• Eduardo Ciannelli

    1889 - 1969

    Eduardo Ciannelli (1889 - 1969)

    Italian Actor. He is remembered for his films of adventures and horror. Among his films: “Reunion in Vienna” (1933), “Gunga Din” (1939), “Strange Cargo” (1940), “Mummy’s Hand” (1940), “Mysterious Doctor Satan” (1940), “I Was a Prisoner on Devil’s Island” (1941), “The Mask of Dimitrios” (1944), “The Lost Moment” (1947), “Vulcano” (1950), “Sul Ponte Dei Sospiri” […]

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  • Eduardo De Filippo

    1900 - 1984

    Eduardo De Filippo (1900 - 1984)

    Actor and playwright. Fondly remembered in films such as: “Three Girls from Rome,” “Side Street Story” and “The Gold of Naples,” with Silvana Mangano and Totò. He also wrote and collaborated on films with such directors as Vittorio De Sica. (bio by: MC)

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  • Edvard Eriksen

    1876 - 1959

    Edvard Eriksen (1876 - 1959)

    Artist. One of Denmark’s most prominent sculptors. His most famous work is “The Little Mermaid” statue that sits in the harbor at Langelinie in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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  • Edvin Adolphson

    1893 - 1979

    Edvin Adolphson (1893 - 1979)

    Actor, Motion Picture Director. He was active through a 50 year career, and appeared in over 500 roles. His debut was made in 1912, but his breakthrough came 1923 in the film “Friare från Landsvägen”. He appeared with Ingrid Bergman in “Only One Night” (1939), and is noted for his roles in the film “Änglar, […]

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  • Edward Albee

    1928 - 2016

    Edward Albee (1928 - 2016)

    Edward Albee was born in 1928. He was placed for adoption two weeks later and taken to Larchmont in Westchester County, New York, where he grew up. Albee’s adoptive father, Reed A. Albee, the wealthy son of vaudeville magnate Edward Franklin Albee II, owned several theaters. His adoptive mother, Reed’s third wife, Frances (Cotter), was […]

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  • Edward Albert

    1951 - 2006

    Edward Albert (1951 - 2006)

    Albert was born Edward Laurence Heimberger in Los Angeles, California, to actor Eddie Albert (1906-2005), and Mexican actress Margo (1917- 1985). Albert made his motion picture debut in a 1965 drama, The Fool Killer, as a runaway orphan who crossed paths with a disturbed Civil War veteran, played by Anthony Perkins. He is best known for […]

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  • Edward Alleyn

    1566 - 1626

    Edward Alleyn (1566 - 1626)

    Actor. One of the greatest performers of the Elizabethan stage, he was rivaled only by Richard Burbage and praised by such authors as Ben Jonson and Thomas Nashe. He was particularly noted for his interpretations of Christopher Marlowe’s “Tamburlaine”, “Doctor Faustus”, and “The Jew of Malta”,  and Robert Greene’s “Orlando Furioso”.  Alleyn was born in […]

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  • Edward Allworth

    1895 - 1966

    Edward Allworth (1895 - 1966)

    Allworth was born in Battle Ground, Washington, Allworth graduated from Oregon Agricultural College in 1916. He enlisted at Corvallis, Oregon in 1917 and joined the 60th Infantry Regiment of the 5th Division. On November 5, 1918, mere days from the armistice, Allworth and his company crossed the Meuse River via a canal bridge near the […]

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  • Edward Andrews

    1914 - 1985

    Edward Andrews (1914 - 1985)

    Actor. Born in Griffin, Georgia, He was a versatile performer who appeared in 51 films, 31 Broadway plays and numerous television shows. He debuted on stage at age 12 in 1926, and on Broadway in the 1935 production ”How Beautiful With Shoes”. His screen work began in ”The Phoenix City Story” (1955), followed by credits […]

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  • Edward Anthony Andrassy

    1906 - 1935

    Edward Anthony Andrassy (1906 - 1935)

