• August Charles Fruehauf

    1868 - 1930

    August Charles Fruehauf (1868 - 1930)

    Founder of Fruehauf Trailer Corporation in Detroit, Michigan.  Family links:  Parents:  Carl   Fruehauf (1824 – 1894)  Christine Susanna Hoffmeyer Fruehauf (1835 – 1919)  Children:  Harvey Fruehauf (1893 – 1968)*  Roy August Fruehauf (1908 – 1965)*  Sibling:  Henrietta Fruehauf Spader (1863 – 1925)*  August Charles Fruehauf (1868 – 1930) *Calculated relationship

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  • August Nykiel

    1896 - 1928

    August Nykiel (1896 - 1928)

    Organized Crime Figure. He was one of the most popular and successful Detroit bootleggers during the early days of Prohibition. In addition to his illegal activities he financed and maintained a semi-professional football team, the Detroit Tigers. His territory was confined to Detroit’s Southwest Side, and his headquarters was a saloon at 8824 W. Jefferson […]

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  • August Schellenberg

    1936 - 2013

    August Schellenberg (1936 - 2013)

    According to his official website, Schellenberg was born and lived in Montreal, Quebec until moving to Toronto, Ontario in 1967. He was of Mohawk and Swiss-German descent. He established himself in Toronto until 1995. He lived in Dallas, Texas with his wife, actress Joan Karasevich. He was the father of three daughters, two with Karasevich. […]

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  • August Solberg “Gus” Marker

    1905 - 1997

    August Solberg “Gus” Marker (1905 - 1997)

    Canadian hockey player. He played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Maroons and New York Americans.

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  • August Wilhelm Maybach

    1846 - 1929

    August Wilhelm Maybach (1846 - 1929)

    Automotive Pioneer, Industrialist. He was one of the first automobile manufacturers in Germany. With his lifelong partner Gottlieb Daimler, he invented the first fast-running petrol engine (1885). A smaller version of this engine was used later that year to create the first true motorcycle. In 1886, they built from a carriage the first four-wheel power […]

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  • August Wilhelm von Schlegel

    1767 - 1845

    August Wilhelm von Schlegel (1767 - 1845)

    Literary critic, professor and translator. Together with Ludwig Tieck he translated Shakespeare’s and Cervantes’ works into German and those translations are still used today.  Family links:  Spouse:  Caroline Michaelis Schelling (1763 – 1809)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Augusta Dabney

    1918 - 2008

    Augusta Dabney (1918 - 2008)

    Augusta Keith Dabney (October 23, 1918 – February 4, 2008) was an American actress known for her roles on many soap operas, most notably as the wealthy but kindly matriarch Isabelle Alden on the daytime series Loving. She played the role from 1983 to 1987, from 1988 to 1991, and again from 1994 to 1995, […]

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  • Augusta Dabney

    1918 - 2008

    Augusta Dabney (1918 - 2008)

    Actress. Born in Berkeley, California, she is best known to television audiences for her roles in numerous soap operas including, “As the World Turns”, “The Guiding Light”, “General Hospital”, “Another World” and “Loving”. She began her career on the Broadway stage and would appear in the productions, “Another Love Story”, “The Playroom” and “Everything in […]

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  • Augusta Dabney

    1918 - 2008

    Augusta Dabney (1918 - 2008)

    Actress. Born in Berkeley, California, she is best known to television audiences for her roles in numerous soap operas including, “As the World Turns”, “The Guiding Light”, “General Hospital”, “Another World” and “Loving”. She began her career on the Broadway stage and would appear in the productions, “Another Love Story”, “The Playroom” and “Everything in […]

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  • Auguste Boeckh

    1785 - 1867

    Auguste Boeckh (1785 - 1867)

    Historian of the ancient world and a founder of modern classical philology. (bio by: David Conway)

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  • Auguste Clésinger

    1814 - 1883

    Auguste Clésinger (1814 - 1883)

    Sculptor. His full name was Jean-Baptiste (Auguste) Clésinger, he studied under his father, the sculptor Georges-Philippe Clésinger.  Born in Besançon, in the Doubs department of France. Auguste first exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1843 with a bust of vicomte Jules de Valdahon and last exhibited there in 1864. In 1847 at the Salon, he […]

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  • Auguste Comte

    1798 - 1857

    Auguste Comte (1798 - 1857)

    French philosopher and sociologist. Born Isidore Marie Auguste François Xavier, is considered the founder of a pragmatic ideology, known as Positivism. In contrast to the metaphysical claims of Hegelian Idealism, he enunciated the theory of the priority of Scientific Knowledge in his work “Cours de philosophie positive”. His doctrine is far removed from materialism and […]

