Luisa Sala (Luisa Sala)

Luisa  Sala

Actress. She was born and died in Madrid. She appeared in more than 1.000 stage and television roles in her prolific career. She also worked in a few films such as “Las Chicas de la Cruz Roja” (1958), “El Secreto del Dr. Orloff” (1964), “Los Hombres las Prefieren Viudas” (1970), “Una Monja y un Don Juan” (1973) and “El Acto” (1979). On television, she appeared in successful series “CaƱas y Barro” (1978) and “Platos Rotos” (1985). Sadly, she have a horrible death, choked with a meat piece, while she was ating. She was married with actor Pastor Serrador, brother of prestigious actress Pepita Serrador.


  • July, 07, 1923
  • Spain


  • June, 16, 1986
  • Spain


  • Cementerio de Carabanchel Alto
  • Spain

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