August Nykiel (August Nykiel)

August Nykiel

Organized Crime Figure. He was one of the most popular and successful Detroit bootleggers during the early days of Prohibition. In addition to his illegal activities he financed and maintained a semi-professional football team, the Detroit Tigers. His territory was confined to Detroit’s Southwest Side, and his headquarters was a saloon at 8824 W. Jefferson Avenue. It was here that he would meet his end, shot down by two Mafia members who were attempting to extort him. One of his killers, Mike DiPisa, was shot dead by a River Rouge constable who just happened to be on the premises and saw the triggermen fleeing. Gus Nykiel was given one of the most elegant funerals in Detroit history.

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  • May, 21, 1896
  • Poland


  • June, 27, 1928
  • USA
  • Michigan

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