father was C. Thomas Ohmart, a dentist who was first a professional actor, and Armelia Ohmart. She attended East High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, and graduated from Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, Washington. Carol Ohmart won the Miss Utah 1946 title […]

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  • Carol Tevis

    1907 - 1965

    Carol Tevis (1907 - 1965)

    Actress. She appeared in the films, “Three Loves Has Nancy” (1938), “Behind The Mike” (1937), “The Big Squirt” (1937), “She Asked For It” (1937), “Love Is News” (1937), “Free Rent” (1936), “Come Closer, Folks” (1936), “Sing, Baby, Sing” (1936), “Hungry Pains” (1935), “Pickled Peppers” (1935), “Wig-Wag” (1935), “Hitch Hike Lady” (1935), “Grand Exit” (1935), “The […]

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  • Carol Wayne

    1942 - 1985

    Carol Wayne (1942 - 1985)

    Actress. She is best remembered for playing opposite Johnny Carson on the “Tonight Show” as the “Matinee Lady.” Sometimes credited as Nina Wayne (her sister), she and her sister skated with the “Ice Capades” as teenagers.  She then moved on to be a topless showgirl in the Las Vegas’ “Foiles Bergere”. She began her show […]

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  • Carol White

    1943 - 1991

    Carol White (1943 - 1991)

    British Actress. In a career that spanned over forty years Carol became a star on British Television in 1965 with her portrayal of a pregnant mother in a grim story called “Cathy Come Home” and “Poor Cow”. She was born in Hammersmith, West London to working class parents. Carol started making pictures in 1949 in […]

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  • Carola Höhn

    1910 - 2005

    Carola Höhn (1910 - 2005)

    Actress. She was born in Wesermünde and died in München, (Germany). She made her debut on stage in 1933 at the Berliner Schlosstheater. In 1934, she started a film career that spanned more than 60 years. She triumphed in movies such as “Einmal eine grosse Dame sein” (1934), “Charleys Tante” (1934), “Der alte und der […]

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  • Carole Cole

    1944 - 2009

    Carole Cole (1944 - 2009)

    Carole Cole was born in Medford, Massachusetts and was the adopted daughter of Nat King Cole and adopted sister of Natalie Cole. Her biological mother, Carol Hawkins, was the sister of Nat King Cole’s wife, Maria. Through her mother, Cole was related to educator Charlotte Hawkins Brown. Carole Cole received an associate’s degree at Cazenovia College […]

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  • Carole Landis

    1919 - 1948

    Carole Landis (1919 - 1948)

    Landis was born Frances Lillian Mary Ridste in Fairchild, Wisconsin. She was the youngest of five children (two of whom died in childhood) born to Clara (née Stentek), a Polish farmer’s daughter, and Norwegian-American Alfred Ridste, a “drifting railroad mechanic” who abandoned the family after Landis’ birth.  According to Landis’ biographer E.J. Felming, circumstantial evidence […]

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  • Carole Lombard

    1908 - 1942

    Carole Lombard (1908 - 1942)

    Actress.  Born Jane Alice Peters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, one of three children, her parents separated and with her mother she moved to California.  Her career spanned from the silent era to “talkies.”  An auto accident almost ended her life as well as acting by inflicting serious scars on her face.  Undaunted, she was able […]

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  • Carole Lombard

    1908 - 1942

    Carole Lombard (1908 - 1942)

    Carole Lombard was an American film actress. She was particularly noted for her highly neurotic, energetic and often off-beat roles in the screwball comedies of the 1930s. She was the highest-paid star in Hollywood in the late 1930s. Lombard was born into a wealthy family in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on October 6, 1908. She attended […]

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  • Caroline Astor

    1830 - 1908

    Caroline Astor (1830 - 1908)

    Lina was born into New York City’s Dutch aristocracy, descendants of the city’s original settlers. Her father, Abraham Schermerhorn, and the extended Schermerhorn family were engaged in shipping. Lina’s mother was Helen White. At the time of her birth, her family lived at 1 Greenwich Street, near the Bowling Green, but the population growth and […]

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  • Caroline Bonaparte

    1782 - 1839

    Caroline Bonaparte (1782 - 1839)

    Caroline Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio, Corsica. She was a younger sister of Joseph Bonaparte, Napoléon Bonaparte, Lucien Bonaparte, Elisa Bonaparte, Louis Bonaparte and Pauline Bonaparte. She was an older sister of Jérôme Bonaparte. In 1793, Caroline moved with her family to France during the French Revolution. There, she fell in love with Joachim Murat, one […]

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  • Caroline Maria Severance

    1820 - 1914

    Caroline Maria Severance (1820 - 1914)

    Caroline Maria Severance was born in Canandaigua, New York, the daughter of a banker, Orson Seymour, and his wife Caroline M. Clarke. After a conservative upbringing, she married Theodoric C. Severance, who was called T.C., an abolitionist banker from Cleveland, Ohio. She became the mother of five children, one of whom died in infancy. She […]

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  • Caroline McWilliams

    1945 - 2010

    Caroline McWilliams (1945 - 2010)

    Caroline Margaret McWilliams (April 4, 1945 – February 11, 2010) was an American actress best known for her portrayal of Marcy Hill in the television series Benson. McWilliams was a regular on the CBS soap, Guiding Light (as Janet Norris) for several years and also appeared in a short-term role (as Tracy DeWitt) on the […]

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  • Caroline of Ansbach

    1683 - 1737

    Caroline of Ansbach (1683 - 1737)

    Caroline was born on 1 March 1683 at Ansbach, the daughter of John Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, and his second wife, Princess Eleonore Erdmuthe of Saxe-Eisenach. Her father was the ruler of one of the smallest German states; he died of smallpox at the age of 32, when Caroline was three years old. Caroline and […]

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  • Caroline Risque Janis

    1883 - 1952

    Caroline Risque Janis (1883 - 1952)

    Artist. Caroline was a well-known painter and sculptor, selling numerous paintings in New Orleans as well as St. Louis before her marriage. She later opened a studio in St. Louis and was the head of the Art Department for John Burroughs School for many years. She was one of “The Potters,” a group of eight […]

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  • Caroline Wells Healey Dall

    1822 - 1912

    Caroline Wells Healey Dall (1822 - 1912)

    Writer, Reformer. She was born in Boston, the oldest of eight children. After attending a private girls’ school in that city, she became a Sunday school teacher and ran a nursery. She published essays while a teenager in the “Christian Register” and became involved with the Transcendentalists after hearing lectures by Ralph Waldo Emerson. At […]

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  • Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

    1966 - 1999

    Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (1966 - 1999)

    Socialite and wife of John F. Kennedy, Jr. She gained a certain notoriety herself due to public interest and attention to her husband. Born in White Plains, New York, she was the youngest daughter of Dr. William J. and Ann Messina Bessette.  Her father was a surgeon and her mother an administrator in the New […]

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