• Barry Evans

    1943 - 1997

    Barry Evans (1943 - 1997)

    Born in Guildford, Surrey, and abandoned as a baby, Evans was educated at the orphanage boarding schools run by the Shaftesbury Homes, first at Fortescue House School in Twickenham and then at Bisley Boys’ School in Bisley, Surrey. His acting ability was recognised at an early age and he often played the leading roles in […]

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  • Barry Foster

    1927 - 2002

    Barry Foster (1927 - 2002)

    Barry Foster was born John Barry Foster in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, the son of a toolsetter. His family moved to Hayes, Hillingdon (then in Middlesex) when he was a few months old. He attended Southall County Grammar School. After leaving school, Foster worked as a plastics organic chemist at the local EMI Central Research Laboratories, while […]

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  • Barry Goldwater

    1909 - 1998

    Barry Goldwater (1909 - 1998)

    Barry Morris Goldwater (January 2, 1909 – May 29, 1998) was an American politician and businessman who was a five-term United States Senator from Arizona (1953–65, 1969–87) and the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 1964 election. Despite losing the election by a landslide, Goldwater is the politician most often […]

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  • Barry Levin

    1947 - 2001

    Barry Levin (1947 - 2001)

    Lawyer. Levin was a high-profiled Attorney from Los Angeles, California. Levin’s famous clients included Erik Menendez, who was convicted of killing his parents along with his brother Lyle, actor Robert Blake who was charged with the shooting death of his wife Bonny Lee Bakley, and also Los Angeles police Sgt. Edward Ortiz who was convicted […]

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  • Barry Morse

    1918 - 2008

    Barry Morse (1918 - 2008)

    Born to a Cockney family, Morse was a 15-year-old school dropout and errand boy when he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He performed the role of the Lion in Androcles and the Lion and as a result came to know George Bernard Shaw, a patron of the academy. His first […]

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  • Barry Nelson

    1918 - 2007

    Barry Nelson (1918 - 2007)

    Nelson was born Haakon Robert Nielsen in Wellington, New Zealand, the son of Norwegian immigrants, Betsy (née Christophersen) and Trygve Nielsen but moved to America when he was 8 years old on July 1 1926 (His year of birth has been reported variously, but his 1943 Army enlistment record and his 1993 voter registration records […]

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  • Barry Sadler

    1940 - 1989

    Barry Sadler (1940 - 1989)

    Barry Sadler Singer, United States Army Soldier. Born in Carlsbad, New Mexico, he was introduced to music at a young age when he spent some time at a logging camp. In 1958, he enlisted into the United States Air Force as a radar specialist, but discharged one year later to begin touring and playing music. […]

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  • Barry Sullivan

    1912 - 1994

    Barry Sullivan (1912 - 1994)

    Born in New York City, Sullivan was a law student at New York University and Temple University. He fell into acting when in college playing semi-pro football. During the later Depression years, Sullivan was told that because of his 6 ft 3 in (1.9 m) stature and rugged good looks he could “make money” simply […]

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  • Barry White

    1944 - 2003

    Barry White (1944 - 2003)

    Barry White Say the name Barry White and you’d be hard pressed to follow it with the name of any other recording artist with such a huge, cross-sectional following. He was at home appearing on Soul Train, guesting with a full band on The Today Show, and appearing in cartoon form in various episodes of […]

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  • Bart Giamatti

    1938 - 1989

    Bart Giamatti (1938 - 1989)

    Major League Baseball Commissioner, Educator. Born Angelo Bartlett Giamatti in Boston, Massachusetts, he was a professor of Comparative Literature at Yale University Connecticut and a master at Stiles College at Yale. In 1978, he was appointed the nineteenth President of Yale University, serving until 1986. He was the youngest President in the history of the […]

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  • Bartine Burkett

    1898 - 1994

    Bartine Burkett (1898 - 1994)

    American film actress, primarily of the silent era. She returned to the screen after a 55 year absence, appearing in a few films during the 1980s. (bio by: A.J. Marik) Cause of death: Congestive heart failure

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  • Bartlett A. Carre

    1897 - 1971

    Bartlett A. Carre (1897 - 1971)

    Actor. Appeared in motion pictures during the 1930s and 1940s. Went on to work as a motion picture production manager after his acting career was over. (bio by: A.J. Marik)

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  • Barton Yarborough

    1900 - 1951

    Barton Yarborough (1900 - 1951)

    William Barton Yarborough (October 2, 1900 – December 19, 1951) was an American actor who worked extensively in radio drama.  He was born in Goldthwaite, Texas. As a youth, Yarborough ran away from home, attracted by the vaudeville stages, and he first worked in radio during the 1920s. He attended college at the University of […]

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  • Barton MacLane

    1902 - 1969

    Barton MacLane (1902 - 1969)

    Barton MacLane was born in Columbia, South Carolina on Christmas Day, 1902. He attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, where he excelled at American football. His first movie role, in The Quarterback (1926), was a result of his athletic ability. He then attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He made his Broadway debut in 1927, […]

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  • Barton Wood Currie

    1877 - 1962

    Barton Wood Currie (1877 - 1962)

    Author. Sent by New York World to Labrador in 1909 to meet Peary on his return from his last polar expediction, and wrote story presenting Peary’s side in the Cook-Peary controversy. Contributed about 100 short stories and articles to magazines. Author of the book “Booth Tarkington, a Bibliography.” (bio by: Laurie)  Family links:  Parents:  Duncan […]

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  • Bas Jan Ader

    1942 - 1970

    Bas Jan Ader (1942 - 1970)

    Artist. A native of of Winschoten, the Netherlands, he was a popular Dutch conceptual artist, filmmaker, photographer, and performance artist. He studied at the Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands, and at the Otis Art College, and the Claremont Graduate School, in the United States. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1965 from […]