    Murder victim. Edward Andrassy was one of the first victims of the Cleveland Torso Killer, or Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run. He worked as a hospital orderly and eventually turned to petty crime. On September 23, 1935, the bodies of Andrassy and an unidentified man were found at the base of Jackass Hill in Kingsbury […]

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  • Edward Arnold

    1890 - 1956

    Edward Arnold (1890 - 1956)

    Actor. A veteran actor of over 150 movies in his career, Edward Arnold achieved the kind of stardom seldom achieved by character actors. A burly man with a commanding presence, a round face and piercing eyes, Arnold began acting in his teens in New York. He worked in several Broadway shows and made several dozen […]

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  • Edward Balston

    1817 - 1891

    Edward Balston (1817 - 1891)

    Headmaster of Eton College 1857-1864. Later Archdeacon of Derby. (bio by: David Conway)

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  • Edward Bellamy

    1850 - 1898

    Edward Bellamy (1850 - 1898)

    Author. Edward Bellamy worked briefly in the newspaper industry in New York City, New York and in Springfield, Massachusetts. He left journalism to devote himself completely to literature, writing both short stories and novels. His books include “Dr. Heidenhoff’s Process” (1880), “Miss Ludington’s Sister” (1884), “The Duke of Stockbridge” (1900), and the novels “Looking Backward: […]

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  • Edward Bennett

    1970 - 1935

    Edward Bennett (1970 - 1935)

    Major League Baseball Figure. He was the mascot/Batboy for the New York Yankees, serving in that capacity from 1921 till May of 1932 when he was involved in a serious car accident. Born an orphan with severe physical deformity (known then as having a “hunchback”) in the mid-west, he served time with the Chicago White […]

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  • Edward Bernard “Eddie” Collins

    1883 - 1940

    Edward Bernard “Eddie” Collins (1883 - 1940)

    Actor, Comedian. A native of Atlantic City, New Jersey, Collins is probably best remembered as the model and voice of Dopey in the 1937 Walt Disney animated film classic, “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs”.  A former star of vaudeville, he also appeared in dozens of other films,  including “Diamond Jim” (1935), “In Old Chicago” […]

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  • Edward Binns

    1916 - 1990

    Edward Binns (1916 - 1990)

    Edward Binns was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One of the first members of the newly formed Actors Studio, Binns began studying with Elia Kazan in the fall of 1947. After appearing in a number of Broadway plays, Binns began appearing in films in the early 1950s. Some of his notable roles include playing Juror #6 […]

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  • Edward Blore

    1787 - 1879

    Edward Blore (1787 - 1879)

    Architect. Edward was born in Derby. The eldest child of Thomas Blore, a topographer and antiquary. Edward began in his fathers footsteps, becoming apprenticed to an engraver, he became a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1823. His precise and atmospheric illustrations for the Rev. Philip Bliss’s Monumental Remains of Noble and Eminent Persons […]

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  • Edward Bok

    1863 - 1930

    Edward Bok (1863 - 1930)

    Edward Bok was born in Den Helder, Holland, on 9th October,1863.When Bok was seven years old his family emigrated to the United States. After attending school in Brooklyn, New York City, Bok found work as an office boy at the Western Union Telegraph Company. Bok had a strong desire to become a journalist and managed […]

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  • Edward Bowes

    1874 - 1946

    Edward Bowes (1874 - 1946)

    Edward Bowes’ father died when he was six years old, and young Bowes worked as he could to augment the family income. After leaving grammar school he worked as an office boy and then went into the real estate business, until the cataclysmic 1906 San Francisco earthquake wiped out his fortune. He then went to […]

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  • Edward Brooke

    1919 - 2015

    Edward Brooke (1919 - 2015)

    In 1966, Edward Brooke defeated former Governor Endicott Peabody with 1,213,473 votes to 744,761, and served as a United States Senator for two terms, from January 3, 1967, to January 3, 1979. The black vote had, Time wrote, “no measurable bearing” on the election as less than 3% of the state’s population was black, and […]

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  • Edward Brophy

    1895 - 1960

    Edward Brophy (1895 - 1960)

