• Edward Loomis Davenport

    1815 - 1877

    Edward Loomis Davenport (1815 - 1877)

    Stage actor in the 1800s. He is best known for his roles as ‘Hamlet’,  ‘Brutus’ in “Julius Caesar”, and ‘Sir Giles Overreach’ in “A New Way to Pay Old Debt”s. He began acting in 1836 and starred on the stage in the United States and England.  He is the father of actors Edgar, Harry and […]

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  • Edward Loomis Davenport

    1815 - 1877

    Edward Loomis Davenport (1815 - 1877)

    Stage actor in the 1800s. He is best known for his roles as ‘Hamlet’,  ‘Brutus’ in “Julius Caesar”, and ‘Sir Giles Overreach’ in “A New Way to Pay Old Debt”s. He began acting in 1836 and starred on the stage in the United States and England.  He is the father of actors Edgar, Harry and […]

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  • Edward M. Brumage

    1867 - 1945

    Edward M. Brumage (1867 - 1945)

    Noted stage actor. He died following a long illness. (bio by: TLS)

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  • Edward Marshall Boehm

    1913 - 1969

    Edward Marshall Boehm (1913 - 1969)

    Artist.  Born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1913. His surname is pronounced “Beam”. His parents separated before he was born. His mother, Elsie Boehm, died when he was seven years old. (He was not to meet his father until he was in his twenties.) Friends enrolled him in an all boys school for orphans and the […]

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  • Edward Mayne Ellis

    1870 - 1952

    Edward Mayne Ellis (1870 - 1952)

    Actor. He was born November 12, 1870 in Coldwater, Michigan. His father Edward C. Ellis, was an actor and playwright. His mother, Ruth McCarthy Ellis, was an actress. He is the brother of actress and author, Edith Ellis and actress Bessie Esmond Ellis. Ellis made his first stage appearance in Chicago in 1877 in the […]

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  • Edward Mead Johnson

    1852 - 1934

    Edward Mead Johnson (1852 - 1934)

    Businessman. He co-founded the “Johnson and Johnson” Company with his brother James Woods Johnson, later joining them was their brother Robert. Together they made names like “Bandaid” bandages, “Enfamil” baby formula, and sterile gauze bandages household names. Today, “Mead Johnson,” named after E. Mead Johnson, is located in Evansville Indiana. Other products to their credit […]

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  • Edward Mitchell Bannister

    1970 - 1901

    Edward Mitchell Bannister (1970 - 1901)

    Painter. He was born in St. Andrews, New Brunswick to a father from Barbados and a mother who was believed to be of Scottish descent. After the death of his mother, who had encouraged his early artistic interest, he worked several years at sea in Canada before moving to Boston, Massachusetts in 1848. While working […]

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  • Edward Paul Abbey

    1927 - 1989

    Edward Paul Abbey (1927 - 1989)

    Author. His nineteen books include “Desert Solitaire,” (regarded by many as one of the finest nature narratives in American literature), “The Monkey Wrench Gang,” “Abbey’s Road,” “Beyond the Wall: Essays from the Outside” and “Cactus Country.”  Family links:  Parents:  Paul Revere Abbey (1901 – 1992)  Mildred Irene Postlewaite Abbey (1905 – 1988)  Spouse:  Judith Pepper […]

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  • Edward Payson Ripley

    1845 - 1920

    Edward Payson Ripley (1845 - 1920)

    Business Magnate. First President of the reorganized Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad in 1895. The plaque on the door of the mausoleum bears the quote, “This is the sunset glow. The shadows will soon begin to lengthen. But if I have died to win the approbation of my contemporaries and to be of benefit […]

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  • Edward Phelps Allis

    1824 - 1889

    Edward Phelps Allis (1824 - 1889)

    Businessman. Founder of Allis Chalmers.  Entrepreneur and manufacturing innovator of steam engines, agricultural equipment, and heavy machinery.  Graduating from Union College in Schenectady, New York, he moved to Wisconsin in 1846 and married Margaret Watson, eventually having twelve children.  He first started in the leather tannery business in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and by 1854 had […]

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  • Edward Pococke

    1970 - 1691

    Edward Pococke (1970 - 1691)

