Bas Jan Ader (Bas Jan Ader)

Bas Jan Ader

Artist. A native of of Winschoten, the Netherlands, he was a popular Dutch conceptual artist, filmmaker, photographer, and performance artist. He studied at the Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands, and at the Otis Art College, and the Claremont Graduate School, in the United States. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1965 from Otis, and graduated from Claremont in 1967. He later taught at the Mount San Antonio College, the Immaculate Heart College, and the University of California, in Irvine, California. Among some of his work was the popular short film, ‘I’m too sad to tell you,” (1970), in which he makes an attempt to cry in order to show his emotion. Ader was an artist who used feelings or emotions to paint, write, or compose, in his works. In 1975, Ader was lost at sea between Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and England, when he was attempting a single-handed west-crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a 13-foot pocket cruiser (a modified Guppy 13), named the ‘Ocean Wave.’ The boat was later found 10 months later floating partially submerged off the coast of Ireland, but no sign of Ader was ever found. Other work by Ader includes, “The Boy Who Fell Over Niagara,” “Broken Fall,” and “Farewell To Faraway Friends.” His work is still popular today. (bio by: K)


  • April, 19, 1942


  • January, 01, 1970


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