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  • Basil Bunting

    1900 - 1985

    Basil Bunting (1900 - 1985)

    Born into a Quaker family in Scotswood-on-Tyne, Northumberland, Basil Bunting studied at two Quaker schools: from 1912 to 1916 at Ackworth School in the West Riding of Yorkshire and from 1916 to 1918 at Leighton Park School in Berkshire. His Quaker education strongly influenced his pacifist opposition to the First World War, and in 1918 […]

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  • Basil Dearden

    1911 - 1971

    Basil Dearden (1911 - 1971)

    Basil Dearden was born at 5, Woodfield Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex to Charles James Dear, a steel manufacturer, and his wife, Florence née Tripp. Dearden graduated from theatre direction to film, working as an assistant to Basil Dean. He later changed his own name to Dearden to avoid confusion with his mentor. He first began working as a […]

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  • Basil Paterson

    1926 - 2014

    Basil Paterson (1926 - 2014)

    Paterson was born in Harlem on April 27, 1926, the son of Leonard James and Evangeline Alicia (Rondon) Paterson. His father was born on the island of Carriacou in the Grenadines and arrived in the United States aboard the S.S. Vestris on May 16, 1917 in New York City. His mother was born in Kingston, […]

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  • Basil Wright

    1907 - 1987

    Basil Wright (1907 - 1987)

    After leaving Sherborne School, a well known independent school in the market town of Sherborne in Dorset, Basil Wright was the first recruit to join John Grierson at the Empire Marketing Board’s film unit in 1930, shortly after he graduated from Cambridge University. Wright’s 1934 film Song of Ceylon is his most celebrated work. Shot […]

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  • Bass Reeves

    1970 - 1910

    Bass Reeves (1970 - 1910)

    Western Lawman. Born as a slave, after the Civil War he went west to engage in farming. In 1875 he began a new career, receiving his commission as a U.S. Deputy Marshal, under the direction of Judge Isaac C. Parker in Ft. Smith. He was the first African American to receive a commission as a […]

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  • Bat Masterson

    1853 - 1921

    Bat Masterson (1853 - 1921)

    American Western Frontier Figure, Journalist.  Born William Barclay Masterson the second of five children, his birthplace is recorded as being either Quebec, Canada or an unknown farm in Illinois. His youth was spent on various farms in the American Midwest and his education consisted of a basic frontier education in series of one room schools. […]

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  • Battle of Tippecanoe Memorial

    1970 - 1970

    Battle of Tippecanoe Memorial (1970 - 1970)

    Concerned about the possible extinction of their race brought on by advancing expansion of white settlers into the midwest, the Shawnee chief Tecumseh and his brother, Tenskwatawa (The Shawnee Prophet) left their native Ohio and, with permission of the Potawatomi and Kickapoo tribes, established Prophet’s Town in 1808 to serve as a capital of a […]

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  • Bayard Rustin

    1912 - 1987

    Bayard Rustin (1912 - 1987)

    Bayard Rustin (/ˈbaɪərd/; March 17, 1912 – August 24, 1987) was an American leader in social movements for civil rights, socialism, nonviolence, and gay rights. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania, where his family was involved in civil rights work. In 1936, he moved to Harlem, New York City, where he earned a living […]

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  • Baylee Isabel Almon

    1994 - 1995

    Baylee Isabel Almon (1994 - 1995)

    Disaster Victim. One year-old victim of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. A widely-published photograph of her injured body in the arms of firefighter Chris Field came to symbolize the children who were lost in the tragedy. The photo won the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography. Cause of death: Murdered

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  • Bea Benaderet

    1906 - 1968

    Bea Benaderet (1906 - 1968)

    Bea Benaderet Was an actress whose career spanned four decades but was probably best known for her comedic performances in “Petticoat Junction,” “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “The Flintstones.” Benaderet was born April 4, 1906, in New York and made her professional debut in a children’s production of “The Beggar’s Opera” in San Francisco when she […]

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  • Bea Arthur

    1922 - 2009

    Bea Arthur (1922 - 2009)

    Bea Arthur Actress. A versatile performer, she earned both Tony and Emmy Awards in a stage and television career that spanned 60 years. Born Bernice Frankel, she was raised in New York City, moved with her family to Maryland at 11, and received a degree in medical technology from now-defunct Blackstone College in Virginia. During […]

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  • Bea Benaderet

    1906 - 1968

    Bea Benaderet (1906 - 1968)

    Actress. Born in New York City and raised in San Francisco, California, she had a remarkable career in radio and television. She launched her network radio career in 1936, appearing as a regular on The Campbell Playhouse”, “The Jack Benny Show”, “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”, “The Great Gildersleeve” and “Fibber McGee and Molly”. […]

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  • Beah Richards

    1920 - 2000

    Beah Richards (1920 - 2000)

    She was born Beulah Elizabeth Richardson in Vicksburg, Mississippi; her mother was a seamstress and PTA advocate and her father was a Baptist minister. In 1948, she graduated from Dillard University in New Orleans and two years later moved to New York City. Her career started to take off in 1955 when she portrayed an […]

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  • Béatrice Anne-Marie Bolchesi Bretty

    1893 - 1982

    Béatrice Anne-Marie Bolchesi Bretty (1893 - 1982)

    Actress. Born Béatrix Anne-Marie Bolchesi, he gained fame while appearing in motion pictures such as “Le Petit roi” (1933; “The Little King”), “Les Vignes du Seigneur” (1958), “La sentence” (1959; “The Verdict”), and “Arrêtez les tambours” (1960; “Stop the Drums”). (bio by: amy7252)

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