    Orientalist who became a master of the Arabic, Syrica, Samaritan, Ethiopic and Hebrew languages and whose purchases became the basis of the Bodleian Library’s oriental manuscript collection. Became Oxford’s first Professor of Arabic. Also wrote in 1659 a treatise on coffee. In 1637-1640 acompanied Sir Peter Wyche (q.v.) on his embassy to Constantinople. (bio by: […]

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  • Edward Robinson

    1893 - 1973

    Edward Robinson (1893 - 1973)

    Edward G. Robinson (born Emanuel Goldenberg; December 12, 1893 – January 26, 1973) was a Romanian-born American actor. A popular star on stage and screen during Hollywood’s Golden Age, he appeared in 40 Broadway plays and more than 100 films during a 50-year career. He is best remembered for his tough-guy roles as a gangster, […]

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  • Edward Robinson Squibb

    1819 - 1900

    Edward Robinson Squibb (1819 - 1900)

    Businessman. He founded Squibb Pharmaceuticals, which is today Bristol-Myers Squibb. He served as a Surgeon in the United States Navy from 1847 to 1857.  Family links:  Parents:  James Robinson Squibb (1796 – 1852)  Catherine Harrison Bonsal Squibb (1798 – 1833)  Spouse:  Caroline Lownds Cook Squibb (1833 – 1905)*  Children:  Edward Hamilton Squibb (1853 – 1929)* […]

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  • Edward S. “Ed” Bryce

    1921 - 1999

    Edward S. “Ed” Bryce (1921 - 1999)

    Stage, Radio, and Television Actor. He was best known for two roles: the character Captain Steve Strong on television’s “Tom Corbett-Space Cadet” from 1954 to 1955; and an on/off again role as Bill Bauer on the long running CBS Television Soap Opera, “The Guiding Light” from 1959 to 1983. (bio by: Chuck Kearns)

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  • Edward S. Brophy

    1895 - 1960

    Edward S. Brophy (1895 - 1960)

    Actor. Character actor who enlivened many films playing dumb cops and dumber hoodlums. He also provided the voice of ‘Timothy Q. Mouse’ in Disney’s “Dumbo”(1941). (bio by: Bobb Edwards)  Family links:  Spouse:  Ann Slater Brophy (1889 – 1963)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Edward Said

    1935 - 2003

    Edward Said (1935 - 2003)

    Edward Wadie Said (Arabic pronunciation: [wædiːʕ sæʕiːd] Arabic: إدوارد وديع سعيد‎‎, Idwārd Wadīʿ Saʿīd; 1 November 1935 – 25 September 2003) was a professor of literature at Columbia University, a public intellectual, and a founder of the academic field of postcolonial studies. Born in Mandatory Palestine, Said was an American citizen from birth by way […]

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  • Edward Samuel Corwin

    1878 - 1963

    Edward Samuel Corwin (1878 - 1963)

    Prolific authority on American constitutional law. Author of numerous books and law review articles on constitutional issues, including “The President, Office and Powers” (1940, 1958), “The Constitution and What It Means Today” (1920, and several updates), “Total War and the Constitution” (1946), and, for the Congressional Research Service: “The Constitution of the United States of […]

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  • Edward Selzer

    1893 - 1970

    Edward Selzer (1893 - 1970)

    Edward “Eddie” Selzer (January 12, 1893 – February 22, 1970) was an American cartoon producer and head of Warner Bros. Cartoons from 1944 to 1958. He served in the US Navy and fought as a Golden Gloves boxer. He won a boxing exhibition for the Navy and was awarded with a weekend pass. While out […]

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  • Edward Sewall Sanford

    1817 - 1882

    Edward Sewall Sanford (1817 - 1882)

    Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General, Businessman. The President of the American Telegraph Company at the start of the Civil War, his expertise in telegraph communications was called upon by the Union to help defeat the rebellion. Commissioned Colonel, US Volunteers, he served as Military Supervisor of Telegraphic Messages for the Union Army. He was […]

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  • Edward Sheriff Curtis

    1868 - 1952

    Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868 - 1952)

