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  • Mickey Roker

    1932 - 2017

    Mickey Roker (1932 - 2017)

    Mickey Roker was born into extreme poverty in Miami to Granville (Sr.) and Willie Mae Roker. After his mother died (his father never lived with them), when he was only ten, he was taken by his grandmother to live in Philadelphia with his uncle Walter, who gave him his first drum kit and communicated his […]

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  • Mickey Rooney

    1920 - 2014

    Mickey Rooney (1920 - 2014)

    Mickey Rooney Rooney was born Joseph Yule, Jr. in Brooklyn, New York on September 23, 1920, the only child of vaudevillians Joe Yule (born Ninian Joseph Ewell; a native of Glasgow, Scotland) and Nellie W. Carter, a native of Kansas City, Missouri. At the time of their son’s birth, they were appearing in a Brooklyn […]

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  • Mickey Spillane

    1918 - 2006

    Mickey Spillane (1918 - 2006)

    Born in Brooklyn, New York City, and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Spillane was the only child of his Irish bartender father, John Joseph Spillane, and his Scottish mother, Catherine Anne. Mickey Spillane attended Erasmus Hall High School, graduating in 1935. He started writing while in high school, briefly attended Fort Hays State College in […]

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  • Micole Mercurio

    1938 - 2016

    Micole Mercurio (1938 - 2016)

    Actress. The Chicago native enjoyed a 30-year career in films and television, often cast as mother figures. She experienced her breakthrough role playing ‘Rosemary Szabo’ in the film “Flashdance” (1983) and would go on to a wide range of pictures including playing ‘Mamma Love’ in “The Client” (1994) and “While You Were Sleeping” (1995). Among […]

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  • Mieczyslawa Trapszo Cwiklinska

    1879 - 1972

    Mieczyslawa Trapszo Cwiklinska (1879 - 1972)

    Polish stage and screen actress and singer (soprano), outstanding comic actress renowned for her roles in both operettas and the classics. Cwiklinska, who came from a Polish theatrical family, made her debut in 1900 at the Teatr Ludowy (The People’s Theatre) in Warsaw in Michal Balucki’s play Grube Ryby. She toured Russia in 1906 and […]

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  • Mifflin Kenedy

    1818 - 1895

    Mifflin Kenedy (1818 - 1895)

    While in Pittsburgh awaiting repairs on The Champion, Miffin Kenedy met John Saunders, a United States Army major and engineer who was seeking craft for use on the Rio Grande River during the Mexican War. Hired to assist Saunders, Kenedy commanded The Corvette to New Orleans, Louisiana. His experience in navigation proved invaluable in the […]

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  • Mignon Anderson

    1892 - 1983

    Mignon Anderson (1892 - 1983)

    Actress. Appeared on stage and in motion pictures during the 1910s and 20s (silent era). She is buried next to her husband, actor J. Morris Foster.

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  • Miguel Almereyda

    1883 - 1917

    Miguel Almereyda (1883 - 1917)

    Journalist, Social Radical. He was the founder and editor of the radical weekly journal “La Guerre Sociale”(1906 to 1913) and the socialist daily “Le Bonnet Rouge”(1913 to 1917), he made many enemies in the French government during World War I. On August 6, 1917, Almereyda was arrested for treason, allegedly for receiving funds from Germany […]

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  • Miguel Angel Asturias

    1899 - 1974

    Miguel Angel Asturias (1899 - 1974)

    Author. Recipient of the 1967 Nobel Prize. Born in Guatemala, the son of Ernesto Asturias, a magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice, and María Rosales, a schoolteacher. Miguel spent his childhood and adolescence in his native country. He studied for his baccalaureate at the state high school and later took a law degree at […]

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  • Miguel Berrocal

    1933 - 2006

    Miguel Berrocal (1933 - 2006)