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  • Auguste Mariette

    1821 - 1881

    Auguste Mariette (1821 - 1881)

    French Egyptologist. He founded the Egyptian Antiquities Service and the famous Egyptian Museum. He is best known for his four year excavations of the Serapeum at Saqqara. He died at Bulaq in 1881 and was buried in a sarcophagus which was later moved to the forecourt in Egyptian Museum in El Cairo.  (bio by: José […]

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  • Augustine de Betancourt y Molina

    1758 - 1824

    Augustine de Betancourt y Molina (1758 - 1824)

    Engineer, Artist. Regarded by many historians to be the Spanish Leonardo da Vinci. He studied at the École des Ponts et Chaussées (School of Bridges and Roadways) in Paris and founded the Escuela de Ingenieros de Caminos y Canales (School of Road and Canal Engineering) in Madrid and the Corps of Civil Engineering in St. […]

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  • Augustus John

    1878 - 1961

    Augustus John (1878 - 1961)

    Artist. Considered to be the most talented artist of his generation. He studied at the Slade School of Art (1894 to 1899). In 1898, he won the Slade prize with “Moses” and the “Brazen serpent.” On the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, John was the best-known artist in Britian. He obtained a […]

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  • Augustus Kollner

    1812 - 1906

    Augustus Kollner (1812 - 1906)

    German-American Artist. Born Augustus Theodore Frederick Adam Kollner, he was a native of Wurttemberg and he demonstrated artistic aptitude from a young age. At age sixteen he was already employed as an engraver by the Stuttgart printer Carl Ebner. For a time he worked in Paris, and then left for America in 1839 where he […]

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  • Auriol Lee

    1880 - 1941

    Auriol Lee (1880 - 1941)

    Actress. She emigrated to America in the early 1900s and was a prolific stage performer and a playwright on Broadway. From 1903 to 1941, she appeared in numerous productions and also served as a stage director. Before her death she appeared in the films, “A Royal Divorce” (1938) and “Suspicion” (1941). (bio by: John “J-Cat” […]

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  • Aurora Redondo

    1900 - 1996

    Aurora Redondo (1900 - 1996)

    Actress. An acclaimed Spanish stage and screen figure, she made her debut on stage in 1907 and became one of the most important actresses in the Spanish theater. She is best remembered for her plays “Maribel y la Extraña Familia” and “La Casa de Bernarda Alba”. She also appeared in a few films, such as […]

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  • Austin Coates

    1970 - 1970

    Austin Coates (1970 - 1970)

    Author. Son of the famous British composer Eric Coates. (bio by: Kieran Smith)

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  • Austin Corbin

    1827 - 1896

    Austin Corbin (1827 - 1896)

    Businessman. Known as “Father of the Banking Industry”, his First National Bank of Davenport, Iowa was one of the first to open under the 1863 legislation which created the national bank system in the United States. Moving to New York City, New York, he financed the development of Coney Island. By 1882 he built the […]

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  • Austin Ira Aten

    1862 - 1953

    Austin Ira Aten (1862 - 1953)

    Texas Ranger. Born in Cairo, Illinois, in 1862, he later moved to Round Rock,Texas, with his father, who was a methodist minister. In 1878, while living in Round Rock, he witnessed the death of outlaw Sam Bass by the Texas Rangers. This is when he decided to be a lawman. In 1883, Aten joined the […]

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  • Ava Gardner

    1922 - 1990

    Ava Gardner (1922 - 1990)

    Actress. Born in a small town in North Carolina, after traveling to Virginia with her family for part of her childhood, she returned to the area to enjoy her teen years. After seeing a photo taken by her brother-in-law, who was a professional photographer, her looks caught the attention of MGM scouts and she was […]

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  • Avery Brundage

    1887 - 1975

    Avery Brundage (1887 - 1975)

    Olympics Games Official. He served as President of the International Olympic Committee, serving in that role from 1952 to 1972. The only American to hold the office, he was a track and field athlete, competing with the United States team during the 1912 Stockholm, Sweden games. In 1972 he made the controversial decision to continue […]

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  • Axel Amuchástegui

    1970 - 2002

    Axel Amuchástegui (1970 - 2002)

    Artist. An acclaimed naturalist painter, he illustrated a number of books on nature, including “Pájaros Sudamericanos,” “Algunos Pájaros y Mamíferos de Norteamérica” and “Algunos Pájaros y Mamíferos de Africa.”

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  • Azean Irdawaty

    1950 - 2013

    Azean Irdawaty (1950 - 2013)

    Actress, Singer. The winner of multiple awards, she was a star of her country’s screen for more than 40 years. Though little is recorded of her early days, she was a young mother when she began a professional singing career around 1970; after gradually building a following, she made her 1979 silver screen bow in […]

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