    American Author, Photographer. Edward Curtis became fascinated with the various North American Indian groups and photography after his family had relocated in the upper mid-west in 1877. He built his first camera at age 12 and would photograph everything. In 1891 Edward moved to Seattle and bought a share in a photography studio with Rasmus […]

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  • Edward Tatum

    1909 - 1975

    Edward Tatum (1909 - 1975)

    Edward Lawrie Tatum (December 14, 1909 – November 5, 1975) was an American geneticist. He shared half of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1958 with George Beadle for showing that genes control individual steps in metabolism. The other half of that year’s award went to Joshua Lederberg. Beadle and Tatum’s key experiments […]

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  • Edward Teller

    1908 - 2003

    Edward Teller (1908 - 2003)

    Edward Teller (Hungarian: Teller Ede; January 15, 1908 – September 9, 2003) was a Hungarian-American theoretical physicist who was born in Hungary, and is known colloquially as “the father of the hydrogen bomb”, although he claimed he did not care for the title. He made numerous contributions to nuclear and molecular physics, spectroscopy (in particular the Jahn–Teller […]

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  • Edward VIII of the United Kingdom

    1894 - 1972

    Edward VIII of the United Kingdom (1894 - 1972)

    Edward VIII was born on 23 June 1894 at White Lodge, Richmond Park, on the outskirts of London, during the reign of his great-grandmother Queen Victoria. He was the eldest son of the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George V and Queen Mary). His father was the son of the Prince and Princess […]

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  • Edward West “Daddy” Browning

    1874 - 1934

    Edward West “Daddy” Browning (1874 - 1934)

    American Folk Figure, Businessman. A millionaire real estate magnate, he the center of a hugely sensational scandal in the 1920s involving his marriage to 15 year old Frances Belle Heenan. The news media at the time dubbed her “Peaches” to his “Daddy” (a nicknamed he received early in life; he was 52 years old).  Family […]

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  • Edward Winter

    1937 - 2001

    Edward Winter (1937 - 2001)

    Winter was born in Ventura, California, and began his career on Broadway. Winter was twice nominated for Tony Awards as Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Musical). The first was in 1967, as Herr Ludwig in Cabaret, then in 1969, as J.D. Sheldrake in Promises, Promises. He moved on to television, appearing on the daytime serials The […]

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  • Edwige Feuillère

    1907 - 1998

    Edwige Feuillère (1907 - 1998)

    French Actress. She appeared in “Le Cordon Bleu” (1931), “Lucrèce Borgia” (1935), “J’étais une Aventurière” (1938), “L’Idiot” (1946), “L’Aigle a deux têtes” (1948), “Aimez-vous les Femmes?” (1964), and “La Duchesse de Langeais” (1995), her last film made for TV. (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)

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  • Edwin Adams

    1834 - 1877

    Edwin Adams (1834 - 1877)

    American Actor. Adams became interested in acting in his late teens, and before he turned twenty debuted on stage at the National Theatre in Boston portraying the character Stephen, the sympathetic character of Sir Thomas in “The Hunchback”. Later that same year he appeared in Hamlet portraying the part of Bernado. In 1854, he left […]

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  • Edwin August

    1883 - 1964

    Edwin August (1883 - 1964)

    Actor, director and screenwriter of the silent era. Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, as Edwin August Philip Von der Butz. He was better known as Edwin August. His parents were Sarah Mykins and August Butz. He began his career at the young age of 7, his stage debut was in “Little Lord Fauntleroy.” Edwin was […]

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  • Edwin Austin Forbes

    1970 - 1895

    Edwin Austin Forbes (1970 - 1895)

    Artist. Born in New York, he began studying art in 1857 at the National Academy of Design in New York City, specializing in animal art. His instructor, Arthur F. Tait, achieved notice creating horse racing and country scenes for the Currier & Ives firm. In latter years features of Tait’s instruction were apparent in Forbes’s […]

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  • Edwin Baker

    1897 - 1968

    Edwin Baker (1897 - 1968)

    Actor. His long career spanned from 1917 to 1965. He was one of the original “Keystone Cops,” and was also the first secretary/treasurer of the Screen Actors Guild. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Spouse:  Christine J Wolf Baker (1900 – 1989)* *Calculated relationship

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