    Sculptor.  Born Miguel Ortiz Berrocal in Villanueva de Algaidas, Málaga, Andalucía,  he was a disciple of Ramón Stolz Viciano and was influenced by sculptors Eduardo Chillida and Jorge Oteiza. He is best remembered for the design of the Goya Awards, equivalent to the Oscar in the Spanish Cinema. Berrocal lived and worked for almost 20 […]

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  • Miguel Cané

    1851 - 1905

    Miguel Cané (1851 - 1905)

    Lawyer, politician, journalist, diplomatic. He was also a writer, the most representative of the 80`s generation. He wrote: “Juvenilia”, “Ensayos”, “En viaje”. (bio by: 380W)

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  • Miguel de Cervantes

    1547 - 1616

    Miguel de Cervantes (1547 - 1616)

    Renowned Spanish Writer. From his first novel, La Galatea, to his final production Los Trabajos de Persiles y Segismunda in 1617, Cervantes won the respect and admiration of the world. The fourth of 7 children, he was born into a poor family but from a very early age Cervantes showed his love for adventure and […]

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  • Miguel de la Madrid

    1934 - 2012

    Miguel de la Madrid (1934 - 2012)

    Miguel de la Madrid was born in La Ciudad de Colima, Colima, Mexico. He was the son of the late Miguel de la Madrid Castro a notable lawyer, who died when Miguel was only two, and his mother Alicia Hurtado. His grandfather was Enrique O. de la Madrid who was governor of the state of […]

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  • Miguel Ferrer

    1955 - 2017

    Miguel Ferrer (1955 - 2017)

    Miguel Ferrer Miguel Ferrer, the actor best known for starring as Owen Granger on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” died Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017, of cancer, according to multiple news sources. He was 61. Ferrer’s other notable roles were as FBI pathologist Albert Rosenfield in the cult classic television series “Twin Peaks” and as Vice President Rodriguez […]

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  • Miguel Gila

    1919 - 2001

    Miguel Gila (1919 - 2001)

    Spanish Humorist. He is fondly remembered on stage with a telephone, creating absurd and surrealist humor. He also appeared in a films such as “Botón de Ancla” (1961),”?Dónde Pongo este Muerto?” (1962), and “Mi Tío Jacinto” (1956). He was cremated in Tanatori de les Corts (Barcelona). (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)

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  • Mihály Babits

    1883 - 1941

    Mihály Babits (1883 - 1941)

    Noted Hungarian Poet. Founder of the literary periodical NYUGAT. (bio by: G. N.)

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  • Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis

    1875 - 1911

    Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis (1875 - 1911)

    Artist and Composer. A unique figure in the history of European arts, has left a profound imprint on Lithuanian culture. Over a short, decade-long career, he composed nearly four hundred musical compositions, including two large-scale symphonic poems, an overture, two piano sonatas, a string quartet, and a cantata for chorus and orchestra.  During those same […]

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  • Mike Berniker

    1935 - 2008

    Mike Berniker (1935 - 2008)

    Michael Berniker (June 30, 1935 – July 25, 2008) was an American record producer who was recognized with nine Grammy Awards over the course of his career for his work on albums with such performers as Perry Como, Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme, Johnny Mathis and Barbra Streisand, as well as Broadway theatre cast recordings, […]

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  • Mike Brant

    1947 - 1975

    Mike Brant (1947 - 1975)

    Mike Brant’s parents were from Poland. His mother, Bronia Rosenberg, originally from Łódź, was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp. His father, Fishel Brand, from Biłgoraj, had been a resistance fighter during World War II, and was 20 years his wife’s senior. His parents married following the war, and they applied to emigrate to […]

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  • Mike Connors

    1925 - 2017

    Mike Connors (1925 - 2017)

    His film career started in the early 1950s. Mike Connors was cast in the critically acclaimed John Wayne film, Island in the Sky in which he was a crewman on one of the search-and-rescue planes. In 1956, still billed as Touch Connors, he played an Amalekite herder in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments starring […]

