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  • Lillian Burstein

    1918 - 2005

    Lillian Burstein (1918 - 2005)

    Actress. A major figure in Yiddish Theater, she is best known for the musical acts she produced and staged as the matriarch of “The Four Bursteins”, a troupe composed of herself, her husband and their twin children, Michael and Susan. Touring internationally, The Four Bursteins made a name bringing what Lux termed “classical Jewish opera” […]

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  • Lillian Zuckerman

    1916 - 2004

    Lillian Zuckerman (1916 - 2004)

    Actress. A longtime character actress Zuckerman appeared in many films that were set in or had something to do with Florida. Among her films are, “Lenny” (1974), “Deadbeat” (1976), “nobody’s Perfekt” (1981), “The Mean Season” (1985), and Making Mr Right” (1987). Zuckerman also was a model, voice actress, and also appeared in commercials, and episodes […]

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  • Lisa Blount

    1957 - 2010

    Lisa Blount (1957 - 2010)

    Actress, Producer. She is best known for her role of Lynette Pomeroy in the hit 1982 picture “An Officer and a Gentleman”, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. Raised in Jacksonville, Arkansas, she attended the University of Arkansas, and landed her first movie part in the film “September 30, 1955” (1977), followed by […]

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  • Lloyd Ingraham

    1874 - 1956

    Lloyd Ingraham (1874 - 1956)

    Actor and Director. Born in Rochelle, Illinois, he entered films in 1912 after years of stage experience. During the silent era he specialized in directing women-oriented melodramas, such as “The Eyes of Julia Deep” (1918), “The Wise Virgin” (1924), and “Hearts and Fists” (1926), while appearing as an actor in movies directed by others. With […]

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  • Lola Gaos

    1921 - 1993

    Lola Gaos (1921 - 1993)

    Noted Spanish screen and stage actress. She is best remembered for her films “Esa Pareja Feliz,” “Tristana,” and “Furtivos.” On stage she appeared in “Espectros” and “La Casa de Bernarda Alba.”

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  • Lola Lane

    1909 - 1981

    Lola Lane (1909 - 1981)

    Actress. Born Dorothy Mullican in Macy, Indiana, she began her career in a musical act with her sisters actresses Priscilla and Rosemary Lane in 1920s. Together they started performing on Broadway when they were signed to Warner Bros. Studios in 1937 and as sisters they appeared “Four Wives” (1939). On her own, she appeared in […]

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  • Lona Andre

    1915 - 1992

    Lona Andre (1915 - 1992)

    Actress. From 1933 to 1949 this attractive brunette with the famous dimples appeared in more than fifty films becoming one of Hollywood’s most noticeable stars. Born Launa Anderson in Nashville, Tennessee she first gained media attention in 1932 when she was named a “Baby Star” by the Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers. After her […]

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  • Lorraine Brox

    1900 - 1993

    Lorraine Brox (1900 - 1993)

    Actress, Singer. Born Lorayne Eunice Brock, together with sisters Bobbe and Kathlyn she was a member of the ‘The Brox Sisters’ singing group. Their film credits included “Down South” (1928), “The Hollywood Reveue 1929” (1929), “Headin’ South” (1929), “King of Jazz” (1930) and “Hollywood on Parade” (1932). She also appeared by herself in “Gems of […]

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  • Lou Jacobi

    1913 - 2009

    Lou Jacobi (1913 - 2009)

    Actor. He was a prolific performer of stage, films and television, often seen in comedic roles. Born Louis Harold Jacobovitch in Toronto, he began his career as a child performing in amateur productions making his stage debut at age ten in the play “The Rabbi and the Priest” in 1924. He served as drama director […]

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  • Louis Edmonds

    1923 - 2001

    Louis Edmonds (1923 - 2001)

    Actor. He worked in the theater, primetime television and had various roles on the television series “Dark Shadows” and the daytime soap opera “All My Children.” He died from respitory problems.

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  • Louis Calhern

    1895 - 1956

    Louis Calhern (1895 - 1956)

    Actor. Born Carl Henry Vogt, he began his career performing in the theatre and after military service in France, during World War I, he made his film debut in “What’s Worth While” (1921). A veteran of over 70 feature films, some of his best performances were in “Duck Soup” (1933), “The Last Days of Pompeii” […]

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  • Louise Beavers

    1902 - 1962

    Louise Beavers (1902 - 1962)

    Actress. A plump, mournful-eyed character player in Hollywood films, she was almost always cast as a maid, mammy, or housekeeper, a shameful waste of her talent. Beavers is best remembered for her wrenching performance in “Imitation of Life” (1934), as an Aunt Jemima-like pancake maker whose light-skinned daughter abandons her to pass for white in […]

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  • Lovyss Bradley

    1906 - 1969

    Lovyss Bradley (1906 - 1969)

    Actress. Born in Iowa, she took up an offer to go to Hollywood for scene tests in the 1940s. In 1950, she made her film debate as a police woman in the crime drama “Outrage”. Her other movie credits included “Meet Me After the Show” (1951), “Man of Conflict” (1953), “The Unholy Wife” (1957), “This […]

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  • Loyal Underwood

    1893 - 1966

    Loyal Underwood (1893 - 1966)

    Loyal Underwood (August 6, 1893 – September 30, 1966) was an American stock actor for Charlie Chaplin’s film studio.  Underwood’s movie debut was in The Count, a 1916 Chaplin short film created for the Mutual Film Corporation. Underwood is uncredited as he was for the four other Mutual shorts in which he appeared.  In 1918, […]