    Edward Brophy was born in New York City, American. His screen debut was in Yes or No (1920). In 1928, with only a few minor film roles to his credit, Brophy was working as a junior production executive for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer when he was chosen to appear with Buster Keaton in one sequence of Keaton’s film The […]

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  • Edward Bunker

    1933 - 2005

    Edward Bunker (1933 - 2005)

    Bunker was born “on New Year’s Eve, 1933” into a troubled family in Los Angeles. His mother, Sarah (née Johnston), was a chorus girl from Vancouver, and his father, Edward N. Bunker, a stage hand. His parents lived in a constant state of alcohol-fueled argument. His first clear memories were of his parents screaming at […]

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  • Edward Burra

    1905 - 1976

    Edward Burra (1905 - 1976)

    Artist. He is best known for his surreal paintings of urban subcultures.  Burra also designed the costumes and sets for many ballet productions, including “The ABC of Theatre” (1932), “Rio Grande” (1932), “Barabau” (1936), “Miracle of the Gorbals” (1944), “Carmen” (1947), “Don Juan” (1948) and “Don Quixote” (1950). In his later years he focused on […]

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  • Edward Calvert

    1799 - 1883

    Edward Calvert (1799 - 1883)

    Painter,  Print Maker. His early work was greatly inspired by William Blake and he later became a member of the Blake-influenced group known as The Ancients.  He was born in Kent and studied at the Royal Academy. Among his finest works are exquisite wood engravings and etchings which date from the 1820s and early 1830s. […]

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  • Edward Carpenter

    1844 - 1929

    Edward Carpenter (1844 - 1929)

    Author, Poet. Born in Brighton on the South coast of England at 45 Brunswick Square to a comfortable, middle-class family. Son of Lieutenant Charles Carpenter, he was from a long line of naval officers. Both grandfathers and his brother was Commander Alfred Carpenter, father of Vice-Admiral Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter. One of ten children in […]

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  • Edward Clark

    1878 - 1954

    Edward Clark (1878 - 1954)

    Actor, Writer. Russian-born stage and screen figure of the 1910s to the 1950s. Appeared in many top films, including “The Song of Bernadette” (1943), “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946), and “Strangers on a Train” (1951). (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Spouse:  Clara Stephenson Clark (1878 – 1969)*  Children:  Janet Elsie Clark (1912 – 1987)* […]

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  • Edward Cole “Eddie” Oatman

    1889 - 1973

    Edward Cole “Eddie” Oatman (1889 - 1973)

    Professional Hockey Player. A native of Springford, Ontario, Oatman played for teams in the PCHA, WCHL, AHA, CAHL, and the CHL Hockey Leagues. He played for the Victoria Aristocrats from 1920 to 1922, Victoria Cougars from 1922 to 1923, Calgary Tigers from 1923 to 1926, Minneapolis Millers from 1926 to 1927, Boston Tigers from 1927 […]

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  • Edward Connelly

    1859 - 1928

    Edward Connelly (1859 - 1928)

    Actor.  Versatile character player of stage and silent films.  Born in Manhattan,  he was a reporter for the New York Sun before he caught the acting bug and ran off to join a Kansas City-based theatre troupe in 1884.  He first appeared on Broadway in the musical comedy “The Belle of New York” (1900) and […]

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  • Edward Coxen

    1884 - 1954

    Edward Coxen (1884 - 1954)

    Actor. Born in London, England, he appeared in over 280 films during his career from 1911 to 1941. In 1900, he came to America, was educated at the University of California at Berkeley and became a naturalized citizen. At the age of 26, he became professional actor on the stage of the Majestic Theatre, San […]

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  • Edward Creighton

    1820 - 1874

    Edward Creighton (1820 - 1874)

    Edward Creighton was Nebraska’s wealthiest citizen in 1862. Founded Omaha’s First National Bank and was it’s first president. Through much of the 1860’s, he battled with members of The U.S. Congress to establish Omaha as the get the eastern terminus of the Union Pacific Railroad (after his death, Council Bluffs, Iowa was given that designation […]

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