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  • Mike Darr

    1976 - 2002

    Mike Darr (1976 - 2002)

    Michael Curtis Darr (March 21, 1976 – February 15, 2002) was a Major League Baseball outfielder who played for the San Diego Padres (1999–2001). Mike Darr was a promising young outfielder. The last season he played prior to his death, he appeared in 105 games for the San Diego Padres, compiling a .277 batting average with […]

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  • Mike DiBiase

    1923 - 1969

    Mike DiBiase (1923 - 1969)

    Mike DiBiase Mike DiBiase was a legendary professional wrestler.  After serving in the Navy during World War II, he wrestled at the University of Nebraska, where he captured AAU National and Big Seven Wrestling Titles.  DiBiase’s wife was wrestler Helen Hilde and his son Ted was also a legendary pro-grappler out of West Texas. DiBiase made […]

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  • Mike Douglas

    1925 - 2006

    Mike Douglas (1925 - 2006)

    Mike Douglas Mike Douglas, who drew on his affable personality and singing talent during 21 years as host of a syndicated television talk show, died today (Aug. 11) on his 81st birthday, his wife said.He died at 5:30 a.m. at a Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., hospital, Genevieve Douglas said. She wasn’t sure of the cause […]

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  • Mike Evans

    1949 - 2006

    Mike Evans (1949 - 2006)

    Actor. He is best remembered for the role of “Lionel Jefferson” in the 1970s television comedy series “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons”. He also had guest appearances in such television shows as “The Streets of San Francisco”, “Love, American Style”, “The Practice” and “Walker, Texas Ranger”. Evans also had a memorable performance in […]

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  • Mike Genna

    1895 - 1925

    Mike Genna (1895 - 1925)

    a Sicilian mobster in Chicago during the 1920s. He headed the Genna crime family with his brothers. He was killed by police officers after a shootout with North Siders, being one of the only American organized crime leaders to be killed by a policeman. Michele Genna was born on January 18, 1895 in Marsala, Sicily. Genna’s […]

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  • Mike Hegan

    1942 - 2013

    Mike Hegan (1942 - 2013)

    James Michael “Mike” Hegan (July 21, 1942 – December 25, 2013) was an American Major League Baseball first baseman/outfielder, and later broadcaster. He was the son of longtime Cleveland Indians catcher Jim Hegan. A graduate of Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Hegan began his major league career with the New York Yankees in 1964, also […]

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  • Mike Ilitch

    1929 - 2017

    Mike Ilitch (1929 - 2017)

    Mike Ilitch was born in Detroit in 1929 to Macedonian immigrants Sotir and Sultana Ilitch. His father was a tool-and-die maker. A graduate of Cooley High School in Detroit, Michigan, Ilitch entered the U.S. Marine Corps for four years. After his return home to Detroit, the Detroit Tigers offered him $3,000 if he would sign to play […]

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  • Mike Kelley

    1954 - 2012

    Mike Kelley (1954 - 2012)

    Kelley was born in Wayne, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, to a working class Roman Catholic family in October 1954. His father was in charge of maintenance for a public school system; his mother was a cook in the executive dining room at Ford Motor Company. In his early years he was involved with the […]

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  • Mike McCormack

    1930 - 2013

    Mike McCormack (1930 - 2013)

    McCormack was drafted by the New York Yanks in the 1951 NFL Draft. After one year of play, he then served two years of military service in the United States Army before being traded to the Browns. In his first season with the team, he played on the defensive line, with his fumble recovery in […]

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  • Mike Nichols

    1931 - 2014

    Mike Nichols (1931 - 2014)

    Mike Nichols Mike Nichols (born Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky; November 6, 1931 – November 19, 2014) was a German-born American film and theatre director, producer, actor and comedian. He began his career in the 1950s with the improv troupe The Compass Players, predecessor of the Second City in Chicago, and as one half of the comedy […]

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