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  • Luana Walters

    1912 - 1963

    Luana Walters (1912 - 1963)

    Actress. Considerate by many one of the sexiest of the B-western heroine, Walters was the leading lady to more individual cowboy stars than any other B-western actress. She worked in more than 70 films over a period of 25 years and had scenes with Edward G. Robinson, Jean Harlow, Harold Lloyd, Charles Boyer and Loretta […]

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  • Lucile Browne

    1907 - 1976

    Lucile Browne (1907 - 1976)

    Actress. Began her carrer as a model before joining a theatrical troupe. Signed by Fox Film Corporation and utilized primarily in comedy, romantic pictures, and Westerns. She appeared in 46 titles including the films “Soup to Nuts” (1930), “The Last of the Mohicans” (1932) with Harry Carey, “Texas Terror” (1935) and “Rainbow Valley” (1935) both […]

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  • Lucille Bliss

    1916 - 2012

    Lucille Bliss (1916 - 2012)

    Voice Actress. Born Lucille Theresa Bliss in New York City, she became known for her voice. She became a recognized television pioneer when she was tapped to voice the character of Crusader Rabbit in the first made for television cartoon series. The initial episodes aired in 1949 and ran through 1951. She debuted in feature […]

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  • Lucille Bremer

    1917 - 1996

    Lucille Bremer (1917 - 1996)

    Actress. Born in Amsterdam, New York, she began her career as a Rockette on Radio City Music Hall at age 16. A fabulous dancer, she started appearing in Broadway musicals in 1940. She made her feature screen debut in “Meet Me In St. Louis” (1944), followed by a co-starring role opposite Fred Astaire in “Yolanda […]

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  • Luis Sanchez

    1926 - 1999

    Luis Sanchez (1926 - 1999)

    Popular actor and humorist. He and his partner José Luis Coll (Tip y Coll was his artistic name) performed surrealistic and absurd humor that triumphed in the Spanish Transition.

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  • Luisa Sala

    1923 - 1986

    Luisa Sala (1923 - 1986)

    Actress. She was born and died in Madrid. She appeared in more than 1.000 stage and television roles in her prolific career. She also worked in a few films such as “Las Chicas de la Cruz Roja” (1958), “El Secreto del Dr. Orloff” (1964), “Los Hombres las Prefieren Viudas” (1970), “Una Monja y un Don […]

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  • Lujza Blaha

    1850 - 1926

    Lujza Blaha (1850 - 1926)

    Singer and actress, ‘The Hungarian Nightingale.’

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  • Lyda Borelli

    1884 - 1959

    Lyda Borelli (1884 - 1959)

    Italian silent film star. Sister of actress Alda Borelli.

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  • Lyle Barton

    1889 - 1971

    Lyle Barton (1889 - 1971)

    Actress. Appeared in motion pictures from the 1920s to the 1940s. Also known as Lyle Tayo, she appeared in several “Our Gang” comedies in the early 1930s, usually playing a mother or aunt to one of the kids. She worked with comedy legends Laurel and Hardy in some of their films, as well. Her grave […]

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  • Lyle Talbot

    1902 - 1996

    Lyle Talbot (1902 - 1996)

    Actor. Born Lisle Henderson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he had his film debut in 1932 in “Three on a Match.” Later he worked extensively in both television and film from the 1930s through the 1980s. Also he guest starred on such TV series as: “The Lone Ranger.” “The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin,” “Perry Mason,” “The […]

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  • Lynn Baggett

    1924 - 1960

    Lynn Baggett (1924 - 1960)

    Actress. Stage and screen figure and writer. Married to movie producer Sam Spiegel. 

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  • Lynn Bari

    1913 - 1989

    Lynn Bari (1913 - 1989)

    Actress. She is remembered for her portray of sultry, statuesque man-killers in over 100 20th Century Fox films from the early 1930s through the 1940s. During World War II, she was a favorite American soldier’s pin-up girl with names like “The Woo Woo Girl” and “The Girl with the Million Dollar Figure.” Her film and […]

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  • Mabel Karr

    1934 - 2001

    Mabel Karr (1934 - 2001)

    Actress. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she spent most of her career in Spain. Karr appeared in films such as “Las Chicas de la Cruz Roja” (1958), “El Día de los Enamorados” (1959), “Il Colosso di Rodi” (1961), “La Hora Incógnita” (1963), “Los Palomos” (1964), “Abuelo Made in Spain” (1969), “La Duda” (1972) and “La […]

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  • Mabel Albertson

    1901 - 1982

    Mabel Albertson (1901 - 1982)

    Albertson was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, the daughter of Russian-born Jewish immigrants Flora Craft and Leopold Albertson. Her brother was actor Jack Albertson. Albertson’s mother, a stock actress, supported the family by working in a shoe factory. Albertson was best known as Phyllis Stephens, Darrin’s neurotic, interfering mother on the television sitcom Bewitched, who invariably […]

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  • Mabel Ballin

    1887 - 1958

    Mabel Ballin (1887 - 1958)

    Actress. She started acting during World War I. Ballin played several roles and she was very popular at the time. Best remembered as ‘Jane Withersteenin’ in “Riders of the Purple Sage” (1925) with Tom Mix.

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  • Mabel Bennett

    1883 - 1940

    Mabel Bennett (1883 - 1940)

    Actress. Mother of Constance, Barbara and Joan Bennett. Stage actress and daughter of Rose Wood and stage actor Lewis Morrison. In films from 1914 to 1917. Married to Richard Bennett from 1903 to 1925. Married Eric Pinker in 